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Saturday, 18 November 2017

18 November 2017. Heroes of the Russian Land


Today is the 118th birthday of my grandfather, the famous polar aviator, Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Vasilyevich Vodopyanov. He was a self-motivated man… he dreamed, worked selflessly, and so achieved his dreams. He made numerous difficult flights in the Far North, including being the first pilot in the world to land directly on the North Pole. He not only made pioneering flights on far-flung air-routes, he participated in one of the first long-range bombing raids on Berlin in August 1941. He was sincere! He was genuine and driven, a pilot with a burning heart! Eternal memory and glory to Mikhail Vasilyevich!

18 November 2017

Svetlana Boldyrev



Sunday, 21 September 2014

German Families to Sue the Ukraine Over MH17 Crash

00 Rossiya-Segodnya Infographics. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Near Donetsk. 2014


The families of German citizens killed in the Malaysian plane crash in the eastern Ukraine plan to sue the Ukrainian authorities in the European Court of Human Rights, accusing them of manslaughter by negligence. Elmar Giemulla, a professor of aviation law representing three families of German victims, told Bild am Sonntag, a German Sunday newspaper that the Ukraine should’ve closed its airspace if it couldn’t provide for the safety of flights over its territory, saying, “Each state is responsible for securing its airspace. If it isn’t able to do so temporarily, it must close its airspace. As that didn’t happen, the Ukraine is liable for the damage”. According to Giemulla, by leaving the airspace open, Kiev authorities “destroyed” the lives of hundreds of innocent people. Thus, he concluded that the Ukraine committed human rights violations; therefore, it should pay at least one million Euros (49.4 million Roubles. 7.9 million Renminbi. 78.2 million INR. 1.3 million USD. 1.4 million CAD. 1.45 million AUD. 787,000 UK Pounds) to each family of the German crash victims.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over the eastern Ukraine on 17 July. Amongst the 298 victims killed in the incident were four German citizens. A preliminary report into the disaster delivered by Dutch investigators on 9 September said that the MH17 crash was a result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects striking the Boeing from the outside. Earlier, a number of Western countries blamed Russia for the tragedy, which they said came about because Novorossiyan forces helped by Moscow launched a SAM at the airliner. Russia denied such allegations, expressing some irritation with the lack of new evidence presented in the report. Moscow suggested that the UN should appoint a special representative to monitor the investigation into the MH17 shootdown. Moscow made radar surveillance data of the incident public, arguing that it pointed to the possibility that the Ukrainian side downed the Malaysian plane. On Wednesday, an independent German fraud investigation company said that it’d pay 30 million USD (1.16 billion Roubles. 185 million Renminbi. 1.83 billion INR. 32.9 million CAD. 33.6 million AUD. 23.4 million Euros. 18.4 million UK Pounds) to those who’d help identify the perpetrators of the disaster.

21 September 2014



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Some irresponsible Western sources attack RT… the above proves that RT IS credible… perhaps, more so than its Western analogues. After all, why would Western media sources attack it if it weren’t making them look bad? You may believe Patrick Buchanan George Will, Rich Lowry, and Rod Dreher, who issue pre-digested Western pap in praise of and puffing up undisguised evil in the form of unbridled crapitalism, or you may believe non-Western sources such as RT… it’s up to you…


Saturday, 19 July 2014

19 July 2014. Roundup on the Malaysia Airlines Affair

00 donetsk air crash 01. 19.07.14


Deputy Chairman of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) Government A Е Purgin said, “The Malaysian Boeing crash site is secured by the opolchenie. They cordoned off the entire area containing the wreckage and the bodies of the dead passengers. This was to ensure the integrity of the scene for an objective investigation, as well as to guarantee the security of the experts carrying out all necessary measures to establish the causes of the disaster. The DNR Minoborony has more than enough resources to perform its tasks at ​​the crash site”. A Yu Borodai, Chairman of the DNR Government, noted, “The causes of the crash remain unclear. However, the DNR opolchenie lacks weaponry capable of knocking down an airliner flying at 10,000 metres (@ 33,000 feet)”.


Commercial airline pilot Robert Mark, editor of Aviation International News Safety, told the British newspaper Telegraph that the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines plane followed a course north of the usual route, saying, “The heading of the crashed plane was 300 miles (483 kilometres) north of the usual route. Most Malaysia Airlines flights from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur follow a route that passes far to the south”. However, a Malaysia Airlines representative told journalists earlier, “This was an approved route, 15 out of 16 airlines use it. This was a safe route… most countries used it. We didn’t received notification to change it”.

Mark said, “I can only tell you as a commercial pilot myself that if we’d been routed that way, with what’s been going on in the Ukraine and the Russian border over the last few weeks and months, I would’ve never accepted that route. I went into the FlightAware system, which we all use these days to see where airplanes started and where they tracked and I looked back at the last two weeks’ worth of MH17 flights, which was this one. The flight today tracked very, very much further north into the Ukraine than the other previous flights did … there were MH17 versions that were 300 miles south of where this one was”.

