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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

22 July 2015. Comrade Fidel on the US Republican Party… His Body is Weak, But His Mind is Still Strong

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Comrade Fidel said that in 2012… it appears that things haven’t changed. Perhaps, they have changed… for the worst! I think that I can say without equivocation that all supporters of the Republican Party are either evil or dupes. ALL SUPPORTERS. Greed… the love of money… is the root of all evil. Greed is at the centre of the Republican mindset. Ergo, it worships primal evil. Christians can have nothing to do with such demonic degenerates. Don’t let “niceness”, “politeness”, “religiosity”, or “respectability” fool you. None of those concepts are a synonym for “good”… ponder that, if you will… also ponder the fact that evil rarely looks “evil”… Hannah Arendt was right… evil IS banal and pedestrian (you can see this in the writing of pundits like Rod Dreher and Ric Lowery… their triteness and mediocrity shines out to all). Evil was Adolf Eichmann… who appeared a dweeb… just like Yatsenyuk and Ted Cruz. Evil comes in many guises, most of them quite innocent-looking. To support the Republican Party is worse than honouring Stalin… Iosif Vissarionovich, at least, didn’t wrap up brutality and violence in religious vesture, as the Republicans do. Do have a care… the times are parlous…


Monday, 20 April 2015

20 April 2015. Why Anglo Americans are SO Dangerous

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. I Reject Evil. 2012


This is what I wrote a friend overseas recently:

Most Americans only know what their censored media feeds them. The worst is Fox News… they beat the war drums incessantly. Well, no matter what, there’s only two understrength US manoeuvre units in Europe… an airborne brigade and an armoured cavalry regiment (a three battalion light scouting force). There are no US heavy units in Europe, nor is there any prepositioned equipment. The Russians know this. The ballyhooed deployment to the Baltics was two battalions (2/3 of the armoured cavalry regiment) and the deployment in the Lvovshchina is only two companies (the Canadian contingent is another company, making a battalion-sized task force, but lacking fire support and logistics support). The West simply doesn’t scare Russia. Thus, Satan overplayed his hand. His plans are going up in smoke. The USA can only affect the coming collapse of the Ukraine with nukes. Here’s the scary part… the Yanks are the only people who’ve ever used them in anger… they truly don’t believe that anyone else is human. We’re not out of the thicket yet.

The Anglos are the most arrogant tribe on the face of the earth, but the Anglo Americans are the worst of a sorry lot. They’re ruthless and violent, along with being both smarmy and arrogant at the same time (Orthodox people… think Rod Dreher or Freddie M-G, and you have the Anglo American temperament pegged). They truly are juvenile brats, and like all juvenile brats, they’re apt to lash out in spiteful anger if vexed and crossed. America supports sheer unrequited evil… remember this… Hannah Arendt said that evil is banal. I’d go further… evil is nice… evil is respectable… evil is civil and polite, it never raises its voice. Our Lord Christ went to the Cross because of the “Respectable”… NEVER forget that. Christ was the First Communist… I agree with Gennady Andreyevich on that. Keep that in mind and you’ll keep your feet in these evil times.

Have a care… the times are not only evil, but Anglo America demonically beats the drums for thermonuclear Ragnarok… God do preserve us.


Monday, 29 September 2014

29 September 2014. Must the Evil LOOK Evil? A Serious Reflection

00 The New Titanic. Yatsenyuk and Ashton. 23.05.14


A poster with the username “Cpa Hoffman” in the Forward wrote this on Adolf Eichmann:

Arendt was careful in her writing; and by playing down the grotesque and monstrous in describing a mass murderer as “banal”, she wasn’t excusing or even rationalising his behaviour. Her truth still stands… one can give the outward appearance of normalcy and assume the position of a government functionary whilst committing crimes greater than those who actually had the blood, gore, and guts of their victims on their hands. If anything, her description is an even greater lesson now… evil can stare us right in the face, not just in the guise of the crazed animal, but also in the seemingly normal and controlled demeanour of the stone-cold killer.

That’s a perfect description of the Rabbit. Of all the junta figures, he’s the least scrupulous (or most unscrupulous, you pays your money and takes your choice), the most rapacious, and most brutal. He looks like a goofy nerd. He sounds like a wimp. He makes one want to laugh out loud, not tremble. Yet, he’s the most vicious brute of the lot. He was Landshark Yuliya’s hatchet man… his goofy exterior fooled all too many of his victims. His mansion is less than a kilometre away from Yanukovich’s in the same guarded gated community… it’s more lavishly appointed on the inside. You see, the Rabbit was wiser than Yanukovich was… he understood that many people (especially, the ambitious and grasping) are superficial and stupid, and only look at externals. Ergo, his mansion isn’t as glitzy on the outside, but is twice as glitzy inside. The word on the street in Kiev is, “The Rabbit shits in a toilet with a solid-gold toilet-seat”. That may or may not be true… however, it shows that ordinary folks see through his exterior.

Note well that most academics, pundits, and government spokesman take him at face value. If “evil can stare us right in the face, not just in the guise of the crazed animal, but also in the seemingly normal and controlled demeanour of the stone-cold killer”, then, what does that tell us about Jen Psaki, Rod Dreher, Rich Lowry, Victor Potapov, the Stratfor poseurs (and those like them), and all the academic whores of Langley (Stephen Cohen is a laudable exception)? I leave it to you to connect the dots…


Friday, 22 June 2012

22 June 2012. None Dare Call It Evil… The UPA… The Ogres of the Ukraine


Liquidate all Polish traces. Destroy all walls in the Catholic Church and other Polish prayer houses. Destroy orchards and trees in the courtyards so that there will be no trace that someone lived there…

OUN Order, 1944


Seventy-one years ago, on 22 June 1941, one of the most horrific wars in human history broke out. I refer to the Great Patriotic War between Nazi Germany and the USSR. Some of the worst atrocities weren’t committed by the Nazis, but rather by collaborators in Galicia and the Baltic States. American historians try to minimise the role of the 14. Waffen Grenadier Division der SS (Galician Nr 1) “Galizien” in the ethnic cleansing of Poles from the Western Ukraine… one must remember that veterans of the Galizien Division were prime CIA assets during the Cold War, so, one can see the self-interested spin in such statements. Click here for an article on the UPA‘s atrocities against Poles. They also aided the Nazis in killing Jews.

The people in the image above don’t “look” evil. Reflect on this… evil is “ordinary”, it isn’t spectacular, it isn’t flashy, and it isn’t ugly. It’s deceptively “normal”, indeed, often it’s “nice”. For instance, the shrinks examining Eichmann found no trace of insanity, but they also found no evidence of abnormal personality whatsoever. One doctor remarked that his overall attitude towards other people, especially his family and friends, was “highly desirable”, while another remarked that the only unusual trait Eichmann displayed was being MORE “normal” in his habits and speech than the average person. Ergo, it was easy for these amoral monsters to fit into postwar America and Canada. Why? My thought is that since normal morality didn’t exist for such people, it was easy for them to assume whatever colouration they needed not only to survive, but to thrive.

Hannah Arendt spoke of the “banality of evil”… I’d call it the “ordinary face of nihilism“. That’s why people can’t often discern the evil of Libertarians and Fascists. They don’t “look” the part… I’d warn anybody… no one does. That does thicken the plot, doesn’t it? Have a care, “not all that glitters is gold… not all that’s gold glitters”…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 22 June 2012

Albany NY

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