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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

9 May 2012. Love BT Rides Again… Tries to Skewer St Nicholas the Passionbearer and VVP… Spins the HTC Story and the Payout in the Civil Suit

A Portrait of Tsar St Nikolai Aleksandrovich

Ilya Repin



Whom do you wish to emulate? The gentle Tsar St Nikolai… called “Bloody Nicholas” by Love BT… or, the all-Powerful, most-Puissant, and multi-Talented Tikhon Fitzgerald? That’s not a hard one, is it?


Love BT entertains us yet again with some more nuggets of wisdom. Here’s the first one:

Thanks to Diogenes {most sources identify “Diogenes” as Eric Wheeler… protestations notwithstanding: editor} for pointing us to the article about the Russian President getting his blessing in Church from the First Hierarch of the Church as he begins his next period as President. As an Orthodox ruler, he shares many character traits with the Orthodox tsars of previous centuries. It’s unfortunate that he’s undergoing, probably with some justification, the same kind of protests and public indignation from large crowds as did the last Tsar, Nicholas, sometimes called “Bloody Nicholas”, for his penchant for using armed troops and especially mounted Cossacks to IMPOSE order. Some, especially the lock-step intellectual infantry of the EP, gasp in righteously expressed indignation at the APPARENT and REAL Symfonia of Church and State in Russia, which seems to eclipse the subservience of the Phanar to the Sublime Porte.


Firstly, St Nikolai was not “Bloody Nicholas”… in this, Love BT’s repeating the bullshit spouted by ADS and the rest of the aristo zapadnik Parisian cabal. In fact, one could say that St Nikolai’s compassion led to his downfall… had he loosed a Cossack squadron or two on the Petrograd mobs, chances are he’d have kept the throne (maybe not as an absolute autocrat, but Russia would’ve remained a monarchy). Secondly, how does BT justify the phrase, “It’s unfortunate that he’s undergoing, probably with some justification, the same kind of protests and public indignation from large crowds as did the last Tsar”… he should enlighten us as to why VVP’s a legitimate target of “protests and public indignation”. I believe that the answer’s simple… BT’s a former employee of the World Bank and he parrots the generally-held opinions of the Western Goodthinker Class.

In short, BT comes from a profoundly Russophobic anti-Orthodox milieu, and his formal conversion didn’t affect him that much, as his current comments indicate. In short, if I were to choose between Love BT and Tsar St Nikolai… there’s no conundrum. Love BT is, by far, the inferior of the two. If one were to compare him with VVP, it’s the same result. When the Raspadskaya Mine in Mezhdurechensk blew up, VVP was on the scene, and he saw to it that the social welfare system treated the miners’ families right. Love BT has balked at paying his fair share of the bills at the rectory where he lives, according to publicised parish documents. Who’s the more estimable human being… why, VVP, by any standard.

Also, note how Love BT sidesteps the whole issue of the Phanar’s subservience to the US government and to Langley. After all, they orchestrated a 1948 coup to depose Patriarch Maximos Vaportzis, and replaced him with an American running-dog, Athenagoras Spyrou (it was of the most successful “black ops” of the CIA in its early years). Don’t forget, the US authorities gave Athenagoras the use of the US presidential VIP transport for his flight to Turkey. Maximos’ sins were that he wanted close cooperation with the MP and that he was a socialist politically. However, that’s too hot a potato even for Love BT… so much for his pose as a “courageous truth-teller!”

Secondly, Love BT issued a rather long apologia of the Holy Trinity Cathedral (HTC) scandal in San Francisco. Here’s what he said (WARNING: Bullshit in enormous quantities ahead… but Love BT MUST speak in his own voice… it convicts him of self-interested hypocrisy all the more):

Unlike “Centurion”, I was never ever convinced that children were molested at Holy Trinity Cathedral, as has been claimed. A parishioner there called me up once to report that children had been molested at Holy Trinity Cathedral and that the perp was in jail. I heard her out, and I opined that if that had indeed happened, we should at least be grateful to God that the perp was already in jail and we need not go through all kinds of investigations and court appearances, perhaps involving public testimony my children, to establish his identity.

