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Monday, 9 July 2012

9 July 2012. A Blast from the Metropolia Past… Fr Dmitri Ressetar Gives Bishop Kip a Cheque


In the above image, Fr Dmitri Ressetar is handing Archbishop Kyprian Borisevich a cheque for the Building Fund of St John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Mayfield PA. In those days, there was no question about where the money was going, and what it was going to be used for. It was used for the very purpose that it was raised for… what a concept! If you’re in an OCA parish, do be careful of anyone slinking around looking for money, especially if its Perich or anybody from Bobby’s fishpond. Syosset wasn’t straight with you in its reportage of the JP brouhaha, so… keep your money in your wallet, and do watch the parish funds and deeds. The next couple of months are going to be too “interesting”, by half.

Remember, we used to know how to act honourably… what will it take for us to return to that?


Sunday, 8 July 2012

8 July 2012. And, Now, For Something Truly Edifying…


With all the news lately of downright bad excuses for bishops like Love BT, Peterson, Soraich, JP, Storheim, and Nikon Liolin, it’s good to remember that it wasn’t always that way. There were giants like Antony Bartoshevich in Geneva… and Archbishop Kyprian Borisevich of St T‘s… pictured above. Everyone respected Bishop Kip… everybody, bar none, and unanimous (there were a few convert soreheads, but they don’t count). All the ordinary po-nashemu sloggers loved Bishop Kip, without exception. Oh, he was an “old country curmudgeon”, but nobody minded that, he was just like all the old dedes from home. He told the truth, he told it plainly, and that was the end of the story. If you didn’t like those bananas, well, there’s the door.

That’s what we need, again… it’s possible… once we deep-six the OCA. It’s up to us…


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22 May 2012. Is There Trouble at St T’s?

Why are Boyer and Atty dumping on St T’s history and legacy? Just when you thought that you’d seen it all…


One of my sources said:

There’s a big fight between Atty and Boyer. The Pavilion’s on seminary property, which means that they’ll have to serve Liturgy at the bell tower, which is on the monastery grounds. There’s no word yet on the choir.

My first thought was, “Fr John from Mayfield should go down there and talk some sense into these jabronies”. Then, it struck me… neither Atty or Boyer is “po-nashemu”, in the NE PA (the original Hunkie Heartland) sense of the term. The old-time Hunkies would NEVER have had such a dispute, and, certainly, they wouldn’t let it affect the Memorial Day Pilgrimage. The konvertsy are gaga over Boyer and Atty… well, I say, “Good trees don’t bear bad fruit”… and if it tastes like shit, it probably IS shit. Don’t forget Atty shitcanned a Matushka at STS, so that his wife and daughter could take her place. Great guy, huh? This wouldn’t have happened under Vladyki Leonty Turkevich… it wouldn’t have happened under Vladyki Kyprian Borisevich. Could you imagine the shitstorm that would occur when Vladyki Kyprian heard of such a stunt? You’d see the lightnin’ flashes all the way clear to Binghamton. Trust me, such a faux pas would NEVER happen again…

If you needed proof that the OCA’s terminal and beyond help… this is it. Cross yourself and pass the jug… what else can be done at this late hour?


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Present OCA “Investigation” at St Tikhon’s is a Whitewash… Read the Following… and Weep… The Cover-up Continues

People were asking me about Martin Paluch, so I put the word out to those who are closer to the situation than I am. One of my e-mails stated:

The St Tikhon’s investigation turned up that a “Martin Paluch” was living in Metropolitan Herman’s house in South Canaan. Do you have any idea of who he was… was he Herrmie’s homosexual lover?

Here’s a reply that was sent to me. I removed some things at the sender’s request to maintain their confidentiality. I was glad to do that. I stand by this… I’ll not discuss this with any OCA bishop or priest, or any other bishop or priest. If you think this is libel… drag me to court. I’ll be glad to talk about the missing financial records, Pierre l’Huillier’s past, and the sexual assault by Timothy Blumentritt against Eric Iliff. This crapola has to end NOW. Here’s the e-mail:

