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Thursday, 14 August 2014

AsiaNews Spits on All Russian Orthodox Believers by Using Galician Hillbilly “Kyiv” Instead of the Proper “Kiev”

00 Budslav BELARUS. Catholic procession. 09.07.13

Ordinary RCs in Belarus… these guys AREN’T responsible for what the Vatican is doing in the Ukraine… cut ’em some slack…


This is AsiaNews‘ take on the UPTs/MP succession. I’ll tell you that the overwhelming choice of the Church was Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky of Chernovtsy and Bukovina… which means that the UPTs/MP will NOT compromise with the UGKTs pigs nor will it compromise with the so-called schismatical UPTs/KPAsiaNews is an official Vatican outlet. It’s use of the oddbod hillbilly spelling of “Kyiv” instead of the usual and proper “Kiev” indicates that the Curia is pissing on the Church. Note well that Vassa Larina, John Jillions, Tikhon Mollard, and Lyonyo Kishkovsky all drool on command and continue to keep up their traitorous and treacherous ties with the Uniates.

As always, NEVER take it out on the local RCs… they don’t even know that this shit is going on. Ordinary Catholics are NOT our enemies. However, the Curia HAS declared war on us and sicced its Galician Uniate attack dogs on us (on the other hand, many “Byzantine Catholics” are pro-Russian and anti-fascist junta… keep it straight, kids). Keep it focused… and DO NOT HATE! Otherwise, Satan wins…



Saturday, 9 August 2014

9 August 2014. AsiaNews Launches Black Propaganda Offensive Against Orthodox Patriots in Novorossiya and Against Holy Rus

00 Here's to You, AsiaNews! 09.08.14


00 Uniate fascists. 09.09.14

THIS is what AsiaNews supports… and the UGKTs is SILENT… fancy that…


AsiaNews is a reliable Vatican mouthpiece spewing out their latest spin on events. Well, kids, they’ve truly gone too far lately. They’ve launched a black propaganda offensive. Read this, this, and this. READ THEM! READ THEM ALL! READ THEM TWICE TO LET THE LYING SHIT SINK IN!

The Roman Curia isn’t our friend. I’m disappointed in Francisco… in political and social views, he’s completely in sync with us… in his perverse encouragement of the Unia, he’s our deadly and implacable foe. Will the real Francisco Bergoglio please stand up? Rome intends to knife us, not only in the back, but frontally, as well. Do NOT take this out on local RCs. They had nothing to do with it, hell, most of them aren’t even aware of what the Curia does in their names. They’re innocent… cut ‘em some slack.

Note how in the first item insinuates that the MP is instigating religious hatred… hey, we didn’t say, “Knife the Khokholi!” NOT AT ALL! However, the UGKTs fascists DID say, “Knife the Moskali!” we haven’t burned any of their churches, killed any of their priests, or brutalised any of their believers. However, as the Uniate enormities pile up, resentment amongst Orthodox is growing. If the Uniates don’t leave Novorossiya NOW and issue repentance and compensation for their war crimes, trust me, “revengers” will arise in Novorossiya… they’d be like the Red Army at the end of the VOV. When they crossed the German border, they took it out on innocent Germans. Was it right? NO, a thousand times NO! However, I understand why there was revenge taken in hot blood. The same applies here. If the Galician Uniates don’t go back to their backwoods homeland, well, they shouldn’t be surprised if Russians, real Ukrainians, Rusins, and Magyars take it out on them… they’ve had a bellyful of specious and racist Galician Uniate “Consciousness” for 23 years! I’m not approving it… I’m simply reporting what I’m seeing…

The second piece is rather more confused, but it’s anti-Russian to the bone, and snarkily anti-Orthodox. It only makes sense if one believes that the Unia is legitimate… which it isn’t. Yes, there are many “innocents” caught up in the Unia, but it isn’t “Orthodoxy in Union with the See of Rome”… that’s oxymoronic and inherently contradictory. Either one is Orthodox or one is Catholic, and that’s that.

However, the third piece is the sneakiest… it mostly tries to push its point by NOT quoting V A Chaplin. AsiaNews didn’t quote:

  • Russian people always knew the reasonable limits of consumption; since they realised what the limits were, they were far happier than those who endlessly chased consumption for the sake of consumption and growth for the sake of growth.
  • In these circumstances, we need to stop chasing Western standards of consumption… they’re so exaggerated that if everybody on the planet tried to follow them, half of the people couldn’t survive.
  • It’d be strange if Russia didn’t answer the sanctions, which I see as discriminatory, and the answer, I think, would prove useful for our economy, particularly for agriculture.
  • Russia can produce food of the highest quality; I’d say that the policy of favouring international agribusiness networks in recent years was deeply wrong.
  • On this, the Gospel very clearly says, For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also(Gospel according to St Luke 12.34). In the next few months, we’ll have to keep these words in mind more and more.

Note well that AsiaNews didn’t give you the last quote… I believe that their article was a smear on Vsevolod Anatolyevich… it was a sneaky “cherry-picking” of what he said.

