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Monday, 5 May 2014

Junta Gestapo take Patriot Detainees in Odessa to Unknown Location near Kiev… SBU Denies (Of Course) FBI/CIA Contacts… Lugansk Oblast Oblsoviet Warns Civil War has Begun

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Memorial at the Profsoyuz building in Odessa, the icons are of Tsar Martyr St Nikolai and of the Imperial Family… Red and White are standing together… so should we in the diaspora (and it’s high time to chase out the neocon quislings)


On Monday, MVDU PR flacks said that junta “security forces” in Odessa dragged off 42 patriot detainees to a detention centre in the “central Ukraine” after protests on 2 May. Junta so-called “Interior Minister” Arseny Avakov boasted, “Last night, we moved 42 detainees to a detention centre in the central Ukraine on suspicions of masterminding and staging massive disorders in Odessa on 2 May”.


One wonders why they moved them. I think it’s because the junta’s hold on Odessa is tenuous, and the Uniate bastards want to spill more Orthodox blood. Do you need any more proof that the American-installed Uniate/schismatical junta is evil? Note the SILENCE of Shevchuk and his confederates on the enormities of the junta. That makes them complicit in it all. They call themselves “Christians”… I’ve gotta hurl…



Aleksandr Maltsev, a Donetsk People’s Republic spokesman, told ITAR-TASS that there’s fighting between junta spetsnaz and the People’s Opolchenie near the village of Semenovka on the Slavyansk-Donetsk highway. Four junta APCs opened fire at a opolchenie strongpoint. Two junta helicopters loaded with troops were flying over a TV tower situated between Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.


On Monday, SBU PR flack Marina Ostapenko claimed that the SBU denied that it’s consulting CIA experts, “As far as I know, there are no consultations with the CIA at the level of the SBU”. On Sunday, the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported that the CIA and the FBI were giving aid to the junta on the instructions of the US Administration. It said that the CIA and FBI advised the junta on how to attack patriot elements in the eastern Ukraine and on how to build a practical secret police apparat. The article pointed up that were no confirmed reports of CIA nor FBI consultants involved in combat action in Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts, all of their known activity was in Kiev.


This is what the CIA and FBI do these days. Well, they got caught. After all, the USA winks at the Gitmo Gulag… the American spooks were probably talking to old pals from the “extraordinary rendition” days. Remember those? When the Ukrainians were willing torturers for the Bushies? This denial doesn’t carry any weight… would YOU trust anyone connected with James Clapper? I wouldn’t…



On Monday, the Lugansk Oblast Oblsoviet said in a statement, “A civil war provoked by the Kiev authorities is responsible for the death of dozens of people is raging in the Ukraine. They’ve classified half of the country as criminals and terrorists, only because these people see the future of their own country differently than the politicians who’ve come to power. Instead of talking to them, clearing up positions, and finding compromises, Kiev started, not a counter-terrorist, but a terrorist operation against millions of people. This is the first military operation in the contemporary history of Europe against fellow citizens using both regular army units and paramilitary groups; it’s a blatant act of terror against the people”.

“The authorities are provoking and organising confrontation between people in the southeast of the country and using political repression against dissidents. Mass arrests of civil activists in Kharkov Oblast, the bloodbath in Odessa, where they sent extremists and neo-Nazis, the hysterical euphoria of jingoists over the death of peaceful people in Odessa’s Profsoyuz House indicate that the incumbent authorities excluded from their political arsenal all civilised and democratic mechanisms for resolving differences. The killing of civil activists in Odessa was the last redline for settling the conflict peacefully. The Ukraine may be facing the last choice between stopping the violence and letting it go out of control. Any new forceful actions on the part of the central authorities in the protesting territories will inevitably lead to the paralysis and collapse of Ukrainian statehood”.


With each new outrage, the stakes get higher. Now, the junta has to withdraw all forces to their bases, disband the so-called “National Guard”, dismiss all nationalists enrolled in any security unit after the coup, disarm all Galician nationalists, release all repressed patriots (especially, Fr Dmitri Sidor), and clear the Maidan in Kiev of the terrorist filth squatting there. That’s a MINIMUM before the people in the east would even think of disarming.

It’s not going to happen. The Uniates want to take over the country. As a Greek acquaintance said, many moons ago, “The Franks talk out of both sides of their mouths”. Indeed… the present Ukrainian crisis is proof of that. We shall have a Uniate Ukraine or we shall have an Orthodox Ukraine… this civil war will resolve that.


5 May 2014






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