An almost deafening scream of “NEVER!” was the next thing I heard. One of the mothers whose child had allegedly been molested explained that this was nothing to be thankful for because she couldn’t “get at him” in jail. I met with a group of the parents in San Francisco. I learned that the occasion of the alleged discovery of acts of abuse was one of the parents learning that a convert in the parish for whom she had developed a great antipathy, had been put in jail as a sexual criminal, a molester of children. From that point on, the alarmed group of parents who disliked Sam Allen, began to interrogate their children and send them to “professionals” from whom they “learned” that their children had been molested.

I assigned my chancellor, Fr Nicholas Soraich {later removed as OCA Bishop of Alaska and reputed by some to be a homosexual (the jury’s still out on that): editor}, to investigate and report to me. He went to San Francisco, investigated, and reported to me. He was greeted by and accepted with great enthusiasm by the parents. He even went throughout the Cathedral plant blessing everything with Holy Water. To make a long story short, no molestation of children at Holy Trinity Cathedral was ever proved in criminal court; however, a civil court did find the Cathedral to be guilty of negligence in its supervision of children in its custody, and civil fines were levied.

I admit I was distressed by the proclivity and readiness of some of the parents to magnify and publicize who their children had been “damaged”. This, it seems to me, was not evidence of putting their children’s welfare first. One of the parents was an attorney, and she gave at least one interview to a popular Bay Area newspaper a couple years later when her son was in school, reporting that he had been molested and thus was damaged. I was once a boy, and I know how boys in school act when they learn something like that about one of their number. Another mother managed to make one of her daughters into a crusader against “Clergy Sexual Abuse”. She and her mother liked to appear at either HTC in San Francisco, or at the Cathedral in Los Angeles, standing outside on the sidewalks, rather than worshipping and glorifying God in the Church, carrying placards on poles which stated “Stop Clergy Sexual Abuse!” on the Feast of the All-Holy Trinity.

I believe that Sam Allen, interviewed by an investigator in prison, did admit that he had intended to commit abuse at HTC, but never got around to it since he was arrested for offences elsewhere. I’ve always been disappointed that some of the families left off glorifying God in Church in order to devote their lives to exposing sin, to wit, “clergy” sexual abuse.” I still wish that the Pokrov ladies WOULD get a life, a life with Christ. Yes, sir; yes, indeed! Protodeacon Eros (aka Eric) Wheeler did come out to the Bay area in connection with the civil negligence suit. One attorney-parent threatened me AND HTC, AND the Diocese with utter and outright financial failure and bankruptcy. Never happened. I have no recollection whatsoever of ever having striven to have Greta Larson prevented from speaking anywhere at all, and I can’t imagine what “other bishop” I could have manipulated to attempt that.

I wonder if the clinical psychologists and social workers who made their livings “discerning” evidence of sexual abuse in children and uncovering suppressed memories and so forth around the country back then are still at it. Anybody?


As always, ask “Cui bono?” In this case, ask yourself, “Would Love BT benefit from lying?” The answer to that is an unequivocal “yes”… he was the ruling bishop of the OCA Diocese of the West (DOW) at the time, and any sexual scandal within his jurisdiction would reflect upon his competence and fitness to hold any sort of clerical office. Next, ask, “Was there any adverse court decision regarding these allegations?” The answer to that is also “yes”… note how Love BT attempts to spin that one. A civil court judgement is an adverse court ruling… full stop. Ergo, the OCA DOW did have to pay up due to a court verdict… it didn’t matter if it was in criminal or in civil court, the fact remains that the OCA DOW was subject to an adverse court judgement whilst Tikhon Fitzgerald was ruling bishop.

Next, one asks, “Who’s related to whom, both in formal TO&E terms and in terms of personal affiliation?” One can say that Nikolai Soraich, Benjamin Peterson, and Jonas Paffhausen (and by extension, David Brum and Gerasim Eliel) are protégés of Love BT. Nikolai Soraich was BT’s Chancellor, Peterson was BT’s successor, Paffhausen was an abbot under BT’s omofor, and Brum was received and ordained (on the same day) by BT. Therefore, one can’t expect an objective evaluation of them from him. Then, there are the widely-known ties of Soraich and Peterson with Bobby K and Rock in Vegas, the ties of Paffhausen, Eliel, and Brum with the sodomite Gleb Podmoshensky (GP) in Platina, and the inconvertible fact that the cops nicked Benjamin Peterson for DUI. In short, it appears that Love BT’s protégés aren’t exactly a sterling lot.

