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Monday, 24 April 2017

24 April 2017. From the Russian Web… The Colours are Fleeting



Saturday, 20 February 2016

20 February 2016. Baba’s Online and She’s Got Her Eye on YOU

00 baba at the computer russia 1901216


Baba’s keeping up with modern times… she’s online and she STILL has her eye on YOU… this is an actual baba in Arkhangelsk Oblast, so all the Anglo fables of “Russian backwardness and poverty” are pure and utter bullshit…


Saturday, 6 February 2016

6 February 2016. Here’s the Old-Timey Russian Answer to Dayquil… BABA KNOWS…

00 baba to Obama. 14.04.14


Wanna get rid of that cold? Do one or all of these:

  • Breathe deeply over a steaming-hot pot of boiling potatoes
  • Eat raw garlic and onions
  • Go to bed, cover yourself with an electric blanket set on high (this is the 21st century, after all), and snuggle up with the cat
  • Shake some black pepper into a shot of vodka and power it down

Now, don’t bother me with this-or-that scientific study… Baba KNOWS… that does end the discussion…


Sunday, 23 August 2015

23 August 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Who’s Gonna Mess with Baba in Managua?

00 baba grandma in Managua Nicaraugua 230815


On 19 August, there were protests in Managua. As a precaution, the cops closed down some of the streets. Well, here’s a baba coming home… and she’s NOT happy! Can you see the cops shifting from one foot to another as they put up with Baba’s demands?

“I’m sorry, Mama, but you can’t go down this street”…

“I live in the next block!”

“There’s an alternative route”…

“That’ll take 20 minutes, young man… I live five minutes away. Let me through!”

“Mama, I have orders”…

“And I have a cane and I know how to use it, too, young man. LET ME THROUGH”.

I think we all know how this particular contretemps ended… need I say it? We all KNOW what happened… after all, Baba IS Baba…


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