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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Storheim Gets Eight Months in the Slam

01 Go to Jail


A Winnipeg MN court sentenced a former OCA bishop convicted of molesting an altar boy to eight months in jail. Earlier this year, a Winnipeg court convicted Seraphim Storheim of sexually assaulting a boy who came to visit him in Winnipeg almost 30 years ago. Justice Christopher Mainella called Storheim’s actions deplorable and a gross breach of trust. The OCA placed the 68-year-old on leave after his arrest in 2010, and retired him following his conviction. The Crown asked for a 12-month jail sentence, arguing Storheim abused a position of trust, but his lawyer argued for a conditional sentence with no jail time. At the time of the offence, Storheim was a OCA priest, but later rose to archbishop… the church’s highest-ranking cleric in Canada.

9 July 2014

The Canadian Press



Watch all the goodthinkers caterwaul over this. Let’s not be coy… Storheim’s the only one to go to the can… there were many other abusers… many other victims. I’ll be blunt… we still have a crank institutional culture in re clerical meatheads (whether sexual abusers, corrupt gelt-grabbers, power-hungry ecclesial pols, or nasty parish dictators). All too many people defend the worst priests… that’s superstitious and not Christian in the least. I have nothing but contempt for Jeff Gindin (Storheim’s mouthpiece)… his defence was that the victims were nuts. Thank God, the judge saw through that shit.

After he gets out of the slam, the Church should send Storheim away to a monastery, preferably in Athos or in Europe. Now, that would put a righteous finis to all this…


Friday, 10 August 2012

10 August 2012. Storheim Faces the Music Next June…


One of the Cabinet flashed this to me:

His trial date is now set firmly for 10-19 June of next year, 2013, in the Court of the Queen’s Bench in Winnipeg.

That’s actually moving rapidly for a legal action, kids. Don’t forget, the Crown offered this jabronie a plea, and he turned it down. The prosecution offers a plea when it’s certain of a conviction, but it’s willing to cut a deal, to minimise the bullshit and expense. I didn’t know how they handled things up in the Great White North, so, I put out a shout amongst some Canadian confrères, and one of them told me that the usual practise is to offer well-connected political and/or celebrity paedophiles a standard deal. In return for a guilty plea, a suspended sentence is imposed, and the perp doesn’t do any slam time. It saves a great deal of time, trouble, and expense for all concerned. Paffhausen turned down the deal… not a bright move for a leader, I’d say. Mucho money, time, and effort are going into defending Storheim, and the atmosphere towards miscreant clergy (or those suspected of being miscreants) isn’t very forthcoming these days. A real leader would’ve told Seraphim to cop a plea and he would’ve had the guts and moxie to face the Holy Synod and believers, and say, “Seraphim Storheim admitted his guilt in a court of law. Everyone should leave him alone. He’s going to live in a remote skete, away from children… so, leave him in peace. He faced the music”. Had Fathausen done that, he would’ve gotten kudos from everybody (including Seraphim). Instead, it’s going to drag out, to no one’s benefit.

The Monomuckos toddlers had best shut their mouths about Fathausen. This case would’ve been wrapped up long ago if a REAL leader were at the helm. What an absolute tits-up this is… JP proved himself a gibbering monkey, and the konvertsy refuse to see it. It DOES take all kinds…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 10 August 2012

Albany NY

Sunday, 22 January 2012

22 January 2012. The “Statement” by the OCA Holy Synod on Storheim is Wicked and Beyond the Pale… The Sleazy SOBs Not Only Did the Pontius Pilate Routine in Public, They Refused to Offer Prayers for the Poor Bastard…


Read this.

Note this:

While taking an active interest in the proceedings, the OCA is not a party to the criminal action and has no information to impart regarding trial progress.  

