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Friday, 27 April 2012

27 April 2012. Pasonick Appeal Shitcanned… He Reports to the Slam on Monday… Shall JP Accompany His Pal to the Hoosegow?

Thieves Should Be Put in Prison

Arkady Areseniev



BUSTED! The court turned down Pasonick’s appeal to delay his reporting to prison or to change his place of imprisonment. US District Judge Richard Conaboy ordered Pasonick to report to his place of imprisonment by 14.00 Monday 30 April 2012. One wonders if JP will accompany his pal. After all, Fathausen made this convicted felon part of his official entourage at the 2012 March for Life, which made everyone present unwilling collaborators with JP’s rather odd beliefs on “forgiveness”. I’ll be blunt… Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich wouldn’t have allowed a convicted felon to do such, not in a million years. We seem to have regressed…



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