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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Paul Gassios… Is He the Up n’ Comin’ OCA Bishop of the Midwest? Perspirin’ Minds Wanna Know…

00 Archbishop Job Osacky of Chicago. OCA. 26.06.13

Who’ll be the real successor to Job Osacky (Moriak was a fraud, best forgotten)? Time will tell us…


It seems that Paul Gassios, runner-up to Moriak in the OCA Diocese of the Midwest episcopal election in 2010, might eventually become bishop after all. I’ve heard from several reputable sources that Alexander Golitzin doesn’t want to stay locum tenens of the Midwest for too much longer as his own diocese (Bulgarian) is far-flung; it keeps him busy enough. Sources say that Paul Gassios is the next administrator of the Midwest Diocese, and, eventually, bishop. A bit of background on Gassios… he grew up in the GOAA, in the Detroit area. He drifted away from the Church, as many young people do, and came into the OCA sometime in his 20s, I believe. He’s a jolly, friendly, down-to-earth sort. He also won’t rock the diocesan boat. Before going over to the Bulgarian Diocese (he’s now at the Bulgarian Cathedral in Toledo OH), he was a priest in the Midwest Diocese for about 10 years, mostly under Vladyki Job, if I remember correctly. He knows how they do things in the diocese… mostly live and let live… so there wouldn’t be problems and no Moriak-like witch-hunts.

This isn’t set in stone… but it’s what’s out there. Keep an eye out… it seems that things are movin’…


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Friday, 30 August 2013

30 August 2013. Stop the Presses! Vassa Larina’s Started a New YouTube Lecture Series! Hear, Hear!

01 read all about it


I got the following from the Cabinet:

V. L. has started a YouTube lecture series (click here). Expect much more of her cutting mockery of her parents, her home parish, and the Russian Orthodox tradition more generally, now straight to your computer screen!

I quite agree. Another Cabineteer sent me this:

Don’t link Mother Vassa with Fr George! He’s quite upset with her dalliance with Bob Taft and of some of her public utterances. He’s an Old School ROCOR priest, in the best sense of the term.

I quite agree with that, too. The Larins are part of the First Families apparat, but that doesn’t mean that they’re corrupt or evil. Once we have a united Church here in the American and Canadian diasporas many of the First Family sorts will have leading positions in it. You’re stupid to think otherwise. As for me, I agree with Deng Xiaoping:

It doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.

Some of the First Family sorts (such as John Jillions, Eric Tosi, Victor Potapov, and Leonid Ksihkovsky) are incompetents and/or corrupt to the bone. Others are “operators” but competent (such as Alexander Lebedeff), whilst still others simply have the “right pedigree” (Alexander Golitzin, many of the Lukianovtsy, George Larin, and Alexander Garklavs). There’s a deep longing for unity amongst Russian Orthodox in the American diaspora. That’s the impression that I received from my conversations at St T’s and Jackson. Let’s not ruin it by stupid vendettas that’ll do nothing but advance personal agendas and halt unity. Keep it focused; keep it businesslike; keep it issues-oriented; we’ll get there (and faster than you’d think, too)



Saturday, 15 June 2013

15 June 2013. Midwest Calming Down After Booting Out Moriak

00 Lil Bub the Internet Cat. God Bless Us. 15.06


Got this from one of the Cabinet:

It’s sure been quiet in the OCA Midwest. I can’t tell you how welcome that is. I don’t know what’s going on, but the diocesan website hasn’t had an update since the end of Lent. From all accounts, Golitzin’s taking care of some things neglected during the Moriak mess. The OCA parishes I know are in the midst of the usual summer rounds of weddings, outdoor work days, and parish picnic planning. No drama, unless it’s from a bride when something goes wrong. Some things don’t change and I’m very grateful for that.

That’s GOOD NEWS, kids… it means that Golitzin is doing things the Old School Metropolia way, the way they’ve always done things in those parts. He’s not ordering people about or issuing bombastic ukases… no! He’s takin’ care of business the old-fashioned way… something that’s good to see. The OCA took a wrong turn under Schmemann and Meyendorff… now, it’s time to go back to the old true path and go home. This could be an earnest of that. Good on Alexander Golitzin.

If there’s good news, I’ll report it, and gladly. I’ll NOT cheerlead, but I’ll report the good as well as the bad. In short, I’ll never kiss ass, but I’ll be there to give out an attaboy, if it’s deserved. It’s deserved in this case. As I said, good on Bishop Alexander. May all the others get the hint…


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