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Friday, 1 August 2014

Che Guevara’s Daughter Urged Russian and Cuban Peoples to Unite for Struggle

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On Wednesday, Aleida Guevara, elder daughter of legendary Cuban and Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara, made a brief visit to Moscow. She spent several hours of her stay in the Russian capital in meetings with Latin American diplomats, Cuban students, teachers of the Institute of Latin American Studies of the RAN, and representatives of Russian public associations. She said, “Disunity of the peoples is very dangerous in the face of contemporary threats”. Guevara recalled her legendary father, a symbol of revolution in Cuba and in Latin America, and of Latin Americans’ struggle for independence. She quoted her father, “Unity amongst nations is the only way that we can put up resistance to a common enemy”. Guevara, a paediatrician who spent her whole life saving and assisting children, said that human civilisation is now going through an incredible period, a renewal of history. She stated, “I thank the Russian people for their warm reception and hospitality”, adding that Russians still remembered and loved her great revolutionary father. She also said that people in Cuba were unreservedly well-disposed towards Russians.

30 July 2014



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