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Saturday, 19 September 2015

19 September 2015. My Reply on FB to Loud “Pro-Life” and “Anti-Socialist” Asshats

00 Art Young. Jesus wanted poster. He stirreth up the people. 1913

I worship the REAL Jesus… the Lord Christ who CHOSE to incarnate as a WORKER, not a priest, not a merchant, not a drone rentier, not a respectable “citizen of worth”… I do NOT worship the JAYZUSS™ of Evangelical neopaganism, of perpetual warfare and guns for all, of gross greed and rancid cupidity, and of hating all those people “not like us”. Art Young captured the essentiality of the True Christ. He was a scandal to the good-thinking respectable and comfortably affluent of his day… He remains such today… that is, if you worship the Lord Christ, and not Jayzuss™. Have a care… the konvertsy toddlers want us to bow down before their idols of Jayzuss™ and the Almighty Dollar… the times are evil.


Don’t put abortion at the centre of the Faith… Christ is. Do differentiate between those who advocate for Christian Equity and those who advocate mere anti-abortion. In such a calculus, Bernie Sanders is more a follower of the Carpenter of Galilee than any “Pro-Lifer” is. After all, Ted Cruz spat in the faces of Arab Orthodox leaders and supports the Israeli repressions in occupied Palestine and the Kiev aggression in Novorossiya. It’s not a simple matter… it’s a full-blown moral dilemma. Again… abortion is NOT the centre of our Faith nor is it the centre of Christian Ethics. Do think on that.

His Holiness is friends with the Castro brothers, NOT the Koch brothers. President Castro has been an honoured guest at Peredelkino more than once. In short, the konvertsy submission is invalid to the core. I can cite actual events… they can’t. Oh, yes… the Church and the KPRF do coöperate… as Fr V A Chaplin (a close advisor to His Holiness) put it, the USSR was far less fixated on materialism and greed than the West was (and is). In short, Capitalism and the Republican Party are antipodes apart from the Holy Church. As Comrade Zyuganov put it in one of his Easter messages, “Christ was the first communist”. Soon after, His Holiness gave him a high church decoration. He’s given NONE to oligarchs or American “conservatives”. Look at the record.



Sunday, 13 September 2015

13 September 2015. Vote AGAINST the Republican Anti-Life Programme

00 Oppose the GOP Anti-Life programme 130915


I wrote this 2½ years ago… it’s still as true as ever…

The so-called “March for Life” is coming up. The usual cast of suspects is making the usual Sturm und Drang concerning it. At one time, before I wised up, I supported the Pro-Life Movement. Then, I looked beneath the surface, and what I saw appalled and repelled me. The same pols who supported so-called “Pro-Life” measures were also for:

  • perpetual warfare in foreign parts
  • the gutting of the social safety net to fund corruption-riddled defence contracts
  • opposition to single-payer healthcare to benefit their corporate paymasters
  • derisory tax rates upon their wealthy contributors
  • the promiscuous use of the death penalty
  • the increasing role of the “security state”
  • using prison as a “solution” to the so-called “drug problem”
  • shitcanning all labour and environmental regulations in favour of libertarian “economic freedom”
  • the extending of personal and human rights to corporations

Whew… and that’s NOT exhaustive! In short, they OPPOSED what the late John Cardinal O’Connor rightfully called “the seamless garment”. There’s a reason why Timothy Cardinal Dolan didn’t come out in favour of Wet Willy in the late presidential election… Willy was AGAINST the “seamless garment”, and Dolan couldn’t support him without ripping up Catholic social teaching.

We have loud sorts amongst us. Follow the money… Potapov is (or was) a mid-level US government flunky (a propagandist targeting the Orthosphere, no less!)… Freddie M-G is (or was) an apparatchik at NPR… Dreher and Mattingly are rightwing stink-tankers… Webster is a stink-tanker and a chaplain in the US Army Reserve. When you add in that Lyonyo’s a member of the CFR (Anne Schmemann works in a CFR office that issues mendacious and self-serving apologias for American aggression abroad) and that Serge Schmemann and Sophia Kishkovsky are part of the New York Times Pravda-machine (the jewel in the crown of the American Corporate Media), well, what does that tell you? They’ve all sold out to the godless powers-that-be for a comfortable life and above-average incomes. You can follow Christianity or you can follow Sergianism. It’s interesting… the ones who loudly accused the MP hierarchy of “Sergianism” during the Sov era now stand exposed as Sergianist cheerleaders for Free Market buccaneering and bloodsucking. Fancy that… what they criticised, they now espouse. God DOES have a sense of justice, doesn’t He? Do you want to honour Christ, or shall you worship Mammon (the Almighty Dollar)?