Earlier media reports indicated that the plane was flying over the area of ​​clashes three months after all international pilots received warning about the inadvisability of doing so… in April, American and EU aviation authorities issued alerts about the dangers of flying over Novorossiya. However, another expert, Norman Shanks, former head of security for the BAA airport holding group in the UK, suggested that Malaysia Airlines changed its itinerary to save money, saying, “Malaysia Airlines, like many other carriers, continued to use this route (over Novorossiya), since it’s shorter, which means less fuel consumption and lower costs”.


In other words, the flight went over a dangerous area to save money… to garner a bit more profit for bloodsucking “Free Market” pigs. Interesting, no? One of the reasons of the crash was “the invisible hand of the market”. It’s around your throat when the greed of the One Percent kicks in. Profit counts more than people’s lives do in the calculations of the country club set… do have a care when encountering them.



Former US Congressman Ron Paul said that we shouldn’t draw hasty conclusions about the causes of the Malaysia Airlines disaster in Novorossiya. He believes that it’s unreasonable to accuse anyone without knowing all the facts. Commenting on American media reports about alleged Russian arms deliveries to the DNR and Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR), Paul said, “Putin is too smart to get tied up in such actions”. Paul pointed up that all the present Ukrainian problems began after a USA/EU-supported putsch overthrew the legitimate elected government of V F Yanukovich.


00 donetsk air crash 02. 19.07.14


Deputy Defence Minister A I Antonov thinks that jumping to hasty conclusions about who caused the crash of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 is improper. He’s adamant that we shouldn’t allow the junta to investigate the crash without outside vetting; it should allow foreign experts in, as this is what the international community wants. On a live broadcast on Rossiya-24 TV, Antonov posed ten questions to the Minoborony Ukrainy about the crash in Novorossiya. He thinks that the answers to them will allow Russia and the international community to find an answer to the main question… what happened in the sky over the Ukraine and what we should do to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Firstly, what interests Antonov is how the junta could instantly “identify” the perpetrators of the tragedy, and what was the basis of their conclusions. Earlier, Anton Gerashchenko, Adviser to the Ukrainian “Minister” of Internal Affairs, posted on Facebook that the plane flew at an altitude of 10,600 metres, and that supposedly the opolchenie shot it down using captured junta Buk-M1 SAMs. Later, the Genprokuratura Ukrainy said that the opolchenie hadn’t captured any Buk SAMs, only their bases, without any SAMs or supporting equipment {Buks are mobile, so, the junta probably withdrew them: editor}. Konstantin Sivkov, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems and Doctor of Military Sciences, confirmed that the opolchenie couldn’t shoot down the Boeing, observing that the Buk SAM requires an external target designation system, which the opolchenie doesn’t have. There’s another version which points to the junta’s armed forces… the Minoborony Rossii noted that the airliner’s route and the crash site were within the range of three Buk-M1 batteries, as well as being in range of two batteries of junta long-range SAMs. Antonov asked Rossiya-24, “Can Kiev report all the details of their usage of Buks in the war zone, and… most importantly… why did they deploy them, if the opolchenie lack warplanes?”

The Minoborony Rossii also wonders why the junta doesn’t want an international commission to investigate the affair. Antonov asked, “When will an international commission begin its work? … Why did the SBU begin to fiddle with the recordings of the flight crew with ground control and with Ukrainian radar data without the oversight of international representatives?” Earlier, citing a UN source, Reuters reported that the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) proposed to the junta that an international group should investigate the crash, with members from Malaysia, the Netherlands, and the OSCE.

Antonov asked, “Is the Minoborony Ukrainy ready to submit to documentary evidence to international experts accounting for all SAMs and AAMs? This is very important, for it’d allow us to actually determine which systems were used against the Malaysian Boeing”. In addition, the Minoborony Rossii waits for a response to the statement of the Spanish air traffic controller working in Kiev, “Can officials in Kiev comment today on reports in social networks ostensibly from a Spanish air traffic controller working in the Ukraine, stating that two military aircraft tailed the crashed Boeing over the Ukraine? Whether these funds objective control on the movement of aircraft of the Air Force of Ukraine in the day of the tragedy brought international commission?”

Antonov thinks that if we wish to clarify the circumstances of the crash, we have to ask questions about its route. Commercial airline pilot Robert Mark, editor of Aviation International News Safety, said that the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines plane followed a course 480 kilometres (300 miles) north of the usual route. The airline insisted that it followed the route because it had received notification that the change was allowed and safe. Antonov asked, “Why did Ukrainian air traffic controllers allow a deviation of the aircraft’s route to the north, towards the area of the so-called ‘anti-terrorist operation’, which Kiev carries out against the people of the south-east?” Earlier media reports indicated that the plane was flying over the area of ​​clashes three months after all international pilots received warning about the inadvisability of doing so… in April, American and EU aviation authorities issued alerts about the dangers of flying over Novorossiya. Antonov asked, “Why didn’t they completely close the combat zone to civilian aircraft, especially, because there was no continuous coverage of radar for navigation in this area?”

