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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

11 November 2015. Disbelieve ALL Internet Stories of SVR Capture of CIA Assets… NO OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION

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There are stories circulating on the web that SVR (Russian Foreign Intelligence Service) operatives captured two CIA assets and flew them to the Rodina from Yemen. THERE IS NO OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION OF THIS. NONE. It’s good drama… it’s a good story… but there’s no real deal intel on this. It also appears be of Western provenance, so, one must be doubly wary of it… the zapadniki are known liars and snake-oil salesmen… “Winning is the only thing”… the Anglos have no morals or scruples whatsoever (we’re talking of people who perpetrated the Trail of Tears and American Slavery). I’ve asked people at the Centre what they thought, and the consensus is that it could be a Western provocation… “If it were true, we wouldn’t publicise it… Russians don’t act that way”.

In short, this may be another Internet Winnegan’s Fake. Do have a care with internet stories with no backup… after all, we have higher standards than the New York Times or the Washington Post (“All the Shit that Ain’t Fit to Print”). The zapadniki have an agenda… a feral and soulless programme of greed and rapine. Do have a care with their media reports…


Monday, 9 November 2015

9 November 2015. Russian Government Mum on Cause of Airliner Crash in Egypt

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I’ve read much too much rot on the recent airliner crash in Egypt, especially, from Western sources. The Russian government, quite rightly, reminds everyone that no conclusions can be reached until the investigation uncovers the facts. NONE. All Western reports of a bomb are provocations, full stop. If there’s been no forensic tests, how can we KNOW that it was a bomb? However, don’t argue with stupid Anglo fools regurgitating CIA lies. It won’t do you a bit of good and all that it’d do is to nail the lie more securely in the Anglo’s head (yes, most of them are that obtuse). This is true of “conservatives”, in particular. “Conservatives” (actually, arch-liberals, and Russians call them such… that is, Russian attacks on “liberals” are attacks on American-style Me First “conservatism”) only have a tenuous grounding in reality (look at Rod Dreher… preaching the virtues of stability whilst having been a virtual Bedouin (four moves in almost as many years… I pity his poor family)). They mouth all the right platitudes… EXCEPTIONAL AMERICA! AMERICA THE HYPERPOWER! IF YOU CODDLE THE RICH, EVERYONE WILL BENEFIT! AMERICA THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!

No one knows what happened yet. All those saying otherwise are either stupid or complicit. Most people are the former, however, there are many “within the Beltway”, who are the latter. The CIA does lack scruples, doesn’t it? Connect the dots… but do wait for the official word, and that’ll take several months to piece it all together.


St Isaac Cathedral Bell in Piter Tolled a Bell 224 Times in Memory of Those Killed in Egypt Plane Crash

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Action “Hour of Memory” happened nine days after the crash of the Russian airliner in Egypt. St Isaac Cathedral tolled one of its bells exactly 224 times… one time for every victim of the tragedy (there were 217 passengers and 7 crew onboard). All priests in the MP Diocese of St Petersburg will offer prayers for the dead for the dead and serve Pannikhida during the coming week for those lost in the aircrash. Meanwhile, people in St Petersburg created a website dedicated to the tragedy, with a list of passengers, their pictures, and stories about the deceased. TV Rossiya-24 reported an e-petition to erect a memorial at Pulkovo Airport in memory of the victims already has more than 230,000 signatures.

8 November 2015



Sunday, 1 November 2015

1 November 2015. Serb Football Fans Honour Flight 7K 9268 Dead at Belgrade Match

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