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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Republicans Choose Presidential Candidate and Demonise External “Enemies”

All those not Radical Sectarians should fear a Republican victory… they wish to use the power of the state to ram their sectarian notions down our collective throats…


A political convention is a boring affair for the average man. However, in the USA, especially, when it nominates a presidential candidate, a convention becomes similar to a reality show. The Republicans who gathered in Tampa FL proved this once again. The Republican National Convention named Mitt Romney its candidate for US President. His wife made the most emotional speech; her half-hour long speech raised a storm of applause, which ended when her husband went onto the stage and kissed her. One should mention that Romney’s nomination was only a formality. The main aim of the congress was endorsing the Republican candidate and disparaging his Democratic rival, current US President Barack Obama. Public opinion polls show that neither of the candidates holds a decisive advantage. The struggle is going to be tough, but the Republicans used a velvet glove for their first punch… the heartfelt speech of the US first-lady candidate. “This man will not let us down”, Ann Romney said, speaking against the background of old family photos. The audience gave her a standing ovation.

Mitt Romney is due to make his policy statement at the congress on Thursday. However, the main points of his election programme are already obvious. Its larger part is dedicated to a wide range of internal problems, such as the restoration of economic growth, fighting unemployment, dealing with the government deficit, the problem of abortion, and opposing homosexual marriages. Not much attention’s been paid to foreign policy; however, this part of the programme raises lively interest abroad. As for Russia, the Republicans have confirmed that they look upon Moscow as an opponent. Earlier, Romney called Russia the foremost geopolitical enemy of the USA. Now, this position is enshrined in his programme, even though without undiplomatic wording. The programme stated that the growing hegemony of China in Asia, Russia’s activist position, and the threat of cyber-espionage and terrorism are extremely dangerous. However, the Republican Party points up that the USA and Russia have common interests, such as fighting terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and developing trade.

Valery Korovin, the Director of the Centre for Political Expertise, explained a reason for such harsh rhetoric, saying, “It’s a fact… Russia and the US are geopolitical opponents. This logic is based on the confrontation of two kinds of civilisations, and the Republicans openly speak about it. The Democrats think the same, but use more roundabout expressions, and choose to use soft smart force. As for Romney, he’s only a presidential candidate, so he doesn’t care about beating around the bush and bluntly calls a spade a spade”. At the same time, Korovin doesn’t think that people should get carried away by forecasts and comparing the results of public opinion polls on Romney’s and Obama’s popularity. He emphasised that the US election campaign has little bearing upon real presidential election mechanisms. Party conventions are part and parcel of this process. This makes Obama’s sarcasm about the Republican convention understandable; he called it an amusing show.

29 August 2012

Andrei Ilyashenko

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Both major American political parties are hostile to the weltanschauung of Orthodoxy. Full stop; that’s all that there’s to say. However, the Republican Party is MORE hostile to us… it hates our Church… it hates our People… it hates our Civilisation… however, it hates our Sobornost most of all. You see, the Republican Party of today is based in naked and unashamed GREED… in “individual rights”. Russia holds to a Communitarian code that’s held the Russian Narod together from the beginning.

Americans are full of hubris… they actually believe that they can overturn our Civilisation and Church and turn us into mindless animalistic nihilistic consumers just like they are. That’s the challenge facing us. Indeed, it sharpens for us what we are. We are NOT “Americans who profess Orthodoxy”, rather, we are “Orthodox who happen to live in America”. We have to face a harsh fact… contemporary America is based on an ethos that’s profoundly wicked and anti-Christian. In fact, the ones most sunk in the morass of the zeitgeist are the so-called “Religious Right”. What they profess bears no resemblance to the Christianity of the Holy Apostles, and we should say so, loudly.

There is MUCH more to Christianity than the mere illegalisation of abortion or a blind witch-hunt against “immorality and depravity”. We can follow Franklin Graham (who spits on his sincerely-believing father’s legacy) or we can follow HH (who said, “We respect all human choices, including those in human sexuality. We do reserve the right to disagree”). I follow HH, what about you?

Of the two political parties this year, the Republicans are the greater of two evils. No sincerely-believing Orthodox Christian should vote for them. God do save us from fire, flood, and the Objectivist views of the Grand Old Phonies… please, do.


Monday, 20 August 2012

Romney Tax Flap Highlights American Transparency Debate


How much is enough? Three months ahead of the American presidential elections, wealthy Republican challenger Mitt Romney is resisting pressure from his opponent, President Barack Obama, to disclose more personal income tax records. The tussle between the Republican challenger and the Democratic incumbent brings into sharp focus a question at the heart of American politics today… “How much private financial data must we require a candidate for public office to provide for voters?” Romney says release of his tax records for the past two years is enough; Obama’s campaign says the former head of a hedge fund, whose personal net worth is approximately 250 million dollars (8 billion Roubles. 200 million Euros. 160 million UK Pounds), must release more data in the name of “transparency”.

