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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

2 October 2012. Here’s What Keeps the Church on the Up and Square…


Who are the necessary people in the Church? It’s not the bishops… it’s not the priests… it’s not the monks and nuns… it’s not jumped-up konvertsy frauds who cococt make-believe titles like “mother of the parish”… it’s the babas… the iaias. The Sovs killed most of the priests and bishops, but they couldn’t kill all the babas. One of the babas told an interrogator… “Go ahead, kill me. I’ve only got a few more years left, anyway”. The babas scared the Chekists! They did. The Chekists would shoot bishops, priests, monks, and nuns without hesitation… but the babas… they scared the Chekists with their defiance and dogged insistence on the truth (“What’s right is right, and that’s that”). The babas saved the Church, they really did, and if you doubt that, you’ll have to be quiet about it, for we’ll set you right in a trice.

In any case, a parish needs someone who’ll dig you in the ribs, and growl… “Show some respect! This is a church, not a barn!” If you’ve got the support of the babas, it doesn’t matter if the priest’s a prick and the bishop’s a conniver. You’re golden (that’s the way of it in the REAL Church). That’s why the OCA po-nashemu people are going to do OK… they got babas. That’s why the konvertsy are going to hell in a handbasket… they don’t have babas. Besides, who else is going make the potato pancakes, roll out the pirogi dough, and watch the kids (Dede? He’s out back in the garden diggin’ the spuds and cutting the tomatoes)? Smell them cookies baking… yep, baba’s here, and everything’s right with the world (if you keep your mind right, baba might give you a nip of something good to put in your tea)…


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

21 March 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Russians get the Silver Medal for Boorishness

Russians get the Silver Medal for Boorishness

Sergei Yolkin



British users of the free airfare search engine Skyscanner believed that Russians were amongst the least polite nations, second only to the French, the company reported to RIA-Novosti.

13 March 2012

Sergei Yolkin



Editor’s Note:

What the Brits call boorishness, all Russians know as “Baba’s way”. Woe to you if you track across the floor that Baba just cleaned… not a wise move! If you get on Baba’s shit list… you’d best move… very, very far away. On the other hand, what the survey didn’t show was that if you’re in Baba’s good graces, no accusation can stick to you… NOTHING. You’re golden… the Brits only see one side of the coin and make a misjudgement. Russians are both the rudest and the friendliest people on the face of the planet… that’s the way we are. At least, there’s no phoney two-facedness, except amongst zapadniki who ape Westerners. I don’t know what’s worse, “Have a nice day” (when the person saying it doesn’t give a hoot in hell if you live or die), or “You can do it if you try” (we all have talents and you can’t do everything, and that’s that). Give me a straight-up Baba over an unctuous “Miss Manners”… I don’t think that I’m alone…


Friday, 21 October 2011

21 October 2011. Remember Baba and Dede! We Are Their Legacy!

All Our Strength at Home Will Aid the Front!

Irakli Toidze



We have a choice. We can have a Church full of the sinful-ginful muddling their way to the Kingdom (and getting there in one piece). On the other hand, we can follow academic pied-pipers full of airy-fairy notions about a “pure” Church that never existed (and never shall). There you have it… we can have a REAL legacy or we can have a BALONEY legacy. I choose to follow baba and dede… we ARE their legacy, after all. Yes… you can laugh at “Baba’s Religion” all that you want… we come of heroic stock… if they could do it, so can we.


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