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Friday, 27 February 2015

27 February 2015. Zionist Pigs Rough Up Palestinians Protecting Land From Jewish Squatters

00 israeli pigs rough up palestinians. 27.02.15


Zionist cops rough up Palestinians protecting their land from “settler” squatters. One can be anti-Zionist and not be anti-Semitic. That’s my position. The Israeli Settler State is a temporary Crusader State. Judaism is permanent and a respected religion. There’s little convergence between the two. Ponder that if you will… one last thing, the settlers are the terrorists, not the Palestinians… get your mind right…



Sunday, 24 August 2014

24 August 2014. Zionist Brutes Out of Gaza! Banderovtsy Filth Out of Kiev! FASCISTS OUT!

00 Carlos Latuff. Shhh!!! Denouncing Israel's War Crimes is Anti-Semitism. 2009


I’m AGAINST Zionism and AGAINST Anti-Semitism… both equally and without reservation! Here, Bayan Miks do Hava Nagila (and the Russian crowd LOVES it)…


The Zionists in Gaza and the Banderovtsy in Kiev are the same! There’s no real difference between the two… not a tuppence worth that matters. I hate both Zionism and Anti-Semitism! BOTH! EQUALLY AND IN LIKE MEASURE! If you hate Jews, you’re my enemy… if you hate Palestinians, you’re my enemy… that’s that. Pass the kibbeh and the Manischewitz… give me seconds on the matzoh balls and the tabbouleh (and falafel in pita cover both bases, don’t they?)… now, that’s GOOD eats…


Thursday, 22 May 2014

22 May 2014. A Point to Ponder… Why is a Jew Aiding Manifest Anti-Semites?

00 fireworks. holocaust victims memorial. victory day. moscow. 20.05.14


Why is Victoria Nuland, a Jew, helping the worst anti-Semitic elements in the Ukrainian situation? It makes no sense at all… the UPA DID murder Jews, Russians, Roma, Poles… and “Ukrainians!” The junta DID try to ram Galician Uniate nonsense down the throats of all people in the “Ukraine”… that led to the Crimea rejoining Russia and the east voting to leave. Victoria Nuland smiles at it all… one wonders… just how Jewish is she? I’d say that she was a bad Jew… look at how she aids the enemies of her co-religionists, how she grins at people who claim that “zhid” is proper language. I gotta walk away from this one…

The image is of the Holocaust Memorial in Moscow, with the Victory Day fireworks going off in the background… Victoria Nuland spits on the liberators of the concentration camps and she spits on the podvig of the Great Victory. I still can’t understand why a Jew would help Nazis…


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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Unknown Anti-Semitic Thugs Beat Rabbi in Kiev

01 SS Division Galizien anti-semitic poster

THIS is what the Svoboda and Right Sector pigs enshrine as “patriotic”… any questions?


In Kiev, thugs attacked Rabbi Hillel Cohen, the head of Khatsala Ukraina, a Jewish relief organisation. On Friday, on Ninth Channel Israel, Rav Cohen said that unknown assailants attacked him last night when he was going to a hospital to visit a patient. The thugs beat him up and stabbed him in the leg with a sharp object, shouting “Yid” at him.

14 March 2014




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