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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

21 January 2014. Now, For Something Entirely Different… It Was Epiphany in Tver

00 Epiphany in Tver. Orthodoxy's for EVERYBODY... 21.01.14


The above isn’t Photoshop… it’s an actual Epiphany (and here) icehole in Tver. The only question for me is, “Is the coloured guy an African convert or is he a lifelong Ethiopian Orthodox in Russia for university studies or military training (they be part of the Orthosphere, dontcha know!)?” If the latter, it’s proof of the ties that bind Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, despite the lack of communion (we Russians are close to our Oriental brethren, much more so than the Greeks are… we’re particularly chummy with the ArmeniansHH and Catholicos Karekin are big-time pals). Remember, Orthodoxy‘s the “Party for Everybody“.

The Orthosphere is REAL…


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Sunday, 19 January 2014

19 January 2014. Hey, Hey, Hey, Fat Albert’s Jumpin’ in a Ice Hole Today! It’s Orthodox Epiphany!

00 Epiphany 2014. 19.01.14


00 Orthodox Epiphany on Lake Chebarkul. Chelyabinsk Oblast. 19.01.14

Blessing the ice hole on Lake Chebarkul in Chelyabinsk Oblast. That’s where the meteorite fell earlier in 2013. Betcha they’re all wearing their long johns


It’s Orthodox Epiphany (and here)! Chop a hole in that there ice, cross yourself, and hop in! It only counts if you duck yourself completely three times. If you ask nicely, maybe, one of your Puerto Rican friends will bring their stilts… after all, it’s Epiphany, which is Tres Reyes (Three Kings) in Spanish countries. Besides, don’t you want someone who KNOWS how to make GOOD hot coffee nearby (no self-respecting upright Spanish person would serve you No es café, as they’d lose face)? Brrr… I’ve done it… it’s COLD!

Have a lovely feastday… it’s the end of the Svyatki holy season, so, feast, feast, feast! God wills it!



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