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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Drunken American of Ukrainian Descent Attacked Muscovite with Rebar

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00 Ka-Pow! 14.09.13


On Thursday, citing MVD sources, Izvestiya reported that Moscow police arrested a US citizen of Ukrainian origin who attacked a Moscow resident in the stairwell of an apartment house. Police reported the incident to the US Embassy. A local resident called the police from 5 Monetchikovsky Pereulok in the centre of Moscow, saying that two men were fighting in the doorway. One was an intoxicated foreigner who took a piece of rebar and hit the Muscovite on the hands and feet. Police detained the intruder, but the American fell ill. They sent him to hospital with suspected alcohol poisoning.

16 February 2017

TV Zvezda



Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Chick-fil-A Celebrates My Birthday

01 a woman at the riverbank


1 August was my birthday. I heard they also had a big stonkin’ bigot party at Chick-fil-A. I spent the day at home with my exceptionally smart trophy wife and my two clever and funny children. There wasn’t a homophobe in the room. This birthday got me thinking about my 18th, 39 years ago, and of what I thought the world would be like by the time I was pushing 60. One thing I never imagined was that bigotry, racism, and sexism would still play such outsized roles in our public life. However, they sure did back then.

To give you some idea of how much other things have changed, in 1973, I used a newly-available “correcting electric typewriter” to write something. After going through the five-step process to change an errant “s” to a proper “a”, I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, it can’t get any better than this!” It’s been a wonderful life. I’ve skydived under old Korean War surplus parachutes, crossed the Continental Divide on a motorcycle during a snowstorm, been lured to Arizona by a cult, and been rescued by good friends. I came to love the West and its people, most of whom aren’t racist like Joe Arpaio or dumber-than-a-cactus like Jan Brewer. I was just in Tucson last week, so, even the cult experience had an upside.

Nevertheless, my history precedes even me. My Pop, Henry, saw electricity, the telephone, and the automobile arrive at my grandparents little family farm in Capitol Heights, Maryland. He lived through the Great Depression and always feared we would make that mistake again. I thought he was being silly. The Vietnam draft ended 30 June 1973, just one month before my 18th birthday. Before that, they chose draftees by “lottery” drawing from a glass jar, then, shuffled envelopes, then, a rotating raffle bin. If they picked your number early, you simply prepared to go. Lottery Day always felt like a national day of mourning. Mothers agonised and cried. After living through the upheaval of Vietnam, I never imagined we’d attack another country in a pointless exercise of American imperialism. We’d lost so much by destroying Vietnam and losing the war, and we damaged so many tens of thousands of our young men. I was sure we’d never forget the cost of our foolishness.

Having witnessed the correcting typewriter, I was kind of expecting big things to happen… they have. I’ve lived through the birth (and now death) of the desktop computer and the emergence of the internet as our new town square. Automobiles have gone from lasting about two years to lasting ten. Clothes, which used to be expensive, are now cheap. Gas, which used to be cheap, is now expensive. I also came of age during a time of both introspection and birth control pills. There was a lot of sex, a lot of sex. I wouldn’t call it “casual”, but it was friendly, and it was liberating. I don’t know anyone damaged by it. I remember saying I’d quit smoking if the price ever got to 50 cents a pack. Of course, by then, I was hopelessly addicted, so, I ended up quitting quite a few times. I didn’t quit for good until a miracle drug, Chantix, came along. It blocks nicotine receptors. Back in 1973, we wouldn’t have understood the brain well enough to even head in that direction.

A few problems continue to haunt us. We still haven’t figured out how to keep rich guys from using their money to tilt democracy in their favour. If anything, we’ve gone backwards, what with Citizen’s United and all. The other thing that really hurts my heart is our incomplete progress in ending bigotry and racism. Of course, we’ve made significant progress. However, when I was 18, I believed that intolerance would end when the old rednecks died. Instead, dumb uneducated rednecks raised dumb uneducated children, who continue to hold dumb uneducated views about black people, Muslims, women, Hispanics, and people who love the same gender.

This brings us back, I suppose, to Chick-fil-A. They’re “Christians”, they say. One religious group or another endorses so much bigotry and hate these days. Besides, we now have something called “Prosperity Theology” that teaches that God speaks to you through profits. Still, we’re heading in the right direction. My 19-year-old daughter encounters only a minority of bigots her age (mostly men, she says.) Recently, my 9-year-old son explained to a friend that “gay” isn’t an effective insult. It was his only experience with bigotry so far. I wonder what things will be like when those kids are pushing 60.