AsiaNews was particularly vile this weekend. Take heart… it means that their fascist Uniate protégés are in the deep kimchi. What do they know that we don’t? Hmm…


Friday, 30 May 2014

30 May 2014. Vatican Crock o’ Shit… But DO Read It… It’s Curial White Propaganda

00 #savedonbasspeople 07. 29.05.14.


I’d like you to read something. It’s “white propaganda”. “Black propaganda” is utter falsehood… it’s usually engaged in by egregious sources such as Radio Liberty and Eurasia.net (both Langley fronts). “White Propaganda” takes bits n’ pieces of the truth, cobbles them together, but doesn’t give you “the rest of the story”… it’s much more subtle and harder to fight than utter hokum, as it does use truthful material (but in such a way as to bring one to a false and crank conclusion). The piece I’m going to link to is from AsiaNews. Firstly, ask, “Who’s paying the bills?” Once you know who sponsors a particular journalistic outlet, you can fairly well figure out its orientation. Everyone knows that the CIA funds Radio Liberty, so, everybody knows that it’s a lying crock o’ shit. AsiaNews is a Vatican-funded propaganda outlet, its purpose is to put out the Vatican’s spin on the news. That is, everything on it has the purpose of spreading the Vatican’s agenda. That’s to say, all of its articles push the Vatican party line of the moment (just as Fox News parrots the Republican party line). Now, read this.

Read it? Good! Firstly, HH has no problems with V V Putin… never has, never will. Ms Achmatova is known as one of the more willing hacks on the AsiaNews staff; she’ll write whatever her Vatican bosses put in front of her (in fact, some of the other writers on this rag have more character than she does, they’re not quite so much a running dog as she is). This is utter flapdoodle from start to finish, but this is the Vatican line of the moment. Read it and heed it. They’re NOT our friends… they don’t wish us well. They don’t wish the people of Novorossiya well. Note this… they won’t condemn the Galician Uniates… not one little bit. That should tell you something. Indeed, it means that SVS inviting the Jesuit Uniate Robert Taft (a phoney “archimandrite”) to speak on 12 June is treasonous. It means that John Jillions is a treasonous and low individual who hobnobs with the Uniate enemies of the Church and expects praise for so doing.

We have an obligation to stand up for the bleeding Orthodox people of Novorossiya… if not me and you, then, who?


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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

8 April 2014. AsiaNews Lies About Junta Actions in the Eastern Ukraine… USA Lies About Blackwater Mercs As Well

00 Putin and religious leaders. Russia. 21.03.14

THIS is Holy Rus. This is what the neocons hate… this is what AsiaNews hates… this is what the US State Department hates. We love and stand up for it! Any questions?


The papist mouthpiece AsiaNews lies yet again. It claimed that junta “special forces” cleared out all patriot elements in government buildings in the Eastern Ukraine. That isn’t so. The junta only cleared one building, in Kharkov, using Blackwater mercs disguised as MVDU spetsnaz. US government denials of involvement are lies, as its past actions (Mossadegh, Chile, Bay of Pigs, the Diem murder, Grenada, the Noriega takedown, Kosovo, and South Ossetia, to name only a few) show. Would you trust ANYTHING out of Nuland’s mouth after what she said about the EU? She holds all of us in as much contempt as she holds the EU (she has her fat salary, her house in the fancy District burbs, and her blat… she doesn’t give a good god-damn for anything or anyone else). The figure often bandied about in the Russian press is that 300 Blackwater mercs are in the Ukraine… that means that the junta only had enough “muscle” to clear one building. My belief is that the mercs are all diaspora Galician Uniate pigs… which means that Orthodox have to break all ties with them IMMEDIATELY. We must also break all ties with “Ukrainian Orthodox” groups that refuse to break ties with these opponents of Christ’s Church.

It’s time for the Church to make Potapov and Paffhausen “walk the line”… if Potapov refuses to publicly disavow all his earlier work for the Langley apparat (Radio Liberty IS part of that apparat) PUBLICLY, then, the Church should strip him publicly of his post as rector of the Washington DC parish. To keep him there under the present circumstances without a public retraction of his past actions and an apology to the Russian people and state is a tacit approval of American attacks on the Rodina and on Holy Rus. We should support our motherland in its time of need, not support those who suck up to its attackers, who purveyed (and still purvey) their filthy ideology and propaganda. As for Paffso, he’s a nobody. He cries “poverty”, yet, he got a fat inheritance. Note well that he REFUSES to attack his neocon pals. Therefore, the ROCOR should NEVER take such a POS quisling in, no way, no how.

Holy Rus is in the balance… all those who support the Republican Party support satanic neocons (that’s what respected and mainstream Russian Church media sources like Radonezh call them… they attack the “Evangelical” Prosperity Gospel on-air… good on them!). The neocons hate our Faith, hate our Narod, hate our Culture, and, most of all, hate our Great Russian Motherland. Get with the programme or get out, I say… and I’m NOT alone.


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