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Monday, 3 March 2014

VOR Presents… Paralympic Flame Lit in Russia, Torch Relay Kicks Off in Yekaterinburg in the Urals

00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 01. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 02. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 03. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 04. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 05. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 06. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 07. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 08. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 09. 03.03.14


On Friday, they lit the torches of the Paralympic Flame relay-race in Yekaterinburg from a stylised forged flower, inside the cup of which flame from blast-furnaces and open-hearth ones of five metallurgical mills in the region were burning. Governor Yevgeni Kuivashev of Sverdlovsk Oblast said that the forthcoming relay-race would be an opportunity once again to introduce Sverdlovsk Oblast to the world, to show off its abundance of its sport, cultural, and spiritual traditions, and show its achievements in fostering a non-barrier environment and creating conditions for a full and active life for all people in the region.

Earlier, Vladimir Vlasov, First Deputy Head of the Oblast Administration, told a news conference that Anton Shipulin, a biathloner, Sochi Olympic medal winner, and Yuliya Skokova, a bronze medallist in speed skating, were going to take part in the relay, saying, “This is yet another occasion to admire the successes of our fellow-countrymen who worthily represented Sverdlovsk Oblast at the main sporting event of the season. At the same time, we expect that our Paralympians, who’re getting ready for the Games in Sochi, would also be able to gladden our hearts with their triumphs. I emphasise that the successes of Olympians and Paralympians are of equal value. However, we also know that the road to success and to sports medals is much harder for handicapped people”.

The overall length of the Yekaterinburg route of the Paralympic Flame relay will be 21 kilometres (13 miles). 100 torchbearers will carry the flame through the streets of the city, including handicapped people, prominent Urals sport personalities, coaches, athletes, and public figures. 230 volunteers will help onlookers and torch-bearers with orientation along the route. The main festive celebration will be at 1905 Square in downtown Yekaterinburg.

2 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Russia gives the same awards to Olympics and Paralympic champions. THE SAME… the same titles… the same monetary awards. They both receive the same treatment from the state and from the Church. That’s a GOOD legacy of the Sov period.

This is unlike crapitalist America. Just you watch… the neocons will try to pull some gnarly shit. The Weekly Standard, the National Review, and the Washington Times will all cry for MEANINGFUL ACTION (that is, to refuse American Paralympians the right to compete under their own national banner). I say… “Let the Paralympians go and compete. You have no right to take that away for perverse and petty political aims”.

I hope that the USA will keep its blood-drenched hands off the Paralympics… however, I don’t have much hope… the Amerikantsy are feral and spoilt…



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