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Monday, 7 December 2015

7 December 2015. My Most Favourite Piece of Russian Art… “A Girl with Peaches” by Valentin Serov

00 Valentin Serov. Girl with Peaches. 1887

A Girl with Peaches

Valentin Serov



Everyone has their favourite piece of art… this one is my fave Russian artwork of all time. Serov is, perhaps, the ne plus ultra of Russian Impressionism. The lightness and balance of this painting makes it an aesthetic masterpiece. If you were to pin me down and demand to know which Russian painting was “the greatest of all time”, this is the one that I’d vote for. Yes, this is my most favourite piece of Russian art. Mind you, my favourite artist is Zinaida Serebyakova, but, as far as it concerns my fave painting, I’d say that this one deserves to stand with the best of all time.

If you can see what a person loves, you can see what sort of person that they are. This is a glimpse into my soul…



Saturday, 6 September 2014

6 September 2014. Some of My Favourite Things… Joan Rivers is Dead… One Gutsy Lady

00 Joan Rivers. 06.09.14


Today, Joan Rivers, a gutsy gal if there ever was such, died. She was strong, outspoken, and assertive… her humour was usually blunt, occasionally, offensively so, but in a good way… people offended by humour are usually taking themselves too seriously. Rivers wasn’t merely a strong person; she was a strong woman. She was brash, in-your-face, female but not ‘feminine’, and aggressively Jewish. She took the outsider position, standing up from that position to critique the strong and the powerful. Sure, she wasn’t always politically correct… Rivers not only used the word “tranny”, which many find offensive, but she used it (in 2014) to describe Michelle Obama, and then doubled down, defending herself with her usual gusto and attacking political correctness itself. For fifty years, she spoke truth to power, and managed to end with a punchline. Thank you, Joan. Rest in Chutzpah.

Adapted from an article in the Forward by Jay Michaelson

Thursday, 27 February 2014

27 February 2014. Now, For Something POSITIVE to Lift Our Hearts…”Two Shades of Soul”

00 Stop! Black Russian cop. 27.02.14

Stoi eta! Give this a listen!



This is for real, kids. It’s from a TV show called A Minute of Glory… as I posted earlier, black folks have one kind of soul, Russian folks have another kind of soul. In this vid, both kinds get mixed together, and… hot damn… it works. Not everything is serious… some things are just FUN. Any road, we need some levity in these horrid times. Let’s attend to something heartwarming and positive, uplifting the human spirit, not with something that tears it down (although we have to go back to the rot, all too soon, for the times are evil)…


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Friday, 13 September 2013

13 September 2013. Who Woulda Thunk It… “Gospodi Pomilui” Sung by an American Choir… Lord Have Mercy!

00 The Soul Children of Chicago. 13.09.13



This is good stuff. Good is good, no matter where you find it. Kudos for a job well done. As I said in the title, “Who woulda thunk it”… Russian culture does pop up in the most interesting places, amongst the most interesting sort of people. As Marley said to Scrooge, “Mankind was my business”… I’ll drink to that… and so shall you! It shows you that ordinary American folks have no animus against Russia… that’s worth celebrating.

s Bogom! 



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