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Friday, 24 November 2017

24 November 2017. HH Shows Us How to Treat With Anglicans… Fie on All Konvertsy and Their Noxious Hatred


HH met with Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, at the Danilov Monastery. Let the above image prove to you that the loud bloviations from the konvertsy about Anglicans are pure bullshit. Many of them are ex-Anglican disgrunts… therefore, much of their blather is more hatred of former personal enemies in the Anglican ranks than it’s objective opposition to Anglicanism. Indeed, the relations between Orthodox and Anglicans have always been cordial, they didn’t start getting acrimonious until former Prods streamed into our clergy (and our bishops were unwise enough to let them in).

You may follow the konvertsy or you may follow HH. As for me, it’s no contest… HH is still uncontested champ… and the konvertsy are still clueless wimps. Keep it focused… the times aren’t good…



Sunday, 20 July 2014

MP Concerned About the Imminent Appearance of Female Bishops in the Church of England

00 Robert Davies on Anglicans. 04.12


An official statement of the MP Synodal Department for External Church Relations (OVTsS) noted “with dismay and disappointment” the decision of the Church of England introduce female bishops, as this, according to the Orthodox side, complicates the relationship between the churches and makes it impossible for Orthodox to recognise any apostolic succession in Anglicanism. It said, “When the Church of England allowed female priests in 1992, it dealt a blow to the interaction between our Churches, and the introduction of a female episcopate would exclude even a theoretical possibility of Orthodoxy recognising apostolic succession in the Anglican hierarchy”. The statement noted that, in the 19th century, Anglicans… members of the Association of Eastern Churches… sought “mutual recognition” of the hierarchy of the Orthodox and Anglican churches, believing that “both churches preserved the apostolic succession and the true faith in the Saviour, and should accept each other in full communion in prayer and the sacraments”.

Christian tradition always viewed the bishops as direct spiritual descendants of the Apostles, from whom they received a special grace to lead the people of God and a special responsibility… to guard the purity of faith, to be a symbol and guarantor of church unity. The Russian Orthodox Church believes that ordaining women to the episcopal dignity is contrary to the image of the Saviour, the action of the Holy Apostles, the practise of the ancient church, and violates centuries-old tradition. In the words of the OVTsS document, “In a very essential way, it makes it difficult for Orthodox Christians engage in dialogue with Anglicans, a dialogue that’s developed over decades, and contributes to further deepening divisions in the Christian world as a whole”. The General Synod of the Church of England decided to allow the ordination of women as bishops on 14 July 2014. After the introduction of female priests in the early 1990s, about a third of the clergy of the Church of England are women. Women already hold the episcopal ministry amongst Anglicans in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and Wales.

16 July 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



Beware “smilers”… they’re the worst of the lot, I’ve found out. Anglicans, all too often, are “nice”… that means that one should take care around them (that’s what my Anglican friends tell me, any road). WIth this action, the C of E lost all pretence of apostolicity. That doesn’t mean that it’s full of ogres or that we should fulminate against them like toddlers such as Freddie M-G and Dreher… no…  but it does mean that the C of E left apostolicity behind, and that’ll affect future relations. That’s sad… but true…


Thursday, 12 December 2013

12 December 2013. It’s Time to Spank the Toddlers Again… A Lawrence Farley Bloviates on the Faith

00 James Gillray. a Kick at the Broad-Bottoms! i.e. Emancipation of 'All the Talents'. Vide, the Fate of the Catholic Bill. 1807

A Kick at the Broad-Bottoms! i.e. Emancipation of “All the Talents”. Vide, the Fate of the Catholic Bill.

James Gillray



This is what we should do to Farley et al... but would it shut them up?


The toddlers are trying to tell real people how intelligent and “committed” they are (by implication, how stupid and bovine we are). Of course, it’s a hubristical arrogant former Episkie telling us how we should “live” our religion. Click here for the whole megillah. Read it… and understand that the writer hasn’t the slightest notion of what Christ and His Church truly mean (it’s one of those things that’s superficially “correct”, but devoid of real lived experience).

Firstly, my Canadian Cabineteers tell me that there’s not many konvertsy in Canada, thank God. The Good Lord must be smiling upon them! Farley is an aberration. The Church in the Great White North isn’t as overrun with half-baked semi-converted Episkie and Evangelical “spokesmen” as we are here in the States. Secondly, Farley had an Anglican formation before he went to Orthodox seminary. That is, one can see where his “Orthodoxy” is a merely bolted-on exterior shell (he’s still an Anglican at heart, and it shows). Mr Farley should’ve stayed a layman, but no doubt he fancied himself a “professional clergyman”, and there were SVSniki who “enabled” him. It’s better if a prospective clergyman has no baggage… for example, Fr Andrew Phillips is more legit than Farley will ever be (I didn’t consult Fr Andrew on this, I merely read several of his posts on his life), but that’s because Fr Andrew came from NOTHING. I know of other converts who’ll make good priests… they’ve spent years amongst us… they’ve gained insight into the Faith that Farley will never have (Farley’s twisted and ruined by being jumped up too early and too fast).

