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Sunday, 25 June 2017

“A Majority of Electors Rejected Austerity Policies”: CP of Britain



Although the CP of Britain is very small (+/-1,000 members), it has support from AKEL in Cyprus, which is one of the major parties there. We now have the colonialists being propped up by the colonials! Certainly, a turnaround, wot?



Twelve million people voted for a left-wing Labour manifesto and a majority of electors rejected austerity policies. The Tories have no mandate for five months of public spending cuts, never mind another five years. In raising Labour’s share of the poll by 10 percentage points to almost match the Tories, enthusing huge numbers of young people, Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership have been vindicated. So, too, has the emphasis placed by the Communist Party on the role of mass struggle and class politics in raising people’s class consciousness, confidence, and political understanding. This will help bring further advances for Labour in the new election that will be necessary in the very near future, once Theresa May resigns.

Robert Griffiths

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain    


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Greek Vox Pop on the Referendum and Social Justice

00 Patriarch Kirill w Metr Ambrose of Greece. 01.06.14

HH with Metropolitan Amvrosios Lenis of Kalavrita and Aigialeia, one of the more-senior Greek hierarchs


A friend sent me this:

In general, the Church of Greece maintained a low profile during the pre-referendum period. Only very few bishops, clergy, and monastic communities expressed their personal electoral views publicly. Amongst them was Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens, who called for unity among the people of Greece against “the poison of division”. He spoke also in favour of the protection of “the hard-earned achievements that our country’s visionaries fought for. This is non-negotiable”; a statement that many interpreted as support for “Yes”. However, others, like the community of the famous Koutloumousi Monastery of Mount Athos, called the faithful to vote without fear, without submitting to the speculators, the moneylenders of Europe, and the global financial oligarchy. Finally, I’d like to note that one could find strong disagreements also in the more progressive parts of the Church. It seems that this referendum exposed our theological views about social and economic justice and our different understandings and priorities.

I need add nothing (for I know little of the Greek Orthodox situation, save where it influences the Russian Orthodox world).


Friday, 10 July 2015

10 July 2015. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… The Greek Escape: My Big Fat Greek Prison Break

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. The Greek Escape. My Big Fat Greek Prison Break. 2015


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Greece Said Sorry to the EU with a Present of an Enormous Wooden Horse

00 spoof trojan horse. greece. 070715


Three years old… but still à propos. Have a healthy chuckle or two…



Left outside the European Central Bank in the dead of night, they’ve now moved the horse into the ECB’s central lobby where it’s proudly on display. A gift tag attached to the horse, which is surprisingly light for its size and has small holes along the length of its body, suggested that they should place it in the bank’s vaults overnight to avoid it being targeted by thieves. Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, said, “How nice of the Greeks to acknowledge the trouble we’ve been put to on their behalf with this wonderful horse, handmade, and so large it could hold a dozen double-decker buses. The card with it, which had a teddy bear dressed as a hobo on the front, explained that Greece made us this because they don’t have enough money for a present, which brought a tear to my eye. However, unless they can somehow find billions overnight, then, austerity measures must continue”. Oddly, Greek representatives in Brussels hinted that they might soon be in a position to settle their debts; they puzzled the French and German banks that hold their loans by asking if there is any discount for cash. The Spanish government reacted angrily to the gift, accusing the Greeks of trying to bribe the ECB and redoubling their own efforts to weave a gigantic sombrero-wearing straw donkey.

15 May 2012

The Daily Mash


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