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Friday, 5 September 2014

5 September 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Justice… American-Style

00 Her grndson served with the Berkut. 05.09.14


THIS is what the Western punditocracy supports. FULL STOP. They APPLAUD it when the junta kicks the elderly in the face. They APPLAUD it when the junta replaces professional cops like the Berkut with Uniate fascist thugs who beat and torture as they will, leaving the rule of law trampled in the mud. They APPLAUD it when the junta fires Smerch rockets indiscriminately into civilian neighbourhoods. They APPLAUD it when the Uniate fascists shoot VSN soldiers and/or their families out-of-hand. It tells me that the Western punditocracy are soulless scumbags at heart… who worship “Might makes right” and “Winning is the only thing”. Keep this in mind when you see that mewling suck-up Will on the TV with his goofy bow-ties… he’s not merely a “talking head”, he’s an unashamed apologist for evil. After all, we HAVE to hurt the Grandmas in Kiev… it’s not only for their own good, it’s to George Will’s personal profit (he’s an “investor”, dontcha know).

I call such people evil and I’m not alone…



Friday, 8 August 2014

50 MVDUniki Injured in Clashes on the Maidan

00 kiev. supposed cops. 08.08.14


On Thursday, Aleksandr Pereshchuk, the head of the MVDU in Kiev, said at a briefing that clashes on the Maidan in Kiev injured fifty members of the Kiev-1 and Kiev-2 Battalions. They fought residents of the tent camp on the square whilst attempting to dismantle the barricades and tents erected by the protestors. The security forces came to the Maidan to dismantle the barricades, but ran into resistance from activists. This led to scuffles, firecrackers went off, and the activists burned tyres in several places on Kreshchatik Street. Pereshchuk noted, “Today, not one policeman nor any member of the MVDU battalions discharged a firearm nor applied undue force. However, we did have 50 members injured; three or four of them are in hospital in critical condition after activists assaulted them with thrown stones. The injured are from the MVDU Kiev-1 and Kiev-2 Battalions. Besides this, the opposition activists assaulted public works employees, taking over about seven utility vehicles”.

 7 August 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



Look at the image… these jabronies are unprofessional untrained Euromaidantsy terrorists in uniform masquerading as security troops. No self-respecting Berkutovets would’ve acted as these slugs did. Note that some don’t wear proper protective headgear and that they’re not in a proper phalanx-style formation to face a hostile mob (and protect themselves with interlocked shields). In short, look at the utter incompetence of the Uniate junta! The Galician hillbillies do it again… they’re a bunch of nasty-minded unlettered Homer n’ Jethros attempting to ram their backwoods ways on everyone else. The Berkutovtsy never had such casualties… they were real stand-up guys; they were real pros with real training, they weren’t dreamy nationalists with oddbod ideas from isolated “hollers” in the Galician back of the beyond. Jethro Bodine and Pee Wee Herman would’ve run this operation better. The junta can’t even police its own streets properly… they aren’t long for this world…


Monday, 2 June 2014

VOR Presents… Former Berkutovtsy Accepted into OMON with Open Arms… Clear Rebuke to the Poroshenko and His Zapadnik Junta

00 berkut 01. Moscow. 02.06.14

On 30 May, Interior Minister Colonel General V A Kolokoltsev accepted ten new servicemen of the Special Purpose Centre of the Moscow Directorate of the MVD who were members of the MVDU Berkut spetsnaz unit previously.


00 berkut 02. Moscow. 02.06.14

The Berkutovtsy confronted radicals in Kiev, until the junta disbanded them at the end of February. The junta tried to accuse 20 Berkutovtsy of shooting at Euromaidan terrorists, but the charges didn’t stick.


00 berkut 03. Moscow. 02.06.14

After the junta started to persecute the Berkutovtsy, General Kolokoltsev said that they were welcome in Russia, they could join the OMON in their old ranks, and that Russia would see to the needs of their families. President V V Putin said, “The Berkut troopers did their duty faithfully”.


00 berkut 04. Moscow. 02.06.14

General Kolokoltsev and General Yakunin, the head of the Moscow Directorate of the MVD laid flowers at the memorial to MVD troops who died in the course of their duties.


00 berkut 05. Moscow. 02.06.14

Here, we see one of the former Berkutovtsy taking the oath of allegiance to Russia.


00 berkut 06. Moscow. 02.06.14

General Kolokoltsev said that 92 Berkutovtsy are in the process of becoming Russian citizens, he hopes that they’ll have successful future careers. 42 of them have chosen units other than the OMON for their MVD service.


00 berkut 07. Moscow. 02.06.14

General Kolokoltsev congratulated the new OMON troopers.


00 berkut 08. Moscow. 02.06.14

General Kolokoltsev said, “These men are a very competent reinforcement”.