Thirdly, and most importantly, Farley doesn’t understand the essence and ontos of Orthodoxy at all. Orthodoxy is the most Zen-like part of Christendom… Farley’s very emphatic use of the Via Positiva is at variance with all Holy Tradition (but quintessentially papist and Proddie). As an acquaintance told me about thirty years ago, “Orthodoxy’s the freest form of Christianity out there”. That’s why the RCs “read” us wrong all the time.


But Alfeyev agrees with us completely!


Yes, he certainly does, but the Church hasn’t defined that, so, good Christian people are free to disagree on that.


He says that the Pope and Patriarch are close to meeting and agreeing!


Huh? You’ve been smokin’ good kick-ass weed… hook me up with some! He and his pals have been sayin’ that for years. Fr Vsevolod says that His Holiness is going to meet the Pope of Rome in Antarctica… so, there!



The konvertsy and Catholics don’t “get it”. They truly don’t know that the Church’s ethos isn’t that of Rome or Canterbury, not at all. As Vladimir Romanovich pointed up recently, the Church doesn’t cudgel sinners… it loves them into the Truth. It doesn’t preach the way Proddies do… it doesn’t have an Inquisition the way Rome does… in fact, it doesn’t thunder forth anathemas unless it must. Then, it usually condemns the idea, not the person, as it did in the case of the heretical notions of Florensky and Bulgakov. The REAL Church is reluctant to withdraw people from the Chalice… the only visible exception is that the Church shows no mercy to those who set up opposition candy stores such as Denisenko and Rusantsov. Odd… the Farleys, Freddie M-Gs, and the konvertsy gang are the exact opposite! They rush to associate with oddbod schismatics and Uniates (and condemn real Orthodox who don’t), yet, they don’t hesitate to cudgel people and bar them from the Chalice (Schmemann brought that lunacy amongst us and the konvertsy lap up all of his unhinged pabulum).

In short, Farley lacks an “Orthodox heart”… and the unformed konvertsy at oca.org can’t see that. I hope that God offers Mr Farley the onion (also see this, from Japan). He’s going to need it… as will all of us (especially, me). He’s got nothing “special” of his own to impart… but then again, that’s true of all of us. Farley’s screed was unformed and immature… it shows you what happens when we propel those with alien formation into the priesthood without proper discernment. It does take all kinds…


Friday, 26 April 2013

26 April 2013. More Vox Pop… On “Ecumenism”

05c Faces of the Faith... Ethiopia


00 Malankara Orthodox Church. Holy Qurbana Liturgy. 09.12


00i Islamabad PAKISTAN Coptic Orthodox


00 Karo Qakhedjian Armenian Fighter 01

Brothers and Sisters!


Many say that “dialogue” with the RCs and Anglicans is a waste of time and energy. The papacy can’t bring itself to repent of its concentration camps at Talerhof and Jasenovac. Then, there was the ethnic cleansing and religious persecution of the interwar Second Polish Republic and the Ukrainian Uniate (to say nothing of Vatican) support for Hitler and fascism. What makes our Orthodox “theologians” think that Rome’s interested in repenting of its heresies if it can’t repent of the above crimes? After all, the pope offended our Church, its martyrs, and truth itself when he “beatifiedCardinal Alojzije Viktor Stepinac. Let’s concentrate our energy on the Oriental Orthodox, who truly desire real unity, who truly love us, and who truly suffer for Jesus Christ. Let the Bishop of Rome keep his prideful heresies and obscene wealth. Let’s turn to the poor and humble in Ethiopia, India, Egypt, and Armenia. They’re our own lost brothers. Rome wants to conquer us… as for Anglicanism… well… we can discuss that when it gets around to defining its own theology.


Again, the Orthosphere isn’t an airy-fairy academic theory… it’s a real-world fact. The encounter with the Oriental Orthodox is the only real dialogue out there… all others are nothing but sterile mutual masturbation engaged in by likeminded and windy professors. Like all masturbation, it’s pointless, fruitless, and results in nothing (it does produce tons of irrelevant and unreadable bumfodder and it spends far too much of the believers’ hard-earned money (the “widow’s mite”) on junkets and parties for layabout academics). That says much about the lot at SVS and their relentless sucking up to papists and Anglicans, doesn’t it?


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