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Sunday, 25 November 2012

25 November 2012. Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral’s words to Pastoral Conference Point Up Why the ROCOR Shouldn’t Receive Paffhausen


One of the Cabinet sent me this (no URL available), from Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral, the First Hierarch of the ROCOR:

We denounce modernism and secularism in the Church and call upon our faithful to heed the words of the ever-memorable Metropolitan Philaret Voznesensky… “Hold fast what you have”. Many Orthodox in America are looking to the Russian Church for an example of steadfastness and loyalty to the traditions of Orthodoxy. We’re committed to preserving that which has been handed down to us by our pious ancestors, and we call upon the faithful to increase their support of the Church, so that our mission won’t be hindered.


Therefore, if we heed Vladyki Hilarion’s words, the ROCOR will have to reject Jonas Paffhausen’s attempt to join it. Paffhausen’s a drooling disciple of Gleb Podmoshensky, a disgraced ROCOR cleric shitcanned by the ROCOR Holy Synod for due good cause. Paffhausen’s an advocate of the imiaslavie heresy and propagated it at his “monastery”. Paffhausen’s an indifferentist who sucks up to the Uniate enemies of Christ’s Church (as do Andrei Psaryov and Vassa Larina). Paffhausen has a taste for witch-hunts… the grounded Church has never traditionally engaged in such (the Real Church didn’t burn people at the stake (Avvakum was burned by the state)). Paffhausen sought to ally the Church with anti-Christian “evangelical” and radical political elements. Paffhausen lied about his monastic formation and he was made an “abbot” one year after his tonsure (would Vladyki Philaret have done such an inanity? Most assuredly not!). In short, he’s TROUBLE in all caps. Paffhausen’s a Valentin Rusantsov or Varnava Prokofiev… MUCH more trouble than he’s worth.

The late Metropolitan Philaret didn’t suck up to Uniates… he didn’t teach heresy… he didn’t run witch-hunts (indeed, he allowed much more “freedom” than his successors did)… he didn’t try to ally the Church with godless sectarian and political elements… so, we need to show “an example of steadfastness and loyalty to the traditions of Orthodoxy”, to use Vladyki Hilarion’s words. The ROCOR must repel the efforts of Jonas Paffhausen to join it.

One of the Cabinet said this of JP:

I think that the ROCOR may take him in, but NEVER as a diocesan bishop. He’s yesterday’s convert. In the ROCOR, I doubt if they’d even make someone so immature a reader. They might take him and hide him away in a monastery because they feel sorry for him.

That’d be the only possible way to bring this troubled and deluded soul into the ROCOR. As for my opinion, I’d let him go vagante. He’s a very persuasive, conniving, and duplicitous sort… he’s an Arius, an Avvakum Petrov. We get enough trouble in the normal course of events… we shouldn’t tempt fate. This man is a known liar and troublemaker. Let him stew, I say. Again, ask yourself, “Would Vladyki Philaret have done some of the things that this man has done?” The answer’s clear.

Kauft nicht bei James Paffhausen. Either that or its trouble on steroids…




Saturday, 6 October 2012

Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov: God, Not the State, Should Protect Believers’ Feelings


On Friday, Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov, superior of the Sretensky Monastery in Moscow and the Executive Secretary of the MP Patriarchal Council for Culture, said in an interview that Russia doesn’t need laws to protect the feelings of religious believers, but the state should deploy its power to defend the country against what he called acts of spiritual terrorism, saying, “We need clear succinct laws in order to defend both religious and secular verities from malicious abuse, which, in my view, is nothing less than spiritual terrorism. In my opinion, believers’ feelings need no protection other than from the Lord Himself”.

Last week, Russian lawmakers submitted draft legislation calling for prison sentences of up to five years for individuals convicted of “insulting citizens’ religious beliefs and feelings”. The bill came in the wake of the imprisonment of three members of Pussy Riot for performing a “punk prayer” criticising President Vladimir Putin in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow in February. A court convicted Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Yekaterina Samutsevich, and Maria Alyokhina of aggravated hooliganism and sentenced them to two years in prison. The saga sparked international outrage, with foreign governments criticising the punishment as excessive, and music stars like Madonna and Paul McCartney publicly expressing their support for the three women.