The Berkutovtsy embodied COPS (Conscientious Officers Protect and Serve). Because of their training, discipline, cohesion, motivation, and sheer courage, they stood on the Maidan facing the Uniate terrorists, and only fired when they had to. Quite often, they faced violent and unhinged mobs… and stood their ground without killing anyone. These men are exemplars… they’re true men, worthy of all praise and respect. The junta replaced them with Euromaidan trash terrorists with no discipline or training. These sorry sacks o’ shit scuttle over the east like cockroaches… killing people, robbing, and molesting women. I seem to see a difference. The Berkutovtsy incarnated PIG (Pride Integrity Guts)… the junta pigs are just that… pigs. The American media demonised the Berkut… they LOVE the junta thugs… do note that. I’d call it theatre of the absurd…

One last thing… thousands of “Ukrainian” servicemen rallied to Russia, including the former commander of the Ukrainian Navy. NOT A SINGLE Russian or patriot serviceman has gone over to the junta… NONE. It seems to me that’s quite a difference… not reported by outlets of the likes of Radio Liberty and Fox News… fancy that…


31 May 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Patriot Elements Seize Two Government Buildings in the Eastern Ukraine

00 Donetsk. 12.04.14


On Saturday, the Donetsk Oblast police chief agreed to demands to resign by pro-Russian patriots who occupied his headquarters hours after a dozen activists seized two buildings in another eastern Ukraine town. Police chief Konstantin Pozhydayev told a group that entered police headquarters wearing Berkut uniforms, “As you demanded, I’m stepping down”. Earlier in the day, about a dozen patriots seized the SBU building and the police station in Slavyansk, a town about 100 kilometres (62 miles) north of Donetsk. According to the MVDU, initially, the group occupied the police station, where they seized at least 400 handguns and 20 automatic weapons, stating, “The aim of occupying (the police station) was the guns … they’re giving these guns to participants in the protest in Slavyansk”. The patriots followed up the attack on the police station by taking over the SBU building.

MVDU boss Arseny Avakov said on his Facebook account that “armed men in camouflage fatigues” led the attack and he vowed a firm response. He said that MVDU spetsnaz were on the way, adding there was zero tolerance for armed terrorists. However, the number of casualties and hostages remain unknown. After the two incidents, junta “Foreign Minister” Andrei Deshchitsya urged Russia to stop “provocative actions” by its agents in the eastern Ukraine during a phone call with Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov, who denied providing any support to local patriots. Meanwhile, Donetsk separatist leader Sergei Tsyplakov claimed responsibility for the raid on the police station in a statement issued to RIA-Novosti, but insisted that his people weren’t armed. A new wave of unrest erupted in Ukraine’s east last weekend, when pro-Moscow activists seized several government buildings in the cities of Donetsk, Lugansk, and Kharkov, demanding a referendum on autonomy and closer ties with Russia.


Note well that Avakov doesn’t use official media to announce his “decisions”… he uses his Facebook page. That’s prima facie evidence that he doesn’t trust the career staff, and that he couldn’t replace them with junta flunkies, as the junta’s only made up of thieves and political operatives in Yuliya’s cabal and unhinged Galician terrorist nationalist nutters, not anyone with any real professional competence in anything. Avakov changes his tune faster than he changes his gotchies… nobody believes either his threats or his blandishments. That’s a recipe for a tragedy, as no one believes his threats… you see, he’s made so many empty threats that when he does actually make a real one, no one will believe him (on either side). That’s a sure way to ensure the maximum bloodshed, sad to say.

My guess is that many Berkut sorts went to ground after the junta outlawed them (literally). The junta didn’t catch all of them (not with a convicted real estate fraudster in charge of the MVDU… that’s like putting Junior Gotti in charge of the FBI). That is, many made it to the Crimea, and many headed for friendlier parts in the Eastern Ukraine. It may well be that the nucleus of the patriot Opolchenie are former Berkut troopers, so, it wouldn’t surprise me to see some of them in Berkut kit. I think that the police chief KNEW who he was dealing with… and chose discretion over pointless valour. He knew that Berkut spetsnaz could seize the station and do so with the smallest amount of casualties. He chose life over the junta… that tells you much about how ordinary pragmatic folk view their chances of long-term survival, doesn’t it?

Oh, yes… Lavrov said today that Russia has “no intention” of taking the southeastern Ukraine. Listen to him CAREFULLY… he said that Russia has “no intention” of doing so. However, as we all know, unforeseen circumstances and uncalculated for events often overturn the best of “intentions”, don’t they? Sergei Viktorovich is a real diplomat, unlike Kerry… therefore, the Old Master knows how to deploy “diplomatese”… he’s NOT lying, but do attend to his words in their literal sense, if you please (its “belly talk” in the best Oriental style). If you don’t , you might get an unpleasant and rude surprise…


12 April 2014




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