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Monday, 6 June 2016

6 June 2016. Day of the Russian Language

00 Day of the Russian Language 060616


Why is 6 June the Day of the Russian Language? It’s A S Pushkin‘s birthday… Aleksandr Sergeyevich was the “father” of the modern Russian literary language. What could be simpler?



Saturday, 5 March 2016

5 March 2016. A Blast From the Past… Black Russians… NOT an Oxymoron!

01d Black Russians Lyukman Rasakovich Adams

Lyukman Rasakovich Adams (1988- ), European Champion triple jumper, Russian Army officer, Master of Sport International Class


One of the Cabinet asked me about “black Russians”… I’ve posted on them in the past. Read this on black Russians and this on the famous poet James Lloydovich Patterson. Remember this… Russia has a “one drop” rule… one drop of Russian blood makes you Russian… if you shed one drop of your blood for Russia, you’re Russian… if you join your life to ours, you’re Russian… full stop.

For instance, there were 16 American agronomists who revolutionised the cotton industry in Central Asia in the 1930s… why didn’t they work in America? It’s because they had black skin… the USSR welcomed them as competent experts and equal men, unlike the USA of its day. Negro intellectuals became Communists for the very same reason… the Soviets treated them like normal human beings. Paul Robeson found this out, too… which led to his persecution by the McCarthyite scum (do note that William F Buckley was a DEFENDER of that scumbag and his evil doings).

If you support Donald Trump, you support the kind of racism that led black people to embrace the Soviet Ideal. If you support Chilly Hilly, you support the same thing (with the difference that she showers favours on the black pols who pander to her and deliver black votes). If you want to embrace the vision of an America that’s fair to all people of all races, all creeds, and all national origins, you’ll “feel the Bern”… he’s the closest to the Soviet Ideal, in a good way.

Socialism is good… don’t listen to the naysayers… they’re either paid by the greedsters or are greedsters themselves… that is, they “have dogs in this fight”. Have a care… the times are evil…


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Christmas Appeal of G A Zyuganov: “Good Fortune in Your Endeavours, Love and Concord for Our Families”

00 To the Nativity of Christ! G A Zyuganov. 06.01.14


On the eve of the feast of the Nativity of Christ, as has been our tradition for over a millennium in the Russian vastness, we gather together with our parents, children, and grandchildren. The joyful celebration of the Christmas holiday is a long tradition amongst out families. That’s because, firstly, our children are our heirs and successors, we wish them all the best… good health, success in school, a happy and joyful childhood. All of us, not only children and parents, but also us weather-beaten elders, await a miracle in these bright days, a gift from fate, perhaps, a better life. Wishing each other happiness and new accomplishments, we remember the past year. For all of us, it wasn’t only the beginning of a year that saw an ingathering of the Russian World, of which we’re rightly proud, but also a time of hardship and anxiety. Therefore, we begin a new year in our lives and in the life of our vast country, wishing peace and higher justice.

The West is the eternal enemy of the Slavs; they bring confrontation and strife to our fraternal peoples. They kill our close blood-kin in internecine war, in the heart of the Russian World. In the fraternal Ukraine, in Novorossiya, was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning (Gospel according to St Matthew, 2.18). The forces of evil gang up on us, seeking to destroy our historical memory, to impose their will upon us, to subjugate us to “Herodian” laws and regulations. This isn’t the first time that we’ve faced such a challenge; every other time, we overcame our foes due to the resistance and self-sacrifice of our peoples, to our indestructible faith in justice, and to our trust in the triumph of good.

Are arguments between Europe and us new?

Have Russians forgotten their victories?

Or, is some of it due to us?

Slanderers of Russia

A S Pushkin

The great Pushkin asked this question, not doubting that Russia would defend its dignity and would fight back against enemies and slanderers. Trust me; it’ll be the same this time.

The Russian land arises

The Slavic streams merge in a Russian Sea

This is so because not only do we share a common past, but also I’m sure that we share a common future. Our great sovereign state, stretching from the Far North to the Far East, from the tundra to the desert to the Tavride, received from destiny great treasures, real “Gifts of the Magi”… fertile land, boundless forests, deep rivers, and fathomless lakes, along with inexhaustible reservoirs of “black and blue gold”. This wealth haunts those who assert their right to world domination, who don’t want Russia to have such resources, so, the forces of darkness bare their teeth against us, resorting to any means and methods of pressure.

What is this, is this call arrogant?

A call to battle still raging?

Or, the voice of envy embarrassed,

The impotence of evil impulse?

M Yu Lermontov

This is a question asked by another famous Russian poet, the soldier Mikhail Lermontov. Yes, it’s a challenge and a call to battle, against the voice of envy and resentment against the Russian state, but the finally-awakened unbroken will of the people will prevail. “The evil impulse” would be “powerless” if the huge resources of our country belonged to its people… those who plough the fields, tend our forests, mine the ore, refine the metal, and heal and teach our children. This is justice, and we must base our laws on such justice. Only then, would our true national interest triumph, not the greed of those who serve “Unrighteous Mammon”, those whom the Lord called “unfaithful stewards”. Justice can only come from those who deserve the people’s trust, from wise people with responsibility, from people both visionary and pragmatic in action.

