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Sunday, 10 January 2016

10 January 2016. Translated Russian Demot… Thus Always to Tyrants and Aggressors!

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Anglo Americans think that if they bluster loud enough, it’ll make Russians back down. Nothing could be further from the truth. Russia has never run away from tyrants and aggressors ever… if the Anglos don’t cease and desist, they’ll find that out the hard way. The USA would learn that coddling fascist Balts, Neonazi Uniate Galicians, reactionary White Poles, and Ustašhe Croats has a dear price…



Wednesday, 24 December 2014

24 December 2014. A Point to Ponder…

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00 BMD. Zyuganov We should strive to be better. 25.12.13


One of the Cabinet sent me this:

If Communism is Orthodoxy without Christ,

does this mean that:                         

Orthodoxy is Communism with Christ?

Indeed. Our Lord Christ was the farthest thing from a contemporary American Republican greedster or Radical Sectarian (“Evangelical”) believer in American Exceptionalism. After all, the moneybags, religious careerists, and political sycophants all called for His death… LOUDLY.

I’d observe that not much has changed, has it? “Theomachist” and “secularist” are NOT synonyms…


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

BBC Buys Into Junta Lies About Sashko Bily… WHY?

00 Karl Kraus saying. 26.03.14


Firstly, read this. That was fibs from stern to stern; now, pour yourself a drink, knock it back, and say, “To hell with the Beeb!” Sometimes, you have to read repulsive shit to stay informed… this is one such time. However, the important question is, “WHY is the Beeb acting as an apologist for the Timoshenko junta?” Firstly, its presenters and writers don’t have a scrap of character amongst them, they all know that if they don’t repeat the Party Line of the moment, their ass is grass. They’re relatively innocent, as things go. I believe that the Anglosphere governments are lining up behind the junta just as the EU’s getting cold feet. You see, the rest of the world has to bow down at the feet of the superior Anglo-Saxons and kiss their bare ass at every opportunity… otherwise, the Anglos get their nose out of joint. In this case, the neoliberals in the Anglosphere (both “Libertarian” and “Liberal”) are so stupid that they don’t realise that the rest of the world is attending to its interests, not to their dictates.

Indeed, it may signal the end of the 25-year run of American Exceptionalism on the world stage. Mind you, the USA will still be there, but it’d be cut down to size to what it was during the Cold War… one of the actors on the stage, a major one, but not the only major one. As for the lies published by the Beeb… well, they’ve deteriorated, that’s all that one can say of it. Don’t be too harsh… any of the Western media whores would’ve done likewise (or worse)… if it wasn’t the Beeb, it would’ve been Christiane Amanpour, Serge Schmemann, Ann Coulter, or Sophia Kishkovsky… they’re all cousins under the skin, aren’t they?

Pass the jug… the world hasn’t got any less crank in the last 24…


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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

5 March 2014. Why Does the USA Act as It Does in the Ukraine? Watch This RT Vid “American Exceptionalism” To Get a Handle on It

00 Uncle Sam. Change Lawless America. 15.02.14



I was wondering how to introduce to some of my readers the Russian POV on American Exceptionalism. Well, this 24-minute RT vid fills the bill. The American actions in the Ukraine are only explainable in reference to the widespread belief amongst Amerikantsy circles in “American Exceptionalism”, which is the contemporary expression of Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny led to the War of Aggression against México and to Wounded Knee… American Exceptionalism is as noxious and acrid. America isn’t “special”… it’s an ordinary country, full of sinful-ginfuls, like any other. It’s certainly no better than the rest are… and, conversely, it’s no worse. Let’s take a SANE look at America and its people… the world will be better off…


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