Fr Tikhon, who spoke Friday after a presentation of the English-language version of his book Everyday Saints and Other Stories at the Library of Congress in Washington DC, conceded that the church might court similar provocations by taking a hard line against incidents like the Pussy Riot performance, observing, “Nevertheless, if these jokers are going around desecrating crosses and churches, dancing on altars, and defiling museums left and right, and everyone just shuts their mouths and thinks it’ll go away, that won’t work either”. Fr Tikhon suggested that Russia might consider implementing punishments similar to those in Israel, where anyone convicted of desecrating a holy place can face up to seven years in prison.

Fr Tikhon is widely rumoured to be Putin’s spiritual adviser, although he declined to comment when an audience member at Friday’s presentation asked about his relationship to “someone in the Kremlin”. He replied, “There’s no point in discussing rumours”. The release of Everyday Saints and Other Stories in the USA came amid celebrations of the fifth anniversary of the reconciliation of the MP and the ROCOR. The festivities include a 20-day, nine-city tour across the USA by the all-male Sretensky Monestary Choir, which performed two pieces at the presentation of Fr Tikhon’s book on Friday.

6 October 2012

Carl Schreck



Editor’s Note:

Shame on the English translator… a more accurate reading of the title is Unholy Holiness… they “castrated” the title, depriving it of its full power and meaning. Holiness is usually “unholy”… that is, it doesn’t please the pietistic bastards who fancy themselves religious. In short, I’d wonder where else they “softened” and “dumbed down” the text to please the terminally-religious. Remember, to be “holy” means loving the truth… and poseurs (such as the First Families, SVS, and konvertsy) hate the truth (“You can’t say that! They’re such GOOD people!”). That means that you won’t find holiness amongst those screaming the loudest about it. Holiness is where it is… not where it’s bruited about. In fact, some of the worst perverters of the Faith… such as Arius, Avvakum Petrov, Aleksandr Vvedensky, Alexander Schmemann, and Gleb Podmoshensky (Fathausen was a drooling disciple of the last-named heretic)… fooled many with their smarmy pietism and patina of superficial religiosity. Holiness is REAL… that means that you’ll only see it if you look at the world for what it truly is… and most of us aren’t prepared to do that.

I wonder if Potapov was around for this shindig… he probably was, but the SVR probably warned Fr Tikhon of the fact that Potapov’s a Langley asset, so, he’ll be polite and non-committal around him. After all, I (and many others) know of Victor’s loud opinions prior to the reconciliation… and who signed his pay-cheque. Will the real Victor Potapov please stand up (shades of To Tell the Truth)? Never turn your back on his ilk… it’s not healthy (do remember Potapov’s tirade against a relative carried by the ROCOR official website).


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

If This Be True…

I’ve received word from several sources that Herman Swaiko and Feodosy Lazor concelebrated with Paffhausen at the Memorial Day Pilgrimage at St Tikhon’s. This was done without any prior announcement, of course, and my sources told me that it caused quite a flutter. If one adds this to the recent news of the payoff to Bobby K, one must come to an obvious conclusion. If this is true (for I wasn’t there), it tells even the slow learners that Jonas Paffhausen is a secretive and arrogant SOB… that means that he’s evil to the core. He’s nothing but a Diomid Dzyuban, an Aleksandr Vvedensky, a Pavel Florensky, or a Sergei Bulgakov… all of whom were enemies of Christ’s Church. He’s a worthy son of Kirill Terlecky, Avvakum Petrov, and Arius. It means that anyone who supports him is an enemy of Christ and His Church (that’s particularly true of Mark Stokoe, I fear). I’m NOT glad to hear this news. It’s not edifying and it means that the crisis is upon us. God help us all.

Paffhausen delenda est.*

*In our litigious times, the above is meant rhetorically… but I assure you that it is quite sincere and heartfelt.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 1 June 2010

Albany NY

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