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Saturday, 12 December 2015

12 December 2015. The USA Supports Islamist Terrorists… NOT the Assyrian Christian Fighters!

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00 Patriarch Kirill w Mar Dynka of Assyria. 01.06.14

At the Centre, HH met with Mar Dinkha IV Khanania, the Catholicos-Patriarch of Babylon and all the East, the First Hierarch of the Church of the East, the spiritual leader of the Assyrian people


Never forget how Ted Cruz spat on our bishops in Washington. He’s typical of Repugs… most Establishment Dems aren’t much better, but Repugs make it clear that we’re lower than whaleshit in their estimation. Don’t vote for the enemies of the Orthosphere! The most important thing for us is the Incarnation, and the Church is the Icon of the Incarnation par excellence… if the Church is the People of God, then, it stands to reason that those who hate our peoples also hate our Church. The Repugs kiss the ass of the “Evangelicals” and cater to their every fancy and heresy… ergo, no real Christian should support them.

The Republicans preach perpetual warfare against the peoples who incarnate Orthodoxy… who incarnate the Church… who make up the Body of Christ… who stood tall for Our Lord Christ long before the peevish greedy Anglo American toddlers founded their first settlements a mere four centuries ago. NO CHRISTIAN CAN VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS. You can stand for Christ, His Church, and His Peoples… or you can stand for the Repugs and the Almighty Dollar. Note well that the GOP wants to arm Islamist terrorists, but not the Christian fighters who oppose them!

I stand for the brave Assyrian people… not the murdering pro-American terrorists. The Repugs claim that they’re against terror. Well… I’d say that their actions in the Middle East, Novorossiya, and the Balkans prove otherwise. Let God see and judge…


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Over 15,000 Assyrian Christian Families at Risk in Northeast Syria

00 syria war damage 110815


On Monday, Bishop Yatron Koliana of the Assyrian Church of the East in Lebanon said that over 15,000 Assyrian Christian families remaining in Syria are at risk from the current crisis. On Friday, ISIL jihadists abducted 230 Assyrian Christians in Homs Governate during an offensive to seize Quaryatayn, in a reprise of a similar kidnapping earlier this year. Bishop Yatron told RIA Novosti, “My personal sources say there are about 15,000 families left in Syria. Of course, they don’t live in the villages captured by militants, but they were able to move temporarily to nearby towns. Resettled families still face uncertainty, but the estimated 3,500-strong Assyrian diaspora in Hasakah, Qamishi, and Tall Tamr is able to accommodate an estimated 1,500 internally displaced families”. He added that over 550 Christian refugees have received shelter in Lebanon since March before the Lebanese government banned refugee entrance in May. An agreement between the church and the Lebanese government allows Assyrian Christians passage into Lebanon provided they display the needed documentation. Bishop Yatron emphasised the Assyrians’ desire to return to their homeland, but said their security largely depends on “strong countries that in one way or another affect the Syrian crisis. We very much hope that countries such as Russia and the USA will hear our call for help from their Christian brothers in the Middle East”.

The latest abductions follow a similar attack on Assyrian villages in Hasakah Governate in late February and early March, when IS militants took over 250 Christians captive. They killed dozens of the inhabitants and looted their homes and churches. Religious leaders in Lebanon and the Vatican classified the acts as genocide. Assyrians are an ethnic group whose historic home lies in southeastern Turkey, northern Iraq, and northeastern Syria, and are amongst the first groups to adopt Christianity. Syrian government forces are in the fourth year of a military standoff with several independence and extremist groups, including IS and the al-Nusra Front.

10 August 2015

Sputnik International


Sunday, 1 June 2014

1 June 2014. Moscow IS the CENTRE of the Orthodox World…

00 Patriarch Kirill w Mar Dynka of Assyria. 01.06.14


00 Patriarch Kirill w patriarch neofit of bulgaria. 01.06.14


00 Patriarch Kirill w abp antony of Mexico (Antioch). 01.06.14


00 Patriarch Kirill w Metr Ambrose of Greece. 01.06.14


Unlike the Phanar, nestled in a set of dilapidated buildings in an Istanbul neighbourhood, the Centre is the bustling beating heart of the Orthodox World. For instance, in the top image, HH meets the Catholicos-Patriarch of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the EastMar Dinkha IV Khanania. In the next, we see HH with Patriarch Neofit Dimitrov of Sofia and all Bulgaria, a fellow First Hierarch. Then, he’s with Archbishop Antonios Chedraoui Tannous of Mexico (Patriarchate of Antioch and all the East). In the last, he’s with Metropolitan Amvrosios Lenis of Kalavrytas (Church of Athens and all Greece). In short, Moscow is THE CITY… remember:

“Old Rome fell to the axes of the barbarians, Constantinople New Rome fell to the infidel Turk… Moscow is the Third Rome, and a Fourth, there never shall be!”

In short, Bart’s pretensions and “agreements” in Jerusalem with Frankie were LESS than nothing. Will HH meet with the “Bag o’ Donuts?” No… Rome refuses to call off its Uniate attack dogs… THAT has its price. Pope Francisco is a sincere human being with proper social justice stands (which HH shares, by the way)… but there are no real concessions on his part in the Church realm, so, a meeting can’t take place. That’s the long n’ the short of it…

By the way, ignoranus Western sources claim that HH is cool towards V V Putin. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the above images indicate, he’s a BUSY man… his role as First Hierarch of the Patriarchate of Moscow and all the Russias takes up a HUGE amount of time. After all, he’s the leading Orthodox leader in the world, and that doesn’t leave him much time for secular politicking… he leaves that to his able satrap for the Diocese of Moscow, Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov (who DOES show up at the proper venues at the proper times). Oh yes… one last thing… the RCs, Uniates, and “Ukrainian Orthodox” are crowing about a UOC/MP priest concelebrating with Denisenko’s crank schismatical crew. Yes, that happened, and Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky of Kiev came down on him like a ton of bricks… the guy got a one-month suspension, with a warning that if he did it again, he’d get le sabot. They ARE outside the Church, after all…


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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Statement by President Obama on the Occasion of Orthodox Easter

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Easter 2012 01


This weekend, Michelle and I extend our best wishes to members of the Orthodox Christian community here in America and around the world as they observe Holy Friday and the Feast of the Resurrection. For millions of Orthodox Christians, this is a joyful time, but it’s also a reminder of the sacrifice Christ made so that we might have eternal life. His decision to choose love in the face of hate, to hope in the face of despair, is an example we should always strive to follow. However, it’s especially important to remember this year, as members of the Orthodox community have been confronted with persecution and violence, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. For centuries, the region and the world has been enriched by the contributions of Orthodox communities in countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. As a nation, we reaffirm our commitment to protecting universal human rights including the freedom of religion. Moreover, in this season of hope and restoration, we celebrate the transformational power of sacrificial love.

00 Barack Obama4 May 2013

Barack Obama

President of the USA



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