All I know is that Martin has been around St Tikhon’s for as long as I can remember. There was ALWAYS that idea that he and Herman were a thing. I believe it to be true, however, I really don’t have any concrete evidence. He basically sponged off the monastery since he was student and never left. He had A LOT of authority up there, not so much when Archbishop Kiprian was alive but afterwards, had his hands into everything. As far as I can remember, and if memory serves me right, he’s lived with Herman. Now, this could be something that I always thought and didn’t know for fact. But, I’d say it is so especially if he is living with him now. He isn’t the only Paluch up there either, there are two other brothers… John, and another, whose names escapes me now. Basically they all mooched off the Monastery, to this day. There was always talk about him and Herman when we were little kids attending Altar Server Retreats, he was in charge of it and always checked on some kids during the night. He even made some stand in there underwear in the hallways during the night for being too loud. Someone, who’s close to me, told me once that he remembers a couple of times Martin would take some boys to Herman’s house in the evening and not return for awhile. I don’t know what went on and I don’t want to say what I think. This never happened in my time, cause Archbishop Kiprian was still alive. But, this was told to me by someone whose is a few years younger than I and was still in the OCA at the time. I really don’t know the connections between Herman and the Paluch’s. Ask my father and I’m sure he can tell you. If you saw Martin now, all you’d say to yourself is “plastic surgery”, and if you talked with him you would make an assumption. Like I said before, I can’t give any concrete evidence, only things that I heard and put together myself. Also, there’s something that was brought about Theodosius, Herman, and Martin, but never heard of anything concrete. I know Theodosius liked to dress up like a boy scout and go to the amusement parks in NY and Western PA. and he was caught in the Village by some members of the OCA a ways back. Sorry, I couldn’t give anything concrete. So, use your judgment.

There it is. It’s not about financial mismanagement. It’s all about Herman’s homosexuality and the fact that a homosexual cabal is running the OCA. Feodosy Lazor was caught in the act. Pierre l’Huillier had to run from both Paris and New York. Nikolai Soraich and Isidore Brittain were open in their relationship (I’m told that Isidore is serving in a parish in Oregon). There are unsavoury tales circulating about certain other bishops, including one who is neck-deep with the HOOMies (who themselves are rather squiffy… ask the Pokrov people).

THIS is what Messrs Reardon and Jacobses defend. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt… perhaps, they were ignorant of what was going on (although I doubt it). They were silent until the Williams affair, and, then, the stated reason was that it would deter Anglicans from “converting”.  Perhaps, these two now see that they’ve been “had”. I’ll admit that’s never pleasant… however, a choice now faces these two paladins, and, indeed, all konvertsy. Are you going to admit that the Syosset/SVS apparat is rotten to the core, and has been since Schmemann’s time? Are you going to admit that you winked at filthiness in high places? Trust me; I’d rather have V. Gene Robinson than Jonas Paffhausen. At least, the former is open and honest about what he is. The latter is a liar and poseur. For instance, he stated in July 2009 that he was not going to have contacts with the TEC. Yet, in October 2009, he signed a concordat with a TEC seminary. Earlier in 2009, at PSTGU in Moscow, he stated in public that everyone from the old administration was gone, save for a house-cleaner and two clerical aides. There was a problem with that… Lyonyo Kishkovsky was standing next to him, with a lupine smile on his face. Yes… let’s see… Bobby K still has an OCA job, Matusiak is back, Lyonyo never left, Karlgut and Piggy Iggy are still in their old haunts, and four years of financial records are missing and the entire MC supinely accepted it (including Mark Stokoe).

As I say, I stand behind this. I’ll talk to no one privately. I’m now convinced that konvertsy (and, in particular, the ex-Episkies) are dumber than dirt. Benjamin Peterson is taking them for a ride and they’re so ignorant that they can’t see it. Reflect well on the fact that Gerasim Eliel, who JP wants to make Bishop of Alaska, stayed loyal to Podmoshensky after his defrocking for sodomy. In short, the people they defend stand for the very immorality that they deny. It DOES take all kinds… but this is too much. Eric Iliff didn’t die in vain. If you konvertsy wish to discredit me, PROVE with actionable evidence that Eric wasn’t assaulted at SVS. Reflect well on that, my pretties. The OCA is more infested with gay blades than the TEC is (or was). That’s why the OCA found it so easy to sign a pact with the TEC… after Moscow had dropped relations with them (do read Patriarch Kirill’s condemnation of the branch theory… it’s a good read with no BS in it). It’s time to go home and cut out the games. If some of these Amerikantsy brats refuse to come with us, so be it. Let them be… let them gather at New Skete. However, let them be anathema… it’s that serious.

It’s not going to be easy, nor is it going to be painless. If we want a real Church for our kids, we have to face it and take it. If the cancer isn’t removed, it’s going to kill us. God help us all.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

A priest sent me the following:

The trouble is that homosexuality is rife within Episcopalianism, especially among the clergy. So, the OCA should be very careful about who it receives. Not all of them are coming for good reasons… some of them have things to run away from and the Episcopalians are only too glad to get rid of them. The problem is that there are elements in the OCA, and not only ex-Episcopalians, who rather welcome the undesirables because they have their own agenda… The OCA risks staining the good name of Orthodoxy by accepting just anyone, that is, those who bring their problems with them and spread them.

I quite agree. We should be DISCOURAGING so-called “converts” from Anglicanism. It’s fishing in troubled waters, and the catch from such is never good. One can see that in Jonas Paffhausen, in particular. It DOES take all kinds. Pass the jug, please, I need a healthy swallow of something good. I reiterate to all priests that I protect your identities. There’s no way that the Syosset commandos can trace this. I KNOW how nasty they can be… ergo, I protect all of you who write to me.


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