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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

3 May 2016. Ukrainianism: A Scourge Upon Mankind

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One must differentiate between “Ukrainians” and Ukrainianism. The former are simply human beings like any other… the latter is a corrosive noxious ideology of hate and violence. Furthermore, not all Galician Uniates are fascists (as the high draft-dodging rates in Galicia testify to). However, those who are “Ukrainian nationalists” follow an evil creed. Our world will be the better once that ideology lies in the grave.



Sunday, 5 July 2015

5 July 2015. Russian Editorial Cartoon… Russia and China Versus the G20 (With an Assist from Serbia)

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Do you stand on the side of Right, Justice, Holy Rus, and the Middle Kingdom (and Fraternal Serbia), or do you stand on the side of Money, Greed, and Exceptional America? Do you stand for Decency or do you stand for the American Evil Empire and its NATO Axis of Evil? A Russian monk once said, “What started in Russia will end in America”… that is, theomachistic greed and hubris would find its true home in Anglo America. If you look at the Anti-Life Programme of the Republican Party and the “religion” of the “Evangelicals”, it’s clear that this prophecy was all too true. Where DO you stand? It’s up to you…

You can stand for Christ and Justice, or you can stand for Anglo America’s hubristical insane drive for global hegemony… them be the only two choices…


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

MID Sez Ukraine’s Recruiting Foreign Mercs Attempt to Suppress Patriotic Resistance

00 US Soldier in Afghanistan. 4 April 2012

This is Kabul… THIS is what the USA wants to create in Kiev. Think on that… Victoria Nuland sticks in her thumb and pulls out her plums… “Oh, what a good girl am I… to hell with the Ukrainian people… I’ve got mine!” Evil walks the corridors of power in Washington… Satan laughs at his victory. Remember, the Axis of Evil is Washington-London-Brussels…   


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) commented on media reports claiming that the Ukrainian junta wants to recruit personnel from private foreign military companies “to maintain law and order” might suggest that they want to suppress patriotic protest and discontent. The MID said, “One can state that, in the absence of popular Ukrainian support, the Euromaidan junta has only one option if it wants to remain in power… to mobilise any support possible from foreign sponsors, including foreign mercenaries. Amongst the candidates for the role of gendarme is Greystone Limited, registered in Barbados, which is part of the Academi Corporation. It’s an analogue, or, probably, an affiliate of the Blackwater private army, whose ‘soldiers’ face charges of committing serious and regular human rights abuses in troubled regions. It looks as though this practise, if they really carry it out, goes against Ukrainian laws that ban foreign citizens from working with private security companies. Such initiatives prove that those who seized power in Kiev can’t guarantee minimal order or even their own security. The question arises, ‘What does this plan cost; where will the money come from?’ To what extent will they the shift the burden of paying for these expensive foreign specialists to ordinary Ukrainians who, besides swallowing a painful tax increase, including taxes on gas, as the precondition for securing IMF loans, will have to tighten their belts even more?”


Not to put too fine a face upon it, there’s no money to pay for pricey mercs. The only way that the junta can get Blackwater muscle is for Langley to front the funds. This is political dynamite. If anything were GUARANTEED to piss off patriotic elements, it’d be importing foreign mercs. Remember, King George III lost a lot of cred in the American colonies when he brought in Hessians… English soldiers were one thing… but foreigners? That, perhaps, gave the rebels enough of a leg up to allow them to win through in the end.

It shows the junta’s desperation. They have less and less connection with reality with every day. By the way, there are plenty of jobs as waiters and short-order cooks on Second Av…


31 March 2014

Voices from Russia World Service


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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Marines Who Desecrated Corpses Get Slap On Wrist


On Monday, USMC headquarters announced that three soldiers filmed desecrating the bodies of dead Taliban victims would only receive administrative punishment and a black mark in their personal files. In early January, a video appeared on YouTube, where four men in military uniform were laughing and joking as they urinated on several bloodied bodies. An unknown user published the 39-second video and commented that the soldiers were serving in Afghanistan in a sniper unit of the 3rd Battalion/2nd Marine Regiment. The military authenticated the video.

28 August 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

In like manner, US Representative Allen West (R-FL) was found guilty of abusing a prisoner under the UCMJ, but he only received a relatively-minor fine, and no other penalty. Of course, being a black Republican didn’t hurt him as far the Bush administration was concerned. THIS is how low the USA has fallen. What would’ve led to disgrace in World War II leads to smirky approval today. The fact that Mr West is a darling of the Right shows how amoral and evil American Libertarian Nihilists are… “freedom” to them is the right to abuse others for their own profit, with no interference from either the state or moral constraints. That, kids, is demonic and satanic (Orthodox people should note that the konvertsy LOVE nihilist filth like West). It also tells you about the amorality of the current Republican Party… that they would dare to nominate such a disgraceful monster as a Congressman. It doesn’t speak well to the level of ethics or real religion in our country.

THIS is why Washington is the hub of the Axis of Evil. God do spare us all…


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