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Monday, 4 August 2014

4 August 2014. Video. Over 400 Junta Troops Rally to Russia

00 Novorossiya IS Russia. 11.06.14




One of the Cabinet said:

To add to the growing woes of pig Poroshenko, weasel Yatsenyuk, and their junta in Kiev are desertions in the ranks of the regular Ukrainian Army. Yesterday, 438 Ukrainian soldiers told the neo-Nazis of the junta to go fuck themselves and walked across the border to Russia. There have been desertions of up to 40 Ukrainian soldiers at a time, but this was the biggest single mass desertion reported yet. Just because Washington tells them to, the average Ukrainian isn’t going to shoot down his own people. The only ones that will do that are the Right Sector and Svoboda neo-Nazis of the National Guard. Moreover, the junta may be starting to run short of these killers.

I need add nothing to that. By the way, nationalist nutters disrupted an Ani Lorak concert in Odessa. Click here for all the detail, including vids. I’m a big-time fan of the “Shady Lady” and that pisses me off. This was in the RT commboxes:

  • Let’s say Manchester United or Liverpool football teams play some Russian football teams to raise funds to fight cancer. Next, Ukraine idiots show up with baseball bats to threaten & molest players! Good luck with Manchester United & Liverpool fans!
  • So she gets attacked and then the authorities blacklist her afterwards for being attacked? Wow! “Western values” at work.
  • Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that fascists have been given power in Kiev that likely exceeds their representation in the population. Most Ukrainians don’t want this trash in charge. The Ukraine isn’t a fascist nation, even if the USA and EU want it to be.

I need add nothing to that. What are the Uniate nutters going to do next? Ban Verka Serduchka? Good fucking luck!


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