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Monday, 21 January 2013

21 January 2013. Mighty KAMAZ Murderlises the Competition at the Dakar Rally (Again)

00 KAMAZ. Dakar Rally. Santiago CHILE. 21.01.13


Once again, the KAMAZ truck rally team swept the podium at the 2013 Dakar Rally. Eduard Nikolaev, Sergei Savostin, and Vladimir Rybakov made up this year’s winning team. Well, the Dakar Rally hasn’t been held in Africa for some time now (this was the fifth South American running of the rally… terrorism was the ostensible reason for the move), but they still hand out the same old trophies in the shape of a Bedouin. It’s no mystery as to who’s gonna come in first past the post in the truck division. Mighty KAMAZ always stomps the competition into the ground. KAMAZ trucks aren’t the fastest… they’re not the most “advanced”… they don’t have the fanciest “bells and whistles”. However, they’re the TOUGHEST… both in terms of construction and in terms of drivers. That’s what counts in the boonies… reliability and skill. KAMAZ has ’em both… so, should it surprise you that they win every year? Oh, yes… KAMAZ makes trucks for the Russian forces… I just thought that I’d mention that. If they whip the Americans every year at the rallies, what does that tell you about who’d come on top if came to a shootin’ match? Just sayin’…



Friday, 4 March 2011

News from St Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai… the Muslim Bedouins Came Out and PROTECTED the Monastery… Fie on ALL Hate-Filled Teabaggers

“Wanna mess with the monks? Mess with ME first. Wanna rumble, now?”


A friend sent me this:

During the political crisis was that the Bedouins went into the secret mountain passes with their AKs to guard against anyone getting through to the Monastery, and also took over the checkpoints abandoned by the police, reverting to their 6th century role of guarding the Monastery as though the intervening centuries never occurred, and without even having been asked to do so by the monastic community, who were very moved when the Bedouins came and told them what they had done. There were some incidents in the nearby village, but things stayed under control, glory be to God. The nuns were called in from their hermitages, and that’s about all I know, except that I think things are pretty much back to normal now, if there is a normal.

There it is… that’s the real deal as far as Christians and Muslims is concerned. Don’t listen to hatemongers from Fox News, the Republican Party, or any of the wingnut commentariat. THIS is TRUTH. The source is a nun in Sinai (from Raithu), according to my informant.


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