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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Pushkov Warned About the Dangers of “an Informational Civil War” in the USA Between the Media and the White House

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Member of the Federation Council A K Pushkov warned of the dangers of “an Informational Civil War” in the USA. There’s now a situation where the White House doesn’t want to brief a number of journalists, and in response, other media outlets boycott events. On Friday, the White House announced that instead of a regular scheduled briefing, there’d be a “no cameras” briefing from official spokesman Sean Spicer. There’d be no live broadcasting, but everybody assumed that all White House-accredited journalists would be able to attend. However, then, according to CNN, the White House media office only invited selected journalists for the briefing, excluding CNN, the New York Times, Politico, the Los Angeles Times, “and other media”. The AP and Time magazine boycotted the event in protest. Aleksei Konstantinovich wrote in his Twitter microblog:

Aggression in the liberal media against Trump and the response of the administration (refusal of access) is unprecedented. It could lead to an informational civil war in the USA.

25 February 2017

RIA Novosti



Saturday, 21 January 2017

Trump’s Speech: What Does the Future Have in Store for America?


This is why Trump won. The Dems nominated the most brutal, unfeeling, corrupt, and self-centred candidate that they could find. It’s no wonder that Trump looked good in comparison to her. The liberals did it to themselves… but they’re blaming the rest of us. Don’t get wrapped up in their pathetic blame game. “It ain’t over ’til it’s over”… and it ain’t over yet… 


Donald Trump’s rise to power has ushered in a new era of US national politics, experts said. Trump’s speech became a shining example of US presidential rhetoric. However, it appears that US élites will see a painful redistribution of spheres of influence within the government under Trump. Valery Garbuzov, Director of the Institute for US and Canadian Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, told RIA Novosti:

In general, [this speech] is indeed a model of presidential rhetoric, well thought-out and well calibrated, which most US presidents are famous for. It appears that Trump put his heart and soul into it.

Garbuzov pointed up that although Trump didn’t say anything that differed sharply from his election statements, there are several points that deserve special attention. Firstly, Trump primarily addressed his speech to the ordinary, “forgotten” people of America. Trump pitted the people against the US Establishment:

They flourished while ordinary Americans didn’t share in its wealth. The Establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories weren’t your victories; their triumphs weren’t your triumphs; and while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land. That all changes… starting right here, and now, because this moment is your moment… it belongs to you.

Regarding foreign policy, Trump highlighted the necessity to shift America’s focus to its own domestic problems and needs; to protect its borders and not spread itself thin by fighting on distant shores. Garbuzov noted:

What’s more important is that Trump drew attention to the right of all nations to put their own interests first.

Trump stated:

We’ll seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world… but we do so with the understanding that it’s the right of all nations to put their own interests first. We don’t seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to follow.

At the same time, Garbuzov believed:

There are a number of contradictions hidden in Trump’s “plan” voiced at his inauguration. For instance, it’s strange that Trump decided to rip up the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) project, given his tough stance toward Beijing. The Obama administration long regarded the TPP as powerful leverage against China.

For his part, Igor Kryuchkov of Gazeta.ru suggested that Trump’s speech was a sign of an upcoming realignment of spheres of influence within the US government:

The bottom line is that Trump’s rise ushered in a new era for the USA. From now on in, Washington won’t rule the country, since the country will rule Washington. Judging by the reaction of Congress and the public, the American Establishment will face a painful redistribution of spheres of influence [within the government].

David Azerrad of the Heritage Foundation suggested in an interview with Gazeta.ru :

I believe that Trump is determined to challenge the US Establishment. Therefore, the US President is seeking to win the American people’s support.

A close advisor to President Putin on business affairs, Boris Titov, didn’t quite agree with such a stance:

Contrary to popular belief, Trump maintains close ties with the US financial establishment. Most of the financial élite support Trump. Those who pose a challenge to [Trump] are from the political élite.

Sputnik contributor Martin Sieff called attention to the fact:

Trump vowed to “restore unity” in the USA. Given the post-presidential campaign tensions that continue to simmer in American society, the vow takes on a new significance.

In his speech, Trump said:

When you open your heart to patriotism, there’s no room for prejudice. The Bible tells us, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity”.