I read this yesterday… I had to walk away from it all. It’s un-bloody-believable. Can you believe the above arrogant POS statement? “The OCA is not a party to the criminal action”… tell that to the Roman Catholic Church! They’ve paid out GAZILLIONS because the courts said that they WERE “parties to the criminal action”. Furthermore, they know the whole megillah on the court process; they simply refuse to share it. Isn’t this all too familiar? This sounds like the Iliff and Koumentakos cases. Remember how in the latter action, the OCA claimed with a straight face that it wasn’t liable, that Velencia was only their contractor? Trust me, the RCs would’ve loved it if that were a real legal principle. They’ve paid out TONS of cash… because that isn’t so. It smells like a crank court and a friendly judge… probably a pal of Velencia’s mouthpiece, Howard Needle, a long-time Democratic Party operative in Maryland (he was a delegate to a state constitutional convention, a typical reward for a political “button man”). In this case, the OCA is facing a professional Crown attorney… not a political fixer mouthpiece or a sleazy politico DA (the Canadian system keeps prosecution out of the hands of political hacks).

In short, these sleazy weasels washed their hands in public. “We’re not to blame! We’re not liable! We did nothing wrong! We admit nothing!” They had the obligation to state, “Archbishop Seraphim Storheim’s case was heard by Provincial Court Judge Pollack, who ordered it forward for prosecution”. THAT is what honest people do. That’s a matter of public record and knowledge. It proves again, that Ginny Nieuwsma is a drooling and obsequious incompetent hack flack. If she had googled “Seraphim Storheim”, she would have had the same information that I have. No doubt, she did, kids… and she REFUSES to post the truth. Reflect on that.

Ponder this… this bunch calls itself a Synod of Bishops… not once did they say, “No matter what, Seraphim Storheim’s a Christian, and we ask you to pray for him, Judge Pollack, the Crown Attorney, Mr Gindin, and all others involved in this case. That’s our duty and obligation”. Instead, we got, “the OCA is not a party to the criminal action and has no information to impart regarding trial progress”. This is too much of a muchness… just when I think that the OCA apparat’s plumbed the depths… I needn’t go on; you know what I mean.

I thought that my estimation of the OCA/ROCOR First Families couldn’t sink lower… I was wrong. For a Synod of Bishops not to mention prayer in its communication was unforgivable. These jabronies scream for “respect” and demand that we fork over ten percent of our earnings to them. After this… NEVER. God help me, but I wouldn’t give Fathausen or Lyonyo one single dime. If they can’t pray for one of their own facing trial because they’re afraid of the legal fallout, they’re lower than Tin Tabernacle Sectarians… in fact, the lowest Khlyst-like Pentecostalist is higher than they are. They’re arrant unbelievers…

God help us all.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 22 January 2012

Albany NY

Friday, 20 January 2012

20 January 2012. “Go on Board!” Fathausen and Schettino… a Modern Pathology

“Vada a Bordo, Cazzo!!” (Go on Board, you Fucker!)




Yesterday, the Crown Court decided to move to prosecute the Storheim case. Lazar Puhalo’s trying desperately to issue “damage control”… he claims that the court case won’t proceed until next year. Well, let’s see, he claims to be a “retired bishop”, but he’s never served as an actual ruling or vicar bishop in any canonical Church. NEVER. Ergo, I’d take his fulminations with a lick o’ salt. He’s the “Bishop of Ottawa”… but he lives in the Fraser Valley of BC (in Dewdney BC, to be precise), which is as far west from Ottawa as you can get in Canada. In short, “all hat, no cattle”. To put the cherry on the top of the sundae, oca.org REFUSED to post anything on this, and still has nothing up as of 12.00 EST today (“It doesn’t exist… we say so… off with their heads”). By the way, I’d have no problems with Puhalo as an Archimandrite… he never was a canonical bishop, so, the moniker of “retired bishop” isn’t only non-factual, its harmful (something, no doubt, noticed by the Winnepeg magistrate as an aggravating factor in the Storheim case).

This is much like the recent Costa Concordia wreck. I read something interesting (click here to read it yourself) on the moral aspect of it all. Captain Schettino punked out and left his ship, which was in no danger of sinking in deep water (it’s still partially above water, as all photos attest). The Italian Coast Guard pilot, Captain  Gregorio De Falco, ordered Schettino back on board, saying “Go on board, you fucker!” The above-referenced article said this:

The captain has since gone through what is described in politics as a series of “fact-free” moments: An electrical problem is to blame, the port authorities were told the situation was under control, the captain left the boat along with much of the crew. The captain seemed to think, despite the ship being on its side, that he could talk his way out of an actual crisis. …

The crisis of leadership extends beyond Italy and has been written about extensively… and the Concordia is a good metaphor. The glamorous Euro is in crisis, breached on rocky shoals of Greece, Portugal, and Italy. For two years, European captains have equivocated about what to do as the ship lists, taking on more water.

