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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Ukrainian Jewish Committee Warns Kiev About Glorifying World War II Murderers of Jews


On Friday, Eduard Dolinsky, Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, told golos.ua:

The veneration of World War II-era Nazi groups and surging anti-Semitism in the Ukraine will inevitably affect relations with Israel. Currently, both countries enjoy a good relationship. However, the Ukraine’s glorification of the murderers of the Jewish population will eventually come back to haunt Kiev in its relations with Israel. This’ll happen shortly. This’ll depend on how the Ukraine acts. For example, Poland, as you know, banned entry for (the director of the Institute of National Memory) Vyatrovich as well as some of his allies and nationalists. Israel may also take similar measures. Besides, ultra-right sentiment and extremist groups will grow in the Ukraine if the government remains idle. The whole world is witnessing mounting rightwing extremist sentiment and stepped-up activity by radical groups in social life. If they take no action to counter this, this’ll build up day by day. In addition, their numbers would increase, eventually making the fight against them more difficult.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, the number of anti-Semitic incidents doubled in the Ukraine in 2017 year-on-year, which comes against the backdrop of a glorification of nationalist leaders responsible for the murders and expulsion of Jews during World War II. It noted:

For a second successive year, the Ukraine saw the biggest number of anti-Semitic incidents among the former Soviet Union republics. There was anti-Semitic propaganda in politics, vandalism targeting Jewish cemeteries, buildings, and social centres, as well as monuments to Holocaust victims. However, they don’t take any effective action against vandals, with anti-Semitic incidents qualified as just hooliganism and not as hate crimes.

In May 2015, Ukrainian President P A Poroshenko signed a law glorifying the OUN (Ukrainian nationalists) and the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), a terrorist group outlawed in Russia, labelling their activity as a struggle for the country’s independence. Statues to nationalist Nazi collaborators S A Bandera and R I Shukhevich arise across the Ukraine, memorial events and torchlight processions occur in their memory, and they name streets after them.

1 June 2018




Friday, 21 November 2014

Swastikas Painted at Babi Yar Memorial… Uniate Junta Praises Neo-Nazi UPA Pigs… They’re NOT Unrelated



Unknown vandals painted swastikas on the Holocaust memorial monument at Babi Yar in Kiev. It’s the second time in the last two months that vandals defaced the monument. The Jerusalem Post reported that the graffiti was found Monday during a tour at the site for schoolchildren. Vandals painted a swastika on the monument, which is at the site where Nazi troops murdered more than 33,000 Jews in September 1941. In a separate incident, someone spray-painted anti-Semitic graffiti on the walls of a Jewish school in Kharkov. According to Israel National News, the graffiti included messages such as “Kill the Jews” and “Heil, Happy Holocaust”, along with crossed-out images of Stars of David and swastikas. Local police launched an investigation into the 13 November incident. Kharkov Chief Rabbi Moshe Moskowitz, told Israel National News, “At such a sensitive time, it’s difficult to know who’s behind this act”.

17 November 2014

Jewish Daily Forward



None dare speak “Right Sector” or “Svoboda”… nor can anyone speak the obvious truth that the Uniate and “Ukrainian Orthodox” hierarchies shelter anti-Semites and support them. Rav Moskowitz is afraid that if he spoke the truth, the anti-Semites would attack his family. Such is life in the Ukraine today… the US Republican Party SMILES at this state of affairs. Ponder that, if you will…


Monday, 17 March 2014

Ukrainian Junta to Seize Privately-Held Weapons… American Republicans Slobber Over Them… What’s Wrong with that Picture?

01 gun nut


On Sunday, 16 March, the MVDU and SBU posted demands on their websites ordering that all citizens immediately surrender “unregistered” weapons. Junta “Interior Minister” Arseny Avakov and SBU chieftain Valentin Nalivaichenko demanded “the surrender of illegal weapons because of the emergency sociopolitical situation in the country, the worsening crime situation, and systemic provocations on the part of foreign citizens in the Crimea and in the Southeastern Ukraine” {sounds a lot like how the Euromaidan thugs grabbed power… they don’t like it when a more competent party turns the tables on them: editor}. Both agencies emphasised that the requirement applies to all, regardless of political affiliation and participation in lawful social groups. They ordered the police ordered to immediately start searching for illegal weapons, to get them out of circulation, and hold all those who refuse to hand over their arms liable under the law.

Avakov and Nalivaichenko claimed, “We must immediately stop the violence in our streets and protect the lives and health of our people”. They added that they knew that all “true patriots” would understand and support them. On 15 March, Konstantin Dolgov, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called on the Ukraine to mount a “massive effort” against extremists. He also emphasised that they should outlaw “Banderovtsy” for inciting ethnic hatred. In early March, the MVDU announced that citizens who voluntarily surrender illegal firearms until 21 March would be exempt from criminal liability. In addition, the ministry urged the police to find the ammunition, explosives, and special equipment confiscated from security forces during the Kiev riots.

16 March 2014




The junta wants to confiscate guns. The US Republican Party slobbers over the junta. Someone better tell the NRA! Y’ see, if they support gun confiscation in the Ukraine, they’ll support it here, too, if we gave ’em a chance. Ain’t hypocrisy grand? Perhaps, the NRA oughta reconsider its political strategy! Pass the jug… the world hasn’t gotten any less wacky in the last 24…

In any case, to be fair, I’d observe that they’d only confiscate some guns… they’ll take guns from ethnic Russians and give them to Galician Svoboda stormtroopers. Don’t forget… their grandpas willingly helped the Nazis at Babi Yar… the apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree, did it?



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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Junta to Create “National Guard” Out of Euromaidan Toughs… Conducting NKVD-Style Purge of MVDU

00 Ukrainian rioter 01. 31.01.14


An anonymous source in the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine told RIA-Novosti that the junta would create a new armed body… the “National Guard”… out of Euromaidan rioters, as the junta mistrusts the Ukrainian armed forces. The junta believes that the forces lack combat readiness and that they lack the will to defend the junta and its “reforms”. Our source told us, “It (the National Guard) will be a loyal internal force for the new junta made up of Euromaidan vigilantes”. Besides, the new junta wants to put into the force structure a unit that will do anything that it orders it to. Our source said, “Some say that the National Guard will have over 20,000 personnel”. They went on to explain that this move was part of a junta decision to purge the MVDU of all elements that it suspects of harbouring disloyalty to them.

12 March 2014



Editor’s Note:

If this doesn’t prove to you that the junta is a bunch of neo-Nazis, nothing will. They’re going to put rioters in uniform, give them guns, and give them police powers. That’s a sure recipe for the Night of the Long Knives and Kristallnacht all rolled up into one noxious little package. This National Guard will lack training… it will lack discipline… it will lack a coherent force structure… but it will have weapons… it will have “loyalty”… it will do anything that the junta orders it to, including mowing down dissidents.

Their grandfathers helped the Einsatzkommando at Babi Yar… the apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree…


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