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Sunday, 1 November 2015

1 November 2015. Russia Remembers…

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Each 22 June, a Belarusian woman bakes memorial loaves in honour of her seven brothers, all of whom died in the Great Patriotic War.

30 October 2015

Russian Federation



What need I add to this?



Monday, 12 October 2015

Belarus Would Side With Moscow if Anyone Attacked Russia… Tired of Galician Uniate Militants Trying to Undermine His Country

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Belarusian President A G Lukashenko reiterated his country’s adherence to a military-political union with Russia, telling reporters in Minsk:

Together with Russia, we’re building a Union state, and we’re both part of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation. This is a military-political alliance where Belarus, being on its western flank, is in direct contact with NATO, hence our military-political strategy. Belarus is a peaceful country, but we still keep our powder dry. We signed a wealth of accords [with Russia] on ensuring political, economic, and military stability… together with Russia we set up a powerful military force on our western flank, built around a 70,000-strong Belarusian contingent. If, God forbid, we have a conflict flaring in the west, the Belarusian army will be able to hold out for several days before the Russian armed forces kick in, but there’s no need for additional Russian military bases in Belarus. If the West wants to fight Russia, Belarus would take Moscow’s side in such a conflict. We have a treaty with Russia and we will fight here in Belarus, not in the Ukraine or Syria… we’re bound to defend Russia and Russia will take just a few days to come to our help with planes and missiles.

11 October 2015



Belarusian President A G Lukashenko called on the Ukraine to stop sending people to cross the Belarusian border, especially since so many of them were armed. He told journalists after Sunday’s election:

Quit sending armed Ukrainians here. We’re fed up with stopping them at the border… with shells, bats, guns, and ammunition. I’ve had enough of reading those reports and looking through pictures. Stop it. Can’t we live in peace?

On 10 October, citing the press secretary of the State Border Committee, Aleksandr Tischenko, BelaPan reported that the Belarusian government announced that border guards detained about 200 Ukrainians in only a week. Many of them couldn’t justify the purpose of their visit to Belarus and carried camouflage uniforms, bats, bludgeons, and other weapons. Tischenko noted that some of those detained were on an international wanted list for participating in illegal terrorist groups.

12 October 2015


Sputnik News

Saturday, 10 October 2015

10 October 2015. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Belarusian Border Guards Stopped Armed Ukrainians at Ordinary Border Checkpoint

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Today, Belarusian TV channel Belarus-1 reported that Belarusian border guards barred 200 Ukrainians from entering Belarus, as some of them carried camouflage uniforms, bats, batons, and other weapons. A number of those attempting to enter the country were on the international wanted list as members of illegal armed terrorist groups. Sunday is the presidential election in Belarus. The border guards barred the Ukrainians from entry as they couldn’t explain their purpose in coming to Belarus and it turned out that the people that they said invited them were fictional.

10 October 2015

RIA Novosti



Can you believe this? You can’t make up shit like this. Chowderheaded Galician Uniate nationalists in CIA pay decided to enter Belarus at a regular border checkpoint instead of infiltrating as real pro operatives do! They carried uniforms and weapons. My God, this is a Kholkhol joke… but it’s for real. This is why the American project in the Ukraine is going to fail… look at who’s their allies. I need say no more…


Monday, 17 August 2015

Slavic Brotherhood-2015 Exercises: Russia, Belarus, and Serbia to Hold Joint War Games

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On Sunday, Defence Minister S K Shoigu announced that Russian and Belarusian units would take part in major war games in Russia later this year. Shoigu said during a meeting in Moscow with his Serbian counterpart Bratislav Gašić, “We attach a great deal of importance to the joint Slavic Brotherhood-2015 exercises with Belarus, to occur later this year. We’ll make every effort to showcase the professionalism, combat readiness, and skill of our troops”. Gašić said that he’s ready to take part in the upcoming drill, “I’d certainly be happy to join if you invited me to take part in the Russian-Belarusian exercise. This’d provide valuable tactical knowhow for the Serbian forces”.

16 August 2015

Sputnik International


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