2 August 2012

Jimmy Zuma

Tucson (AZ) Sentinel



I grew up in this world. I’m only one year older than Mr Zuma… he was born in 1955… me, in 1954. I’ve seen the same changes. Some people scream that the “good ol’ days” were better and more moral. I remember hearing that as a kid, too. I don’t think that’s true. There’s always been evil and skulduggery afoot. There’s also always been goodness and right about, too… generally, most of the changes were neutral, though. I disagree emphatically with those who wish to use to use the law to punish those whom they disagree with. I also disagree with those who want to repress the “different”. The worst of that lot are those who confuse Real Religion with Mere Respectability. They obsess over gays, abortion, teenage sex, and condoms. Indeed, they’re VERY concerned about the world’s sins… but don’t do overly much about their own! As for me, I’m going to work on my many faults. That’s why I can’t abide sorts like John Whiteford or Freddie M-G… one gets the impression that they’re not only busy-bodies, but repressed persecutors. Of course, I guess what most rankles me about Whiteford, Freddie M-G, Rod Dreher, and Paffhausen (to name a few) is that one can tell that they’re putting themselves up as exemplars. I’m far from that… I know what I did (and I know that the sorts that I named have just as many sins on their plates).

This world would be a MUCH better place if religious people would remember the point of having a religion. It starts with working on YOURSELF… ’nuff said…


Friday, 19 September 2014

19 September 2014. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky. The Anglos Left ‘Em in the Lurch! 2014

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. The Anglos Left 'em in the Lurch. 2014

The Anglos Left ‘Em in the Lurch!

Vitaly Podvitsky



The message of this cartoon is brutally clear. The Anglo Americans fucked over their Galician Uniate patsies and left ’em in the lurch! It’s what they do… they did it in Cuba in 1959… they did it in Hungary in 1956… they did it to the Czechs in 1968… they did it to the Vietnamese and Portuguese in 1975… they did it to the Georgians in 2008. Whenever somebody becomes inconvenient to the Anglos, they abandon them without as much as a “by your leave”, and throw them to the dogs. Yushchenko will go to Chicago (where his wife is from)… the Rabbit will go to Palm Beach to hang out with his Scientologist sister… Turdchinov will go to Virginia Beach and teach at Liberty University… the Klichkos will scuttle back to Germany… Kolomoisky will sip Margaritas on the beach in Tel Aviv… Avakov may end up in the slam again and Poroshenko will probably end up dead. The only one to get out of this mess with any local power intact will probably be Tyagnibok, who’d be Poland’s willing satrap in the Lvovshchina… in fact, he’s in Galicia now, shoring up his local political networks (he’s the only one of the junta members with any brains or foresight… yes, he’s got the least scruples and humanity, but he’s the smartest and most ruthless of the lot… he’ll survive).


Thursday, 29 May 2014

29 May 2014. This is Why the Anglo American Ideology is Evil and We Must Oppose It

00 evil uncle sam. 28.05.14



This comment from the RT commboxes encapsulates Anglo-American arrogance and juvenile hubris. READ IT AND HEED WHAT IT MEANS. It’s a snapshot of what igonranus Anglos “think”… I didn’t make this up. Anglos are that lawless and heedless of reality. Reflect on the fact that the self-centred Anglo pigs consider us “children”. That’s interesting… Holy Rus began in the Baptismal Font of the Dnepr in 988, 788 years BEFORE their stinking Deistic so-called “Declaration of Independence”. Deus videte et iudicare!



Let me tell you this… President Poroshenko represents Law and Order. He understands Economics and the value of money. He knows that the separatists are lawless and chaotic. He knows that they resent law and order, and the very important Rule of Law that MUST be obeyed in order to make a civilised society. The separatists are like children who grew up but are still children in their minds. They are destructive and cannot seem to control themselves no matter what. They have no idea what they have really gotten themselves into because, like children, they did not think about the long-term effects of their actions.

Jeanie Anderson



Yes… Poroshenko made his pile as a Mafioso… Poroshenko represents “Law and Order”. I need not dissect the rest of the above rant. Anglos DO believe their lies, they truly do. Note well that they’re crass money-worshippers and they excuse EVERYTHING about “successful” people (that is, those with much money). Have a care about them, they’re crude and violent if crossed, especially, Republicans (most of all, those who call themselves “conservatives”). Anglos REFUSE to see…there is none so blind as those WILL not to see.

You can’t have a dialogue with such sorts… you can only oppose them. I’ll see ya on the other side of the barricades, Jeanie… by the way, how old are you? I’m 60… and I might know a thing or two!


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