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Saturday, 30 May 2015

30 May 2015. How to REALLY “Support the Troops”

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00 Memorial Day. 28.05.15


If you want to “support the troops”… bring ’em home! There’s NO threat to the American homeland from anyone. NO ONE. No one has the military capability to invade the Anglosphere homelands, let alone the USA. If the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand were to continue their run as the pre-eminent seapowers in the world, there’s no one able to invade any of the Anglosphere countries (and Japan, too). ANY land war on the Eurasian World Island is a waste of money and lives. American troops can leave South Asia and Europe, and leave the US defences in BETTER shape. In many ways, the UK isn’t part of Europe, and the sooner that it leaves the EU, the better. NATO should go on the scrap-heap, replaced by an Anglosphere Defence Bloc concerned with the defence of the Anglosphere homelands and the maritime trade routes tying them together. That is, the Pacific defence line would run from the Aleutians to Guam to Australia (the Philippines is most useful as a neutral buffer between American and Chinese spheres). In the Atlantic, the defence line would focus on the GIUK Gap and the English Channel, which would effectively blockade any continental navy attempting to reach the open ocean. With a navy focused on attack submarines, not carrier groups, the USA would have the means to take the offensive at sea to any opposing fleet. The USA isn’t “threatened” by the Taliban or al-Qaeda. The USA doesn’t have a dog in most Eurasian fights. Let the regional powers fight it out.

You see, the USA isn’t a hyperpower… that was “conservative” bullshit. It never was a superpower, either… it was the strongest power in the Atlanticist alliance, to be sure, but that was something else completely. It’s time to reassess our position in the world. The USA is the leading power of the Anglosphere, no more than that. However, it’s no less than that, either. It’s the leading power of one of the civilisational blocs. There is no need to fight wars of aggression in Eurasia. It’s time to make the architects of that aggression face justice… both Republican neocons and Democratic “humanitarian interventionists”… Clinton belongs alongside G W Bush in the defendants’ dock. Will that happen? Probably not. However, war is never a “good”… those who said otherwise since 1991 are war criminals and we should treat them accordingly. If we hung Frick, we should hang Scalia. If we sentenced Göring to hang, so should Clinton and G W Bush. If Jodl and Keitel went to gibbet, so should Petraeus and Gates. Of course, they’re all going to die in bed… I’m not threatening… I’m saying what’d happen in a just world. We don’t live in a just world.

However, can’t we make it a bit more just if we could? That’s the question…



Monday, 20 April 2015

20 April 2015. Why Anglo Americans are SO Dangerous

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. I Reject Evil. 2012


This is what I wrote a friend overseas recently:

Most Americans only know what their censored media feeds them. The worst is Fox News… they beat the war drums incessantly. Well, no matter what, there’s only two understrength US manoeuvre units in Europe… an airborne brigade and an armoured cavalry regiment (a three battalion light scouting force). There are no US heavy units in Europe, nor is there any prepositioned equipment. The Russians know this. The ballyhooed deployment to the Baltics was two battalions (2/3 of the armoured cavalry regiment) and the deployment in the Lvovshchina is only two companies (the Canadian contingent is another company, making a battalion-sized task force, but lacking fire support and logistics support). The West simply doesn’t scare Russia. Thus, Satan overplayed his hand. His plans are going up in smoke. The USA can only affect the coming collapse of the Ukraine with nukes. Here’s the scary part… the Yanks are the only people who’ve ever used them in anger… they truly don’t believe that anyone else is human. We’re not out of the thicket yet.

The Anglos are the most arrogant tribe on the face of the earth, but the Anglo Americans are the worst of a sorry lot. They’re ruthless and violent, along with being both smarmy and arrogant at the same time (Orthodox people… think Rod Dreher or Freddie M-G, and you have the Anglo American temperament pegged). They truly are juvenile brats, and like all juvenile brats, they’re apt to lash out in spiteful anger if vexed and crossed. America supports sheer unrequited evil… remember this… Hannah Arendt said that evil is banal. I’d go further… evil is nice… evil is respectable… evil is civil and polite, it never raises its voice. Our Lord Christ went to the Cross because of the “Respectable”… NEVER forget that. Christ was the First Communist… I agree with Gennady Andreyevich on that. Keep that in mind and you’ll keep your feet in these evil times.

Have a care… the times are not only evil, but Anglo America demonically beats the drums for thermonuclear Ragnarok… God do preserve us.


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

24 February 2015. Oxymoronism Personified… Closed Facebook Group Called “Orthodox Christianity and Conservatism”

01 sarah palin age of stupid


00 Patriarch Kirill on freedom and responsibility. 08.10.13


00 Free Market Trickle Down Economics at Work. 15.05.13

This is what the Real Church teaches on “conservatism”… any questions?


Do you want to know the meaning of “oxymoronic?” There’s a CLOSED Facebook group called “Orthodox Christianity and Conservatism“. Of course, since they’re “closed”, one can’t find out what they’re saying unless one’s a member. A quick look at the list of open members showed mostly konvertsy (is that a surprise?). Of course, there’s no point of convergence between Anglosphere “conservatism” (actually, feral and godless anarchic and nihilistic neoliberalism) and Orthodoxy. NO CONVERGENCE AT ALL. That is, this group adulates something that doesn’t go bump in the night! The Church’s base teaching on the State is Symphonia… that is, the Church blesses the State, and it blesses the State’s intervention in society. It attacks the nihilistic anarchy at the heart of Anglosphere “Libertarianism” (actually, rightwing Laissez-Faire anarchism of the most vile sort). The Church teaches that since people are sinful, the State is a necessity to rein them in. It does NOT teach that people are good in themselves, and that we should leave them alone to order society without state intervention. Rather, it teaches that since people without restraint will choose selfish enrichment, it positively blesses the State. It BLESSES income redistribution… it CONDEMNS “I earned it; I don’t need to share it with anyone else”.

In short, Orthodoxy CONDEMNS Anglosphere “conservatism”; it finds it a vile and demonic ideology. Be wary of all loudmouthed ignorant sorts who want to ally the Church with that theomachistic movement. The Church BLESSES the State, Social Justice, and Socialism… get your mind right. As G A Zyuganov put it, “Christ was the first communist”… what else do you want (need I mention that HH and Comrade Zyuganov are good friends?)? You may stand for Christ or you may shill for the Free Market… it’s your choice… choose well.


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

8 October 2014. Three WESTERN Views of the Current Situation… A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words

00 Christian Adams. G8 Selfie! 2014


00 Matt Wuerker. I Think that You Used It All on Syria. 2014


00 Christian Adams. Next! 2014


Bear in mind that these are WESTERN depictions…


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