At the end, Antonov brought up the tragedy of the Russian Tu-154 in 2001. “Then, during an exercise of Ukrainian air defence units, an S-200 SAM shot down a Russian Tu-154 airliner flying between Tel Aviv and Novosibirsk”. As a result, 78 people died; 66 passengers, mostly Israeli citizens, and 12 crew members. Ukrainian courts refused to recognise Ukrainian involvement in the tragedy. What were the lessons of the previous similar disaster of the Russian Tu-154 in the Black Sea? Then, until the last possible moment, the entire Ukrainian leadership denied that their armed forces were involved in the affair. Only after we presented irrefutable facts did we prove who the true culprit of the tragedy was”.


Stephen Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies, an expert on Soviet history, spoke on Democracy Now, pointing up that Americans don’t see the real picture of events in Novorossiya and the Ukraine, and that’s why many blame the opolchenie. Cohen believes that, despite the daily promotion of the junta from Washington, most Americans don’t know anything about what’s happening in Donetsk, Lugansk, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, and about how the junta killed many civilians in these cities. He said, “However, we aren’t shown anything about what’s happened in these Ukrainian cities, these eastern Ukrainian cities. Why is that important? Because this airliner, this shootdown, took place in that context. The American media says it must have been the bad guys… that is, the rebels… because they’ve shot down other airplanes. This is true, but the airplanes they’ve been shooting down are Ukrainian military warplanes that came to bomb the women and children of these cities. We’re now in a new Cold War with Russia. We have been for several months. One aspect of Cold War is civilian deaths”. Cohen believes, despite the fact that the opolchenie had the opportunity to strike at the aircraft, he doubts that their available equipment allowed them to carry out something like that. He also pointed up that the junta forces could also do so, bringing up the affair of 2001, when a Ukrainian S-200 SAM mistakenly shot down a Tu-154 airliner on a Tel Aviv-Novosibirsk flight. Cohen completely dismissed the notion that Russia destroyed the aircraft, “The Russians certainly had no motive here. This is horrible for Putin and for the Russian position”.


Ex-Air Force Commander V S Mikhailov told Russian News Service on the Genshtab radio show that the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crash was a deliberate junta provocation, saying, “Recent events showed that the opolchenie was doing well in the LNR and DNR. The junta suffered heavy losses, which made them very jittery. They planned to have the plane crash in Russia, but they failed. Why did they miss? Of course, they counted on the plane falling in Russia. However, what’s 50 kilometres at that speed at that altitude? It’s very little”.


Typically, jet airliners cruise at about 900 kilometres per hour, which is 15 kilometres per minute. That is, 50 kilometres translates out to three minutes of flight, give or take. General Mikhailov is right… a Russian pro devastates Uniate dreaming yet again (or, Russian Reality stomps Uniate “Consciousness” as per usual).


19 July 2014

Rossiya Segodnya







Friday, 18 July 2014

Too Early to Jump to Conclusions About Malaysia Airlines Crash in Novorossiya

0 777 crash site in Donetsk NR 02. 18.07.14


Tony Cable, who was an investigator with the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch for 32 years and worked on the Lockerbie/Pan Am 103 bombing and the Paris Concorde disaster spoke to us about the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Novorossiya. “It’s too early to make any definitive conclusions on what caused the crash of this aircraft. There’s a lot of apparent evidence pointing towards it being caused by a fairly sophisticated ground-to-air-missile. However, as with any disaster like this, it requires some very close study to finish up with definitive conclusions. The previous cases I know of where aircraft were shot down were mostly the result of air-to-air and not ground-to-air missiles. It’d need to be a fairly sophisticated ground-to-air missile. There are a lot of MANPADS around the world and you can pretty easily get hold of them, but they tend to have a height limit of 10,000 feet (3,000 metres). MANPADS don’t have a very good guidance system and there’s no way one of them could get to 33,000 feet (10,000 metres) [the height MH17 was flying when it came down]. So, if it’s a missile that brought down this flight, it’d be something considerably more sophisticated. I was surprised that aircraft were being allowed to fly over that area. As far as I can see, the responsibility for that would be government to government, like the Malaysian equivalent of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office giving advice to airlines. I don’t think you can expect the airlines themselves to work out that sort of detail on all the territories they cover.”

Cable worked directly on the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, and despite the largest criminal investigation ever conducted in the UK and subsequent conviction of Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, speculation still continues to this day over who was actually behind the attack. Cable told us that a similar scenario could play out with Flight MH17, saying, “I could see a possibility of debate continuing over the causes of this disaster going on for years, as it’s done with Lockerbie. That’s very much in the security and political field and way outside pure accident investigation, which can just say what happened. It’s up to other folks to figure out why it happened. In most circumstances it would be essential that the flight recorders, the so-called Black Boxes, remain near the location of the disaster until international investigators are able to retrieve them, but we’re dealing with a part of the world that’s probably going look after its own interests”.

18 July 2014

Mark Hirst

Rossiya Segodnya


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