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Monday, 6 July 2015

6 July 2015. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… Here’s the Debt… Greece Won’t Pay

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Here's the Debt… Greece Won’t Pay. 2015

Here’s the Debt… Greece Won’t Pay

Vitaly Podvitsky




6 July 2015. A Reply to a Question About Greece

00 greece gives the moutza to the banksters 02. 060715


Got this query from a friend:

I’m sure Putin will help Greece, but I don’t get why Varoufakis decided to resign.

I replied:

Easy peasey… to discombobulate the Americans and banksters. This will force some shifting of gears on the EU’s part, which buys Greece more time. VVP’s intent is to break NATO and the EU… you can see that. He’s striking where NATO is weakest. The friendliest nations outside of Serbia and Montenegro are Spain, Italy, and Greece, all with large leftist elements that Russia could use in case of war with the West. That’s why VVP has been “crazy like a fox”… he’s made himself look like a peacemaker to European left elements. The West has fallen for VVP’s stratagem… the Anglos have made themselves look crazy warmongers whilst VVP looks like a reasonable European moderate. VVP is a black-belt judoka… judo utilises the STRENGTH of one’s opponent to bring them down. This is NOT a single-shot competition… it’s a long full-scale series of matches (but without shooting as of yet), and only Russia understands that.

The stupidity and impetuosity of Chilly Hilly, McCain, Kerry, Cruz, Obama, Rubio, Biden, and Bush Junior is on parade for all to see. That’s what VVP is up to. He’s positioning himself as a sane alternative to Anglo craziness. VVP is playing the Long Game. The Anglos are congenitally unable to do that (except for Zbig and Soros, but they’re both émigrés, aren’t they?). Vova does have the cards and he’s playing the Anglos like a fiddle…


OFFICIAL Congratulations of the DNR Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Greek People on the Recent Referendum in the Hellenic Republic

00 Greek election 17.06.12. 02



The DNR Ministry of Foreign congratulates the Greek people on the referendum held on 5 July 2015

Dear citizens of Greece!

Please accept our sincere congratulations on this significant event! Because of a democratic and fair referendum, the world community now knows the Greek people’s opinion regarding the future of their state. In a difficult time for your country, you were able to come together to resist outside forces attempting to impose alien obligations and conditions upon your state. Thus, you showed a good example of national consensus and unanimity. We believe that the referendum is a harbinger of a new era that will mark real progress and prosperity for Greece. We wish you stamina, fortitude, and determination in defending your national interests.

A I Kofman

DNR Minister of Foreign Affairs

6 July 2015

Official website of the DNR Ministry of Foreign Affairs


6 July 2015. Greece Gives the Moutza to the Banksters!

00 greece gives the moutza to the banksters 01. 060715


The moutza is the pits of Hellenic insult. NOTHING is lower (or higher, depending on one’s POV). A 61 percent “NO” vote is decisive. It means a 22 percent difference between the “yes” and “no” factions… that’s nearly two-thirds AGAINST “austerity”. No one knows what this means, save for the fact that Greece won’t endure any more sacrifices so that banksters can profit off their pain. No one knows what this portends for the EU, the Euro, or NATO. I can see why VVP is being so cagey… he’s been stalking BIG FISH. If he can disconnect Greece from NATO, he might win over Bulgaria and Romania, too. Stay tuned… there’s FAR more to this than what the lapdog Western media is telling you.


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