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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Today Is International Children’s Day


International Children’s Day falls on 1 June, and it calls on the international community to guarantee the rights and interests of children. Voice of Russia, together with the Moscow Patriarchate, sponsored a charitable undertaking to support children from problem-families and disabled children. The children living in an orphanage run by an Orthodox parish in the Moscow suburbs received nice presents as a part of this action. For the past 15 years, the parish of St Nikita the Great Martyr in the village of Byvalino in Moscow Oblast has operated an Orthodox orphanage. During this time, dozens of children who faced difficult situations were given the blessing of a hearty welcome and they received the warm affection that they lacked in their lives. The orphanage was founded by the parish rector, Fr Amvrosy. He’s an amazing priest who brings up the children in a Christian spirit and cultivates in them both love to their motherland and love to their neighbour, said Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov of Krutitsy and Kolomna, who was one of the sponsors of the charitable undertaking. He noted the important role played by the Orthodox Church in rendering spiritual support to children who are left without the protection of parents.

Metropolitan Yuvenaly said that we thank God that our Church has an opportunity not only to pray with our fellow citizens and restore holy places and objects, but, also to express practical loving kindness. Currently, Orthodox orphanages are flourishing and they’re acquiring a growing number of friends. The reason for such an outcome is that a priest such as Fr Amvrosy not only fulfils his pastoral duties, but, he also takes care of the children with self-sacrifice and enthusiasm. The children see in him not only a priest, but, a real spiritual father and mentor. God willing, his example may bring light into the hearts of the orphans, and prompt other people to help the growing generation, the metropolitan said. Amongst those who work with children are psychologists, theatre workers, musicians, sport coaches, programmers, and speech therapists. In short, the life of the boys and girls in the orphanage is good and the children are quite happy when guests come to see them. The participants and sponsors of the charitable activity were the Familiya chain-stores and the director of the Lyubava shop, Lyubov Shtangei. They presented the children with clothes, toys, and sweets. The VOR children’s chorus staged a concert. According to the chairman of the broadcasting company, Armen Oganesyan, such gestures offer the children an opportunity to feel the care of the society about them and to know that they aren’t neglected in a problematical world and they could grow up as people who’ll be worthy citizens. Oganesyan said that we see that the children aren’t orphans here, and that they have a fully-faceted life and that they can develop their talents to the fullest. The children’s faces show that they are quite happy and interested in everything. As all children are, they’re inquisitive. This is the result of the teachers and those who support and help these children, Oganesyan said.

International Children’s Day is a gentle and bright holiday. Traditionally, children get presents, and concerts are staged for them. Sponsors visit orphanages. However, the most important thing is that this holiday reminds all adults that they must do their best so that our children grow up as real people who are useful in society, wise, and talented.

1 June 2008

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