Lastly, ask yourself, “Are there any pending situations that BT’s trying to hide or divert attention from?” That would be the still-simmering Storheim case in Canada. He’s on tenterhooks because there’s no statute of limitations on child molestation. If it doesn’t concern him personally, it could concern any one of his protégés or former subordinates (especially those having close ties to the oddbod lot in Platina… the ROCOR Holy Synod did depose GP and most of the brotherhood did leave him as a result). If there’s an adverse ruling in the Storheim trial (and the fact that the Crown offered Storheim a plea deal shows that the evidence is rather strong), it would reverberate in the DOW. Indeed, it could lead to someone opening a case.

Therefore, to conclude it all, Love BT’s using the same “bait and switch” and delaying tactics that the RCs used before their child abuse situation blew up on them. I believe that it’ll come to the same result. The OCA has no one but itself to blame. Note well that those posting on Monomakhos refused to post their names; they hid behind “usernames”. That means that Love BT approves of such craven cowardice and nasty evasiveness. Indeed, a little bird told me that Love BT doesn’t post on one Orthodox venue because the moderators told him that he’d have to follow the same rules that everyone else did. Love BT stamped away in annoyed petulance… that does speak volumes about BT’s character, doesn’t it?

Take no wooden nickels and take no BS from the likes of Love BT… then, take a hit from the jug, and cross yourself… repeat as necessary.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Victory Day

Albany NY


Sunday, 1 April 2012

1 April 2012. Love BT Promised to Pay Rent on His Digs to the LA OCA Parish… So Far, He’s Welshed on the Deal


Click here for a PDF of the minutes of the Holy Virgin OCA Cathedral parish council meeting. Note this:

Margaret reported that she has not received any rent from his Grace Bishop Tikhon as of yet. She indicated that even though there was no written agreement made, he had previously indicated that he would pay 650 USD (19,160 Roubles. 490 Euros. 405 UK Pounds) per month, which would include utilities, beginning January 2012. Parish Council agreed that Margaret informally follow-up with his Grace regarding this matter.

In short, The Great Coryphaeus of LA (retired Archbishop Tikhon Fitzgerald) doesn’t even pay a nominal sum for his residence and utilities (most people would LOVE to pay 650 USD for a decent apartment, utilities, and heat). It does put all of his rants on the Indiana List in a new light, doesn’t it? He receives a stipend as a retired bishop and Social Security, and he can’t even help out the parish with a nominal sum to help cover their expenses in offering him a place to live? Where’s his rent money going? To help Sir Ray with his legal bills? To help Fathausen with his airfare expenses? To assist Dickie Wood as he lives in parts unknown? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

21 December 2011. Love BT Slams His Nibs on Monomakhos… You Can Have Love BT or You Can Have His Holiness… That’s an Easy Choice, Isn’t It?

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev (1946- ) of Moscow and all the Russias with a teenage cancer patient at a St Petersburg paediatric hospice… whom do you identify with? His Holiness? JP? Love BT? Lyonyo? Potapov? Whiteford? Behr? The answer to that will tell the world about your character, make no mistake on it!


Read this. DO read it. You can keep your meal down… I did. Here’s the Fastest Mouth West of the Rockies:

Austin Powers wrote the other day, “Answer my question. It’s a very basic and simple one, to which ISTM one can say either ‘Yes’, or ‘No’. To be an Orthodox Christian in good standing with the Church, must one believe that the Holy Spirit selects the hierarchy of the Orthodox Churches? Is this one of the cardinal tenets of your faith, or not? I address the question to anyone who professes an understanding of Orthodox ecclesiology. I’m genuinely interested in an honest answer to what I regard as a perfectly simple question”.

