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Thursday, 8 September 2016

8 September 2016. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… We Have ONE SOUL!



The International Paralympic Committee is furious! The Belarusians aren’t afraid of them; they carried the Russian flag at the Paralympic opening ceremony! The Belarusian team came to the parade of national teams at the Paralympic Games opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro with the Russian tricolour. Can you believe that the International Paralympic Committee has already launched an investigation into the incident? One of the Belarusian team-members carried the Russian flag. They carried the flag about a quarter of the way around the stadium before they took it away. The IPC threatened athletes who were going to carry the Russian flag with severe punishment. The Belarusian action has already caused a reaction in the International Paralympic Committee, other than that, no one else condemned it. Thank you, Belarusians! You showed that old-school Russian character!

8 September 2016

Vitaly Podvitsky Masterskaya Karikatury



Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Glass of Love: A Poem by Konstantin Achapovsky

00 Ilya Zavadsky. A Good Night. The River Berezna, Belarus. a poem Love. 2015


Monday, 16 September 2013

16 September 2013. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Events of the Week in Cartoons by Sergei Yolkin: 9-13 September 2013

00 Sergei Yolkin. Events of the Week in Cartoons by Sergei Yolkin. 9-13 September 2013

Events of the Week in Cartoons by Sergei Yolkin: 9-13 September 2013

Sergei Yolkin



In the above cartoon, in the original title, Yolkin used a non-standard word, триумфаторы (triumfatory), which isn’t the standard word for “victor”, which is победитель (pobeditel), or for “champion”, which is защитник (zashchitnik). Ergo, to keep the somewhat tongue-in-cheek pompous flavour of the title, I chose a similarly non-standard English word, “overcomer” to translate it. After all, “triumpher” doesn’t sound good at all, and I don’t think that it’s good English in any case.

The American righties are going to make much of Roizman’s victory, as he’s a political ally of the greedster slug Prokhorov (thank God, the Civic Platform pro-West collaborators won NO seats in the RF Gosduma, and they only have six seats in regional dumas out of 3,787 available seats). Let’s tell the truth… he only got 30 percent of the vote in a multi-candidate race… yet, Navalny’s pukes aren’t calling for a second round in this election! The zapadniki are charlatans and fraudsters… just like their Western Corporate sponsors and paymasters, I’d say…

By the way, the so-called “Ig Nobel Prizes” are a product of Harvard, Radcliffe, and MIT… all bastions of the American Establishment. As I say, shitbirds of a feather flock together. That is, it’s a not-so-subtle attack on Aleksandr Grigoryevich… take it with a BLOCK of salt… caveat lector!



Sergei Yolkin looked at the “champions” of the week… Mayor Sobyanin won re-election in Moscow and Yekaterinburg elected Yevgeni Roizman as Mayor, and Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko received the Ig Nobel Peace Prize.

13 September 2013

Sergei Yolkin



Sunday, 4 November 2012

4 November 2012. BELTA Infographics. Belarus Social and Economic Development Forecast for 2013


The American GDP is 15 trillion USD; that of Belarus is 56 billion USD. That is, the American economy is about 26 times the size of the Belarusian economy. All things being equal, that would mean if the American economy were as successful in placing work with the USA as Belarus is in encouraging domestic industry, the USA would have a trade surplus of 13 billion USD. In reality, due to the actions of crook business cabals like Willard Romney’s Bain Capital, the American economy runs a trade deficit of 413 billion USD.

The main factor dragging down the American economy is excessive military spending. The USA spends 41 percent of the world’s outlay on arms and warfare. If it were cut in half, it’d still be one-fifth of all world spending, and dwarf all comers. If we ended the wars, and if we end senseless forward deployments ahead of our legit national defence line (GIUK gap and the English Channel, AleutiansGuamAustralia), we could save such a sum and more. The USA has no national interests on the Eurasian mainland. Its interests lie in maintaining the communication lines/trade routes of the maritime-based Anglosphere… nothing else.

It looks like Belarus beats the USA again… perhaps, the USA could learn a thing or two from the Belarusians. However, that would mean giving up notions of crackbrained American Exceptionalism, and Born Again nutters (which includes Mormons and Pentecostalists) aren’t going to do that.



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