That’s a good metaphor for the OCA and the ROCOR… “fact-free” institutions. At least, the ROCOR finally ‘fessed up that it may have to sell its HQ in New York… the OCA still refuses to admit that Storheim faces charges, it still refuses to give the whereabouts and disposition of Dickie Wood, it still publicises its notional “20-Year Plan (even Stalin only had a Five-Year Plan!), and Fathausen still stonewalls anything concerned with his long-time dalliance with the sodomite Podmoshensky (GP). I do daresay that it gives the impression that they were homosexual lovers… after all, Fathausen did refuse to break with GP after the latter’s deposition by the ROCOR Holy Synod and went to Russia in the ’90s under GP’s auspices as part of the Russki Palomnik boondoggle. It does explain Fathausen’s acrid public statements on homosexuality and his vendetta against Mark Stokoe (he sounds like a typical closeted gay blade if you ask me). It also explains his attitude towards the HOOMies… if you want the whole megillah on them, ask Cappy and Mel at Pokrov.org.

The ship’s grounded, for all to see. Yet, the officers REFUSE to lower the boats, and physically prevent the passengers from leaving. The goodthinkers and opportunists amongst us savage anyone who points up the obvious. Every now and again, well-meaning friends of mine tell me about this or that one attacking me personally… well, that’s what they do. They’ve never attended to the issues; they’ve always been “personal”… Schmemann and Grabbe brought that kind of shit in, and it’ll be with us until we shake off their baleful legacy. Russian friends tell me that both men were committed Langley assets (don’t forget Schmemann’s Radio Liberty ties)… and that their feud was more apparent than real (sources tell me that the real bitter theological conflict was between Panteleimon Metropoulos at Brookline and von Meyendorff at SVS).

Here’s an exchange between a friend and me (I’m in italics; they’re in plain type):

No… but as things fall apart the nuts will be falling from the tree… you should read some of the filth on the Orthodox Forum…

I only report the news that the officialdom wants to hide. It’s interesting… these sorts don’t want to know what’s going on, and they resent all those who speak the truth. However, them’s the breaks… it’s what one has to expect from such sorts. It’s not pleasant; I don’t care for it one bit… but it’s what one expects. Sad, ain’t it?

I think that it’s far from sad…it shows the jackals for what they are. It’s pretty far gone out there… its time to pick a side… truth, or, lies?

I’m not talking abut the “jackals”… they’re what they are; I’ve always opposed them… and paid the price. I’m talking about the ordinary rank n’ file believers who’re fucked by the situation. THAT’S what sad…


I’ve met Bill Samsonoff personally, so, I’ll attest that he’s probably not behind any notional attacks on the Forum. However, I’m not so sure about Michael Reagan. Reagan was an official under Love BT (he WAS Treasurer of the OCA DOW) and he worked hand-in-glove with Nikolai Soraich of Unhappy Memory.


If helping to find a solution to the mess that we’re in means that I must suffer some personal inconvenience, so be it. There’s no real harm in what they do. Truly… there isn’t. The only thing that they can do is to make things nasty and mean-spirited… and anyone can live through that. Those who wish to hurl personal muck at private individuals invite the same… I’ve NEVER put myself up as a moral exemplar, nor have I ever dragged out the personal sins of Piggy Iggy, John Whiteford, or Pat Reardon (and, trust me, many have come forward with them). If what they do involves scurrilous attacks on one’s person… accept it as a statement of their personal character, and don’t let it bother you. No… no one enjoys such… I certainly don’t, I’m not made of stone (but then again, neither are they!).

We have much more important things on our plate. We have a Church to rebuild… the present structures are fallen, and they not only can’t get up, they won’t be helped. Cross yourself and leave such sorts to their fate… you can’t do anything else. As for us… “there’s no place like home”.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 20 January 2012

Albany NY

Some Vox Pop Just Came In Dep’t:

Imagine what the old babas who saved their dimes to build our churches would do to these weasels…

Amen, amen, amen…


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