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Thursday, 12 March 2015

12 March 2015. BBC Scared Shitless of Russo-Greek Alliance

00 Bravo Greek Crisis. 07.12. Political cartoon

The West shit all over Greece… they’re SURPRISED that Greece wants to turn to Russia? The hubris of the West (Anglo Americans in particular) is spectacularly mindboggling. They truly think that they can fuck people over indefinitely. They are in for an education, aren’t they?


Read this. The strident and hubristical tone is just amazing. Yes… they truly do think this. It’s like Lyonyo and his daughter Sofiya here in the USA… he whores for the CFR and she whores for the American media (the apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree on this one)… I do daresay that both of them believe the shit that they peddle. After all, in their world everybody thinks the same… there’s no dissent. We’re dirt under their feet. The BBC has the same attitude… we ungrateful peasants have to understand that they’re enlightened and that they truly know best, that they’re doing everything for our betterment. Of course, they get a larger slice of the pie… THEY DESERVE IT. It reminds me of the old Chukcha joke:

“Chukcha go to Moscow, where they do everything for socialism, for the betterment of man. However… Chukcha… he even see this man!”

Read the BBC rant in that spirit and you’ll find out much about the Western leadership class. Fairly nauseating, isn’t it?



Saturday, 25 October 2014

Mickey Dee’s Sales Falling Despite Cheaper Food

happy hamburger


Yesterday, the HuffPo said that despite Big Macs being cheap, McDonald’s sales and profits decreased, with McDonald’s earnings falling by 30 percent. BBC reports said that although the company’s sales fell in Russia, Germany, and especially China after a scandal over meat supplies, the key reason for the poor numbers is low sales on the home front. Earlier, experts speculated that McDonald’s sales plummeted because lower-income Americans suffered from the weak economy; therefore, they weren’t able to afford eating out at McDonald’s. However, this could be a false conclusion, as Bureau of Labor Statistics data published by HuffPo showed that McDonald’s menu prices grew only by a mere 4.8 percent between 2009 and 2014, whereas prices at other fast-food eateries rose anywhere from 6.7 to 16.9 percent. Despite higher prices at other fast-food eateries, their sales actually increased. Therefore, the issue plaguing McDonald’s may be its falling reputation. According to the HuffPo, the commonly held perception is that McDonald’s food isn’t worth eating at any price. Now, CNBC News reported that McDonald’s is trying to re-brand itself as a seller of fresh and good quality food by introducing “transparency initiatives”, such as last week’s campaign asking customers to submit their opinions about the company’s food.

24 October 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



We prefer to eat at Burger King… the food tastes better… full stop. Mickey Dee’s is all over the place, but we prefer to buy food on the road that we can TASTE. Besides, everyone knows how Mickey Dee’s abuses and underpays its help… it’s the Republican Party Paradise writ large. Now, that I have the Burger King app on my tablet, I’ll never have to stop at McClown’s again (Friendly’s is a good bet on the road, too)!


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Poroshenko: Junta Troops won’t Leave the Donbass

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. The Poroshenko Peace Plan. 2014

The Poroshenko Peace Plan

Vitaly Podvitsky




This filthy lying nationalist creep just shit all over the agreement that he just signed! Anyone who trusts a Ukrainian nationalist’s word is insane… literally! Read this to see why no Orthodox Christian can have anything to do with “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholics”… I’d say to all people of good will, “These people refuse to honour their sworn word. Don’t trust them… please. If they break their word to us, they’ll do likewise to you, too”.



In a BBC interview, junta strongman P A Poroshenko said after the presenter asked him a question on President Putin’s peace plan, “We won’t say that we’d leave these areas, as we say that these are our territories. I won’t allow violation of the territorial integrity and inviolability of my country”.

On 5 September, a contact group consisting of former Ukrainian President L D Kuchma, Russian Ambassador to the Ukraine M Yu Zurabov, OSCE Special Representative Heidi Tagliavini, Chairman of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko, Deputy Chairman of the DNR Government A Ye Purgin, and LNR Government head I V Plotnitsky met in Minsk. The DNR and LNR agreed with junta representatives to a ceasefire to begin at 19.00 MSK and signed a letter of 12 points to reach settlement on the crisis situation in the Donbass. For a basis of agreement, the parties took the peace plan proposed by President V V Putin on 3 September.

Following the talks, Poroshenko said that the Ukraine would take “extraordinary steps” to de-escalate the conflict, including decentralising power and providing economic freedoms to Novorossiya, as well as guarantees for the free use of any language in these areas and protecting cultural traditions.

6 September 2014




This sorry sack o’ shit talks out of both sides of his mouth… as “Ukrainian leaders” have done for 23 years! Yet, this is a new depth of depravity, even for them. I think that realistic career sorts in the District (especially at Langley and at Foggy Bottom) are taking note of this. If Poroshenko will knife the Russians, he’d knife his American “benefactors”, too. Lovely sorts, ain’t they? “Knife the Moskali”… that gives you their measure.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

BBC Reports about Nazi Militants in Kiev

00 Svoboda pig in Kiev. 02.03.14



The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said that the radical group Right Sector organised the most violent protest rallies in the Ukraine. On Saturday, 1 March, it posted a video report on its website from the centre of Kiev, where militants in military uniform with SS symbols patrol the streets. According to the BBC correspondent, thousands of students and workers took to the streets in the Ukrainian capital Kiev with a demand for reforms. However, militants of the ultra-right Right Sector, who wear clothes with Nazi symbols without any fear today and who like to pose with guns in their hands near government buildings, were spotted amongst the ordinary people. The BBC report managed to interview one of the activists, who said that the he liked the ideology of national-socialism, but that it didn’t serve as a basis for the ideology of the Right Sector. He said, “It’s my ideology. Let all those who like Russia go to Russia. The Ukraine is only for Ukrainians”.

The day before, Dmitri Yarosh, a leader of the Right Sector, announced general mobilisation in view of the RF Federation Council’s decision to deploy troops in the Ukraine. On the same day, it also became common knowledge that he’d asked a Chechen terrorist, Doku Umarov, to carry out terakts in Russia. Besides this, militants, calling themselves “freedom fighters” in social networks urged “the peoples enslaved by Moscow to fight against the Chekist regime of President Putin”.

3 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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