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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Makeyevka Honoured the Memory of Nazi Concentration Camps Victims by Laying Flowers at the Eternal Flame

Liberation of Auschwitz by Red Army. 12.11

NEVER FORGET! Galician Uniate nationalist pigs helped RUN the concentration camps… the Red Army LIBERATED them. To honour the UPA and OUN is to honour the Holocaust… do reflect on that. The Rada’s new law honouring the UPA and the OUN was HOLOCAUST DENIAL writ large. Never forget… the number of Galician hands in the Holocaust was NOT small (it’s one of the most Anti-Semitic places in the world, sadly enough… not a majority, but enough to make them the world champs of Anti-Semitism).


In Makeyevka, citizens honoured the memory of Nazi concentration camp victims by laying flowers at the local Eternal Flame memorial. The local branch of the Donetsk Republic Society sponsored the event. During the ceremony, local secretary Larisa Tolstykina pointed up that the fascist ideology is stronger than ever in the Ukraine. “After all the horrors of the Great Patriotic War, occupation, and concentration camps, who could think that a revival of fascism would be possible? However, over the years, the ‘brown plague’ ideology re-entered the masses. At least, we must do what we can… we must remember [what happened] and not allow the “fascist plague” to penetrate the heads of the younger generation”.

During the Second World War, Nazi Germany and its allies had about 14,000 concentration camps of all sizes on their territories and in occupied lands. The Nazis burned prisoners in crematoria ovens, killed them in gas chambers, and tortured, starved, and overworked inmates to death. International Day of Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps on 11 April is in memory of an international uprising at Buchenwald concentration camp on 11 April 1945.

9 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Saturday, 28 January 2012

28 January 2012. Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day

Children of Auschwitz

“Curlie 11”



I wish that I had a “real name” to go with this one. I apologise for not having it… the author didn’t give one, I’m afraid.


Auschwitz didn’t occur in a vacuum or overnight. Before the extermination camps, the Nazis founded Bergen-Belsen and Dachau. That’s why we must close down the Guantánamo Bay detention camp (it’s in an illegally-maintained US colony to begin with) immediately and prosecute all those who ordered the torture of suspects in clandestine CIA prisons in Eastern Europe. Otherwise, we’re on the slippery slope to Hadamar and Auschwitz. Note me well, we shouldn’t move against those who RAN the detention and torture centres, we should move against those who ordered their existence, who winked at their operation, and who colluded to keep them secret. The poor fuckers who ran them were only following orders from George W Bush, Richard Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, who are the real principals in this affair. By the standards of the Nürnberg Trials, those named are major war criminals, and should face an international tribunal, in order to help America clean itself of their criminality. Let’s not be coy, the people of New Deal America would be APPALLED at what they did. “We’re not a bunch of Nazis”… indeed, we’re NOT a bunch of Nazis, so, why should we wink at those who acted just like them?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 28 January 2012

Albany NY

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