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Friday, 24 November 2017

24 November 2017. HH Shows Us How to Treat With Anglicans… Fie on All Konvertsy and Their Noxious Hatred


HH met with Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, at the Danilov Monastery. Let the above image prove to you that the loud bloviations from the konvertsy about Anglicans are pure bullshit. Many of them are ex-Anglican disgrunts… therefore, much of their blather is more hatred of former personal enemies in the Anglican ranks than it’s objective opposition to Anglicanism. Indeed, the relations between Orthodox and Anglicans have always been cordial, they didn’t start getting acrimonious until former Prods streamed into our clergy (and our bishops were unwise enough to let them in).

You may follow the konvertsy or you may follow HH. As for me, it’s no contest… HH is still uncontested champ… and the konvertsy are still clueless wimps. Keep it focused… the times aren’t good…



Monday, 21 July 2008

World Conference of Anglican Bishops Opening in Britain is Likely to Result in a Schism amongst Anglicans

Archbishop Peter Akinola (1944- ), Anglican primate of Nigeria


This weekend, in Canterbury in England, Anglican bishops from throughout the world gathered for the Lambeth Conference, an event held every ten years. About 200 bishops are boycotting the forum as a protest against the increasingly modernist tendencies of the Anglican Community. Rt Rev Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, opened the meeting, and he greeted participants and observers from the Roman Catholic Church, Local Orthodox Churches, and various Protestant denominationsPatriarch Aleksei of Moscow and all the Russias sent a message to the forum. He said that its participants “bear an enormous historical responsibility”, as they have to “decide between a traditional and Biblical interpretation of Christian morals and a tendency that mistakes sin and permissiveness for demonstrations of love and tolerance”. In his opinion, the decisions of the Lambeth conference “are extremely important for the entire Christian world, as further relations between the various Christian Churches and the Anglican Communion largely depend on them”. The outcome of the Lambeth Conference shall be especially meaningful for the MP, he said, as the history of Russian contacts with Anglicans dates back to the 16th century and “was traditionally warm and full of mutual understanding”.

The Lambeth Conference runs until 4 August and observers believe it can result in a schism within the Anglican Church. “The Anglican Communion is on the verge of a schism. In fact, a schism is virtually in place, and the absence of 200 bishops is an eloquent testimony of such”, Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev of Vienna and Austria, an MP observer at the Lambeth Conference, told our Interfax-Religion correspondent. He informed us that many Anglican bishops from Africa are absent from the conclave in Canterbury, including the entire Nigerian episcopate, who decided to boycott the Lambeth Conference as a sign of protest against the increasingly modernist tendencies found in the Anglican Church. “The Anglican schism reflects the situation found today in the whole Christian world. The polarisation between traditional and modernist visions of Christianity is more explicit, and, today, the Anglican Church must choose which of these two options to embrace”, Bishop Hilarion said. He concluded by saying, “Unfortunately, however, a choice has been made already, and the recent resolution of the Anglican General Synod to ordain female bishops, in particular, is evidence of that”.

20 July 2008



Editor’s Note:

This is a sad outcome for Lambeth. I fear that the only voices most Anglicans are going to hear on this issue from Orthodoxy are ex-Anglican neophytes (anyone of less than ten-years-standing is a neophyte) and they’re not going to hear the true voice of the Church. I bow before all my Anglican friends and ask your forgiveness. Such people should’ve been muzzled, but, they weren’t, especially not amongst the so-called Antiochians (which has led to the witticism “Angliochians” amongst grounded Orthodox). The most reprehensible thing that these people have brought in is a Protestant-style proselytism that isn’t Orthodox as all. Intriguingly, the true story of some of this lot is even loopier than the worst fears of grounded Orthodox. Take the so-called EOC (“Evangelical Orthodox Church”), a group unwisely accepted by AOCANA in the late 80s. This group called themselves Evangelicals, but in reality, they were nothing but a squiffy lot of vagante Old Catholics, with no ties to the Apostolic Church at all. Indeed, the self-consecration of their “bishops” was nothing but an abuse similar to that of the Ukrainian samosvyatsy. So, I warn my Anglican friends, not all who call themselves “Orthodox” are truly such and you should be suspicious of any so-called Orthodox who hangs about Anglican forums. In most cases, they are crass proselytisers and best avoided. Indeed, something that most grounded Orthodox have noticed is that most of these folks claimed to be “conservative” Anglicans, and, now, they support the radical modernist wing of Orthodoxy. Therefore, I believe that they are perpetual malcontents, and I do daresay that most Anglicans have said, “good riddance to bad rubbish”, and if we tried giving them back, you would say, “no, thank you very much, you CAN keep them (as far away from me as possible)”.


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