Choose well… your eternal destiny does rest upon it…


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

14 October 2014. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky. Goodbye, Moron!

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Goodbye Moron! 2014


The caption for this cartoon used Russian colloquialisms. In Russian slang, дерево (derevo), which literally means “tree”, is “moron” or “idiot”. Ща is another slang usage, being a contraction of сейчас (seichas), often has the meaning of “right now”. Podvitsky asks, “What’ll happen when the dollar bubble bursts?” Indeed… we all want to know that…


Sunday, 7 April 2013

7 April 2013. President Obama’s Reflections on His Trip to the Holy Land… If This is “Socialism”, Give Me a Double Helping, Please

00 Patr Kirill and Pres Obama 01

See this picture? THIS is what the Church thinks of President Obama… Orthodox believers shouldn’t listen to right-wing haters and propagandists like Reardon, Potapov, Paffhausen, Trenham, Whiteford, Dreher, or Mattingly… they do NOT speak for Christ’s Church… after all, if “A picture is worth a thousand words”, look at the above image and reflect on the fact that HH has NEVER hobnobbed with posturing GOP nihilists (he DOES hobnob with Gennady Zyuganov, Pyotr Simonenko, and Raúl Modesto Castro Ruz… my, my, my…). I wonder why…


In these sacred days, those of us as Christians remember the tremendous sacrifice Jesus made for each of us… how, in all His humility and His grace, He took on the sins of the world and extended the gift of salvation. We recommit ourselves to following His example… to loving the Lord our God with all our hearts, with all our souls, and with all our minds, to loving our neighbours as ourselves. That’s the eternal spirit of Easter. This year, it was particularly special for me, because right before Easter, I had a chance to feel that spirit during my trip to the Holy Land. I think so many of you here know there are few experiences more powerful or more humbling than visiting that sacred earth. It brings Scripture to life. It brings us closer to Christ. It reminds us that our Saviour, who suffered, died, and was resurrected, both fully God and also man; a human being who lived, and walked, and felt joy and sorrow just like us.

Therefore, for Christians to walk where He walked and to see what He saw are blessed moments. While I’d been to Jerusalem before, where Jesus healed the sick, cured the blind, and embraced the least of these, I also had a chance to go to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Those of you who’ve been there know that entering that church is a remarkable experience. As I approached the Altar of the Nativity, as I neared the 14-pointed Silver Star that marks the spot where Christ was born, the Patriarch of Jerusalem welcomed me to, in his words, “the place where heaven and Earth met”. There, I had a chance to pray and reflect on Christ’s birth, and His life, His sacrifice, His Resurrection. I thought about all the faithful pilgrims who for 2,000 years have done the same thing… giving thanks for the fact that, as the book of Romans tells us, “Just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life”.

I thought of the poor and the sick who seek comfort, the marginalised and the forsaken who seek solace, and the grateful who merely seek to offer thanks for the simple blessings of this life and the awesome glory of the next. I thought of all who’d travel to this place for centuries to come and the lives they might know. I was reminded that while our time on Earth is fleeting, He is eternal. His life, His lessons live on in our hearts and, most importantly, in our actions. When we tend to the sick, when we console those in pain, when we sacrifice for those in need, wherever and whenever we are there to give comfort and to guide and to love, then, Christ is with us. So this morning, let us pray that we’re worthy of His many blessings, that this nation is worthy of His many blessings. Let us promise to keep in our hearts, in our souls, in our minds, on this day and on every day, the life and lessons of Christ, our Lord.

5 April 2013



Editor’s Note:

As one of the Cabinet said of the above address by the Prez:

HH ain’t stupid!

The only possible reply to that is “Amen”. President Obama’s testimony shows us why Christ’s Church shouldn’t make common cause with Evangelical kooks and Rightwing nutters. They don’t want to believe in what President Obama said:

When we tend to the sick, when we console those in pain, when we sacrifice for those in need, wherever and whenever we are there to give comfort and to guide and to love, then, Christ is with us.

The righties want to kick people in the head for the sake of the Almighty Dollar (INCLUDING the Evangelical and “Continuing Anglican” loudmouths). That’s evil… the Church should NEVER ally itself with such nihilistic unbelieving filth. Our Lord Christ demands that of us… shall we listen?


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