According to A K Pushkov, a leading member of the Federation Council, the upper house of RF Federal Assembly, a new era definitely began for the USA with Trump taking office. Pushkov wrote on Twitter:

Brilliant politician… a powerful speech. A new type of politician… a speech for a new time. He has a great responsibility. Some will try to interfere. Good luck, Mr Trump.

21 January 2017

Sputnik International


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Czech President Zeman Condemns Yatsenyuk’s Statement on Soviet “Invasion” of Germany and the Ukraine

Galician SS

Here’s the TRUTH about Galician war guilt… accept it if you can… if not, shut the fuck up, for the truth is the truth, whether you like it or not


On Tuesday, Jiří Ovčáček, the Czech presidential spokesman, said that Czech President Miloš Zeman strongly condemned Ukrainian Prime Minister A P Yatsenyuk’s statement saying that the USSR invaded Germany and the Ukraine, saying, “Even the drafted version [of Yatsenyuk’s statement] didn’t disperse doubts that he made an attempt to revise the results of World War II”. Earlier, Zeman criticised Yatsenyuk, in one of his latest interviews, he called him “a prime minister of war”. On 8 January, Yatsenyuk told German state TV ARD, “All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of the Ukraine and Germany”. On 9 January, RF Gosduma (lower house of the RF Federal Assembly) Foreign Affairs Committee chairman A K Pushkov called the Ukrainian prime minister’s statement “an extreme form of cynicism. The Ukrainian prime minister seeks political capital in Germany and Europe; he’s distorting well-known facts, backed in Europe itself… in Paris, Berlin, London, and in the USA. Nobody disputes the lawfulness of the anti-Hitler coalition’s actions. The USSR was its leading participant; it liberated Europe, including Germany, from Hitler, from Hitlerism”.

20 January 2015



Friday, 9 January 2015

Yatsenyuk Goes Bonkers Live On-Air on the Telly… Said that the USSR Invaded Nazi Germany!

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Muzzle 'em! 2014


Ukrainian Prime Minister A P Yatsenyuk demonstrated his (lack of) knowledge of history to the world. On Thursday, whilst on an official visit to Berlin, German TV channel ARD interviewed the bespectacled politician live on-air, where he claimed that the USSR instigated the VOV, saying, “All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of the Ukraine and Germany. We need to avoid it. Nobody has the right to rewrite the results of World War II. Russian President Putin is trying to do exactly this”. However, Yatsenyuk didn’t clarify what particular point of World War II history that President Putin tried to rewrite. The TV host seemed uninterested in pursuing the matter, and seemed not aware of his guest’s historical gaffe. The video of the interview is available on YouTube in German, Ukrainian, and Russian. Russia has already criticised Yatsenyuk’s remarks. In a Twitter, A K Pushkov, the head of RF Gosduma Committee on International Affairs, commented on this:

Яценюка окончательно понесло. После его заявления о”вторжении СССР в Германию и на Украину” во вторую мировую его нельзя воспринимать всерьез.

Finally, Yatsenyuk’s gone off his rocker. After his statement, “the USSR invaded Germany and the Ukraine” during World War II, one can’t take him seriously.

Prior to World War II, most of the Ukraine, including Kiev, was part of the USSR, although what was to become the Western Ukraine was part of Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Romania. In September 1939, Nazi Germany and the USSR divvied up Poland and invaded other countries established in the power vacuüm after World War I. Although several independent Ukrainian states existed briefly following the collapse of the Russian Empire, these were short-lived; the USSR and Poland subsumed them by 1921. Of course, Nazi Germany invaded the USSR on 22 June 1941 under the codename Operation Barbarossa. Eventually, Soviet troops took Berlin in May 1945, after a gruelling conflict that cost the USSR over 22 million lives.

9 January 2015

Sputnik International



The Galician Uniates want to silence those who tell the truth about the War of Liberation in Novorossiya (just look at the YouTube “Anti-Maidan” incident). Look at what they say! I need add nothing. The Nazis invaded the USSR… anyone who says otherwise is a shameless perverter of the historical truth. I wonder if Yatsenyuk is next going to say that the Galizien Division wasn’t part of the SS, that Ukrainian auxiliaries didn’t do most of the killing at Khatyn, and that Nazi Germany was a benevolent occupier of the Ukraine. It’s no less untruthful than what he just said.

Reflect on this… the “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” drool in glee over this guy. It does tell you their attitude to the truth, doesn’t it? I know that the world can be crank… but this evil? God do spare me…


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