I’m sure that our resistance and perseverance will defeat the forces of evil, along with our fraternal aspiration to unite in the name of the shining ideals that our fathers and grandfathers gave their lives for in the Great Patriotic War (we’ll celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory in the coming year). Seven decades ago, we defended our freedom and our blood redeemed Europe’s freedom, honour, and peace (A S Pushkin, Slanderers of Russia). This is what our enemies are trying to make us forget and erase from history, in the name of so-called “national development”. However, the memory of those who gave their lives for the Great Victory is imperishable in our hearts. We revere the names of our heroes and we remember their podvig, we carefully preserve the monuments of their glory and we unite as one to celebrate Day of the Great Victory, recognizing the “hidden meaning” (I A Ilyin) of the war as a struggle of our people for a distinct spiritual identity.

During this Nativity feast, I wish you good health, fulfilment of your desires, good fortune in your endeavours, love and concord for our families, joy and fun for our kids, confidence in the future for our mothers, courage and fortitude for our men, peace and prosperity for all peoples of the world, as we aspire to embody the life-giving light of truth, goodness, and justice.

To the Feast!

To the Nativity of Christ!

01 Gennady Zyuganov6 January 2015

G A Zyuganov

Head of the KPRF faction in the RF Gosduma

Chairman of the TsK KPRF


KPRF official website



Note well that Comrade Zyuganov quotes the Gospel and uses scriptural allusions throughout this epistle. The last phrase (“the life-giving light of truth, goodness, and justice”) is an almost word-for-word gloss from the Tropar to the Feast of the Nativity of Christ. He even quotes I A Ilyin, one of the ideologues of the White Movement. That is, Comrade Zyuganov recognises the Harmony of the Russian World, the Integrity of Holy Rus, and the Unity of Russian History. All those who rip down statues of Lenin rip down Truth and replace it with Lies. V I Lenin was a FACT… all must admit this. Note well that Anglo Americans believe that “history is bunk”… we Russians know otherwise, and Comrade Zyuganov articulates it wonderfully.

Our Russian World is in pain… Gennady Andreyevich points it up well, but also gives us the hope of a better world after it’s over. The Cross and the Red Banner… the struggle is done and finished. BOTH have won… fancy that…


Saturday, 7 June 2014

Pushkin’s Spiritual Dialogue with Metropolitan St Filaret Drozdov of Moscow: A Birthday Meditation

00 Poetic Dialouge of A S Pushkin and St Filaret Drozdov of Moscow. 07.06.14



Every so often, I do my best to translate poetry. It reminds me that it’s MUCH harder than doing straight prose. I’ve done my best to render the spirit of the poetry below. Excuse any infelicities, please…




Дар напрасный, дар случайный,
Жизнь, зачем ты мне дана?
Иль зачем судьбою тайной
Ты на казнь осуждена?

Кто меня враждебной властью
Из ничтожества воззвал,
Душу мне наполнил страстью,
Ум сомненьем взволновал?

Цели нет передо мною:
Сердце пусто, празден ум,
И томит меня тоскою
Однозвучный жизни шум.


A chance gift, a vain gift,
Life… why art thou given me?
Why did mysterious fate
Condemn me to this penalty?

What pitiless power called me
From profound nothingness?
What filled my soul with longing,
Upsetting me with doubt?

For me, there’s no point:
With empty heart, with idle mind;
With weary melancholy
From life’s monotonous noise.




Не напрасно, не случайно
Жизнь от Бога нам дана,
Не без воли Бога тайной
И на казнь осуждена.

Сам я своенравной властью
Зло из темных бездн воззвал,
Сам наполнил душу страстью,
Ум сомненьем взволновал.

Вспомнись мне, забвенный мною!
Просияй сквозь сумрак дум,
И созиждется Тобою
Сердце чисто, светел ум.


Not in vain, not by accident,
Did God give me life;
Nor will I be condemned to death
Without God’s mysterious Will.

I myself through wilful power
Called evil from its dark abyss,
Filling my soul with passion,
Troubling my mind with doubt.

I should remember what I’d forgot!
Pierce through my gloomy dark thoughts,
So that Thou canst give me
A mind that’s clear and a heart that’s pure.



В часы забав иль праздной скуки,
Бывало, лире я моей
Вверял изнеженные звуки
Безумства, лени и страстей.

Но и тогда струны лукавой
Невольно звон я прерывал,
Когда твой голос величавый
Меня внезапно поражал.

Я лил потоки слез нежданных,
И ранам совести моей
Твоих речей благоуханных
Отраден чистый был елей.

И ныне с высоты духовной
Мне руку простираешь ты,
И силой кроткой и любовной
Смиряешь буйные мечты.

Твоим огнем душа согрета
Отвергла мрак земных сует,
И внемлет арфе Филарета
В священном ужасе поэт.


In hours of amusement or idle boredom,
Once upon a time, I used to strum
Upon my lyre the soft sounds
Of foolishness, indolence, and passion.

Then, without volition, the crafty strings
Stopped me in my tracks
When your majestic voice
Suddenly struck me.

I poured forth streams of unwilled tears,
It struck my conscience to the quick.
The balsam of your fragrant words
Was as welcome as the resin’s savour.

Now from a spiritual height
You hold out your hand to me
With meek and loving strength
To still my restless dreams.

Your soul’s fire warms my soul,
Rejecting gloomy earthly vanities,
The poet listens to Filaret’s harp
In a state of holy awe.


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