The answer to his questions above is “NO”. One may assume, nevertheless (I hope without being identified with fatalistic Muslims) that God is responsible for everything. Isaiah, speaking for Him, said, “I create evil”. Now, I understand that Austin’s a straightforward seeker for the Truth who has been looking at Orthodoxy after lapsing as an RC, but that he’s concerned about the hierarch, Kirill Gundyaev, who’s been elected First Hierarch to the Episcopate of the Russian Church. He bases this on the Patriarch, like a Roman Pope, heading a Church that controls businesses and makes money through them. He imputes great character faults to that Patriarch, and his imputations resemble in many respects the imputations once made by Roundheads and Puritans in Western Europe vis-à-vis established religion. I’ve met and conversed with Patriarch Kirill when he accompanied Patriarch Aleksei hither. I’ve also met his nephew who was, as a Deacon, attached to our Berkeley parish while studying at UC there. I believe he, Patriarch Kirill, is a devout Orthodox Christian; however, I felt a certain antipathy toward him, mostly personal in nature… his voice and articulation of Russian and of Church Slavonic really rub me the wrong way. I think he’s a little unbalanced about Russia and Russkost {русскость=russkost=”Russianness”: editor}. I don’t think any Russian Patriarch or Metropolitan of Moscow has ever been the kind of nationalist he is. Nevertheless, if one’s Orthodox and must be a nationalist, Russia isn’t the worst choice. I feel that, for most Russians, even when the USSR was at the height of its powers and prestige, there was something discomfiting about the “cosmopolitan” character of the Party and the Government. “Well, yes, those other communists are ‘Also-Russians’, but I don’t have to like it…” Vladimir of Minsk (sic) {one doesn’t know who he means… it’s PHILARET Vakhromeyev of Minsk and Slutsk, after all: editor} seemed to me to be a more attractive prospect because of his intellect and learning.

The only way Austin’s question could be answered “yes” would be in the sense in which one understands the often-repeated (but stupid) saying, “God gives us (sic) the Bishop we deserve”. Kirill will die. Someone else will become Patriarch. Will he be holier than Kirill? Many joined the Church in the early centuries not because they knew Christ but because they knew His followers. According to some accounts, the hierarchs who came to the First Ecumenical Council were a totally “mixed bunch”, of whom some may have been illiterate and careless of dress and appearances. Judas was a moral failure… it wasn’t the Holy Spirit per se who chose Him… no, it was Jesus Christ.

One assumes Austin has thought all these things out for himself, but maybe not. I wonder what the folks in Kaliningrad (Königsberg) have to say about him… he was their archpastor for quite a while. I’m in correspondence with a German Orthodox guy who finds him to be practically a St Francis in his charitable deeds relative to young people and children. Should the Patriarch of Moscow dedicate himself to the prohibition of vodka? The head of one schismatic outfit, Valentin Rusantsov of Suzdal, is famous in the international tourist industry for providing a welcome to tourists to his see city with some tumblers of “My Own Tea”, which is the vodka he brews himself. Perhaps the Patriarch could be persuaded to becoming a Dry by pointing out to him how it would hurt “the schismatics?”


Love BT expects to be taken seriously, and at face value. Why don’t we just do a simple test? Let’s take what His Nibs has accomplished and what Love BT has accomplished and place them in two separate piles. I seem to see a disparity… Tikhon Fitzgerald has accomplished far LESS than His Nibs has. We all have character quirks… everyone knows Love BT’s nastiness and mean-spiritedness, for instance… but one can overlook such if there are corresponding virtues. Love BT has none… he’s an enabler of the HOOMie abusers and he protected such moral filth as Nikolai Soraich, Matthew Tate, and Benjamin Peterson (DUI, anyone?).

The above screed proves to all comers that Love BT’s a Russophobic hater of the Centre… and that the Centre should take notice of that fact. He’s NOT alone. I’m going to write a post presently on the Russophobia regnant in both the OCA and ROCOR First Families. Love BT’s merely symptomatic of that… he’s not alone. The Schmemanns, Ossourgines, Behrs, Kishkovskys, Potapovs, Gans, Lukianovs, Drobots, Krassovskys, and Grabbes are all Russophobic in their heart-of-hearts. That’s best addressed in another post.

You have a choice… Love BT or His Holiness… that’s truly a no-brainer, isn’t it? Oh… one last thing… Love BT coddles anonymous posters who utilise “usernames”. I seem to see that’s in contradiction to what Fr Vsevolod Chaplin’s been saying for a long time, that anonymous posting is pernicious. That’s another choice, nicht wahr? You can stand with His Nibs’ closest friend and advisor, or you can stand with the enabler of the HOOMies, Soraich, and Peterson. That’s no hard choice, either, is it?

We can’t control the “environment” in society, nor can we control other people, but we can control how we respond to them. I say that Love BT deserves the shit-can, and that’s that. I seem to notice that I’m NOT alone in feeling that way.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Albany NY

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