On Thursday, Romney told reporters, “Over the past 10 years I never paid less than 13 percent” in income tax, again, insisting that he wouldn’t release for public scrutiny anything beyond the 2010 and 2011 tax returns he’s already published. His remark came after US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, citing an unnamed “source” in the investment firm Romney once headed, said recently that Romney took advantage of loopholes, and paid no taxes on his substantial income for 10 years. Romney rejected that claim as “totally false”, and his wife, Ann Romney, reiterated in an interview last week with NBC News, that her husband would release no more personal tax information to the public before the 6 November election. Romney told Bloomberg Businessweek earlier this month, “We have a process in this country, which was established by law, which provides for the transparency which candidates are required to meet. I have met with that requirement with full financial disclosure of all my investments”.

In contrast, Obama released 12 years of his personal tax records. His supporters imply that Romney refused to publish more of his own records because he has something to hide, and analysts say he’s in a political quandary on the issue. Joseph Thorndike, director of the Tax History Project at Tax Analysts, a publisher focusing on tax policy, explained, “Mitt Romney isn’t the skimpiest, and he isn’t the most forthcoming, but he’s definitely on the skimpy end of the spectrum when it comes to disclosure”.

The law doesn’t require American presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns, and there are no hard-and-fast rules dictating how many they should release. Historians and political scientists state that in the half century since the practise began, the number of tax returns candidates choose to disclose has fluctuated greatly. When Romney’s father, George Romney, the former governor of Michigan, ran unsuccessfully for president in 1968, for example, he released 12 years of tax returns to the public. However, the practice of releasing tax returns didn’t become entrenched in American presidential politics until 1973, when President Richard Nixon, embroiled in the Watergate scandal that would result in his resignation, opened up his tax returns for the previous four years. Thorndike said, “Every president after that chose to release tax information in the interest of keeping things looking clean, and most major party candidates have released returns as well”.

Craig Holman, a veteran expert on governmental ethics with Public Citizen, a non-profit consumer advocacy group said that American presidential and vice presidential candidates are required to file personal financial disclosure reports, but the information divulged in these publicly available documents is extremely vague, noting, “Tax returns are much more explicit in revealing conflicts of interest”. Presidential candidates in Russia are required to submit publicly accessible declarations of their assets and income, and former President Dmitri Medvedev… now, the prime minister… signed a decree in 2009 mandating senior officials to release this information also. However, Ivan Ninenko, deputy director of Transparency International in Russia, said that both statutes leave room for a candidate or official to keep wealth hidden from the public.

In the USA, presidential candidates’ personal finances can impact voter opinion significantly in connection with the candidate’s broader reputation, according to Marc Hetherington, a political scientist at Vanderbilt University who has written extensively on the role of trust in American politics, pointing up, “Attacks against someone always work better when they play into an existing narrative about the person, and the existing narrative about Mitt Romney is that he’s a little slippery as relates to his positions on issues… and that he’s well off”. In a USA Today/Gallup poll conducted last month, 44 percent of respondents said they believed additional tax returns released by Romney would reveal damaging information about the candidate, whilst 42 percent said they believe the additional returns would not include anything detrimental to his White House bid. The poll had a margin of error of five percent.

Jamie Chandler, a political scientist at Hunter College in New York City, said, “If Romney released his taxes at this point, he’d be putting himself on the defensive in responding to the president’s attacks. You don’t want to yield to the opponent’s calls for you to do something”. Obama’s campaign last week offered a “deal” on the tax issue to Romney, calling on the Republican to release five years of his personal tax returns in exchange for putting the matter to rest as a campaign issue. Chandler stated that the furore over Romney’s tax returns might fade from public view following Romney’s selection of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Democrats will likely find a “bigger political bang for their buck” attacking Ryan’s contentious plans for the federal budget, which critics say would negatively impact the middle class and the poor whilst providing tax breaks for the wealthy.

20 August 2012

James Schreck



Editor’s Note:

George Romney released 12 years of his personal tax records (as did the Prez)… his son, Wafflin’ Willy, refused to release more than two years worth of his records. This shows to all but the slow learners that Willy has contempt for the public, that he’s secretive, and that’s he a wilful and juvenile brat. The only reason for refusing to release these records is that Willy’s hiding something. If he were elected (not probable, but if he were), he’d reinstate the policy of torture at secret black sites abroad, and he’d make Joe McCarthy look like a kindergartener, insofar as smearing people is concerned. A vote for Willy is a vote for “the public be damned”.

Oh… Willy’s father worked together in amity with Walter Reuther… Willy’s a ravening anti-union lunatic. In this case, the apple DID fall far from the tree…

Special Note to Orthodox People:

The konvertsy are virtually all members of the Extreme Right. Key members of this cabal are Freddie M-G, Patrick Reardon, John Whiteford, Jonas Paffhausen, Rod Dreher, and Terrence Mattingly. They don’t raise a ruckus over Willy’s refusal to come clean. Does this mean that they approve of secrecy and skulduggery in high places, both in the church and in the state? Look at the history of the Church in the USA over the last ten years, and it’ll give you an answer. In short, the people named aren’t worthy of your respect or trust… they believe in dishonesty in both the Church and state, and that’s sad. Do note that most of those that I named are disciples of and deeply influenced by the questionable Gleb Podmoshensky… it does put their rants about “homosexuality in high places” in a different light, doesn’t it?

NO… don’t run a witch-hunt. That’d be falling into the same hole that these jabronies are in. However, DO note down who’s doing what, and do your best to remove them from positions of influence. That’s what grounded Christians do…


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