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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Statement of the Voronezh KPRF Obkom: Stop the Nazi Pogroms in the Ukraine!

00 Riots in Kiev 02. 06.02.14


Events in the Ukraine become more alarming and dramatic. In some areas, well-organised radicals seize power from local authorities. Supporters of the legitimate government and law enforcement officials are victims of psychological and physical terrorism. The supposedly “peaceful” and “democratic” countries refuse to see the Orange/Brown orientation of the Euromaidan activists in Kiev. So-called “freedom fighters” or simple human rights advocates don’t set the tone there… it’s set by openly fascist and anti-Russian bandits. Amongst the bloody events in the Ukraine, one saw attacks on the KPU headquarters, and harassment of party activists and ordinary party members. In Kiev, vandals trashed the offices of the KPU Central Committee. They looted property and seized documents. They desecrated our banners and smashed other party symbols. The attackers drew their symbol on the walls of the building… the Nazi swastika. In classical Nazi tradition, they had a bonfire in the courtyard of books by Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin. Previously, fascists attacked KPU premises in Simferopol, Sumy, and Chernigov, marking them with Nazi symbols. In a number of cities, Banderovtsy destroyed monuments to Lenin; they desecrated memorials to our victorious Soviet soldiers. What’s happening isn’t just reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s… it’s a tragic repetition of the history of Bandera’s ultra-nationalist criminal gang.

Not by chance, the first targets of these rabid thugs were Communists and symbols of the Soviet era.  Leftist patriots, supporters of justice and friendship amongst peoples, have always been a major threat to any of the bourgeois dictatorships. Spinning off into lawlessness and looting, these Ukrainian heirs of the hateful ideology of Nazism grasp for power. Today, their goal is the KPU, but it’s clear that the impunity these brutalised gangsters enjoy will give them a taste for more violence… it’s clear that in future they won’t hesitate to smash anyone that their “Führer” declares enemies. We must stop the frenzy of these nationalist outlaws immediately! Procrastination may result in massive casualties. Russia’s spineless position played a tragic role in this. Swept away by the allure of the Olympic Games, it didn’t find it necessary to help to the fraternal Ukrainian people, to all Russians living in the Near Abroad. Today, the Russian government and leadership must take a more consistent and tough stance to the “Ukrainian question” or similar events to those happening in the Ukraine will inevitably happen in our country! We should condemn the actions of rightwing nationalist groups at the international level. We must demand an impartial investigation into the activities of their “leaders!”

Communists in Voronezh Oblast appeal to all left-patriotic political and public organisations, all sensible forces of the Voronezh Oblast, and concerned citizens of Russia and other Soviet Republics once unified in the USSR. We need to combine our strength to help our fraternal people; we demand the immediate cessation of political killings and violence. Otherwise, we can have a repeat of the “Euromaidan” in our country! A repeat of the treacherous “ Belavezha Accords coup” could be fatal to the integrity and sovereignty of Russia, so we must prevent it!

The people of Ukraine have the right to build their lives without outside influence, without political and social terror!

Hands off the fraternal Ukrainian people!

Hands off the KPU!

No to fascism! 

26 February 2014


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