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Monday, 8 August 2011

8 August 2011. Mark Bleats… Refuses to Defend Himself in Public

Mark’s a scaredy-cat afraid of his own shadow… he won’t come out and defend himself against the bullying swine Webster. If someone did that to me, I’d raise a rumpus! Maybe, I’d be beaten, but I wouldn’t go quietly. I’m not a coward… what does that tell you about Mark?


Read this:


Of all the Russian sources quoted, all appeared on my site first. Mark’s home area in Ohio has an inordinate number of hits recorded… Quantcast is good at that sort of thing. Also, note that Mark NEVER gives you URLs for trackback purposes. All of my posts based on outside sources have trackbacks… you can check my citations. Mark doesn’t do this, which is unprofessional and cheesy. Oh, one final dig before we go into the meat of this wayward post… Mark stupidly puts a “cross” in front of bishops’ names. What a maroon! Legit Russian sources NEVER do that, and no one in the OCA did it prior to the reception of the godless HOOMie filth. No grounded individual EVER does such except in the rare instance of an official post that uses it to symbolise a signature… that’s the only permissible usage… that’s all folks! To use it in other places is a hypercorrect (and dumb-as-dirt) error on the part of hubristic toddlers with soiled nappies stinkin’ to high heaven.

Mark gets a great deal of his information from zapadniki websites in Russia… to say the least, they’re not very good at all. For instance, Portal-Credo.ru gives a forum to such schismatics/heretics as Valentin Rusantsov, Georgi Kochetkov, and Filaret Denisenko. No grounded Russian source linked Dickie to the SVR… but quite a few link him to the American special services. Considering that Potapov and Lyonyo have attested links to American special services circles, Mark’s trying to divert your attention (primarily, from his sponsor, Lyonyo, who’s a known member of the CFR). My guess is that the FSB caught Dickie in some squiffy doings… probably, after Fr Tikhon Shevkunov went to them with misgivings about this little weasel. As for Dickie posting anti-OCA material on Pravmir.com, that’s a laugh! He’s posted nothing but vacuous pro-OCA drivel (mostly by konvertsy poseurs) on that site, so much so that the site’s bloody near useless in my estimation (I mean the English-language Pramir.com, not the Russian-language Pravmir.ru, which is still solid). By the way, Mark claimed that “He had his gallbladder removed before and now the decease [sic] exacerbated”, was a quote from Interfax-Religion… I can attest that it was NOT in the Russian original that I consulted and translated. Either this means that Mark didn’t actually consult the original Interfax post and relied on hearsay, or that he failed to check the original after viewing a typically-bad Interfax “Englishing” of an article. Either one is culpable laziness on his part (on Interfax, or any other Russian site, the Russian original is normative, full stop).

Dickie’s lawyer is Vlad Berzansky Jr, the son of Fr Vladimir Berzonsky, who’s an old pal of Lyonyo’s and an old foe of Herman the Vermin (VB opposed Hermie’s ordination to the episcopate in ’73, that’s how far back the feud goes). That’s to say, it’s part of a longstanding general war, with Bobby and his pals on one side, and Lyonyo and his bunch on the other. Apparently, JP’s jumped on Bobby’s side… for now. Do note El Gordo’s failure to incardinate Fester and Velencia at St Nick’s in the District. If it runs true to the latest experience, JP’s gonna lose big time in his fight with Lyonyo. JP’s attacks on Dickie and Mark are actually attacks on Lyonyo… but Lyonyo has too much support amongst the Syosset apparat and the SVS cabal. In short, JP’s trying to divert questions about his alleged homosexuality (and of his pals Brum and Eliel) by tossing accusations of sexual immorality at Dickie and Mark. I’ll tell ya what’s so sick in all this… five of the principals are, most probably, part of the rolling OCA fagorama… JP, Mark, Dickie, Eliel, and Brum. Lyonyo, Berzonsky père et fils, Erickson, and Bobby have known of this moral rot for years (not to mention Feodosy Lazor, Pierre l’Huillier, Peterson, Soraich, and Brittain, amongst others)… and done nothing (save to make god-knows-how-many “confidential settlements”).

Once you know this, you can see through Mark’s posts. He still believes that he can regain his old sinecure in the Syosset Chancery, and that he, Wheeler, Hunchak, and the younger Hopko will run things to Lyonyo’s satisfaction. It’s not going to happen. Oh, one last thing… Mark did NOT mention the backstabbing attempt by Alexander Webster against him. Mark’s a gutless coward who refuses to stand up and fight his foes. If someone attacks me… I cosh ‘em back… HARD! IN PUBLIC! That’s how you handle that. His supine passivity militates against you trusting anything that he writes. You can take the measure of someone by how they handle opposition. I’ve always been straightforward and stand-up about it… you can trust me, as a result. Mark’s a craven and scared punk… you can’t trust him, his actions convict him.

It’s never boring in American Orthodoxy, is it? Do pass me the jug, the world’s being especially “fallen” today…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 8 August 2011

Albany NY


Saturday, 30 July 2011

30 July 2011. Dickie’s Photo and Bio Still Up on Patriarchia.ru… What Gives?

Image still up on patriarchia.ru… 


As of 21.35 EDT Saturday 30 July 2011, Dickie’s photo and bio are still up on patriarchia.ru:


What gives? This is getting goofier by the minute, kids. If I made this up, no publisher would buy it… truth is MUCH stranger than fiction is. That is, Dickie’s been kicked off the oca.org clergy list, but he’s still listed on patriarchia.ru site as OCA representative to Moscow… and the MP site IS far better run than oca.org… if they’d received the official word, they would’ve removed that info tout suite. I’m not even going to speculate… there’s NOTHING to go on. Dickie’s in “parts unknown”, and that’s all that one can say, now. Even by hutsky-klutsky OCA/ROCOR standards, this is a Solid Gold Oscar Academy Award Chinese fire drill (remember, the Chinese fire drill only LOOKS confused… this IS confused). Your guess is as good as mine… you pays your money and you takes your choice… literally. Let’s face it, Dickie’s been known to be an equivocal sort for years; he was found dead drunk, barfing in the corridors, at more than one sobor… truly, he was asking for it, for years.

Here’s my opinion on what’s in the works. Stokoe’s the next target… whenever Bobby gets whatever it is he wants, he’ll have no qualms whatsoever about throwing Stokoe off the train à la Dickie. BP’s also a target because of the SIC Report…  I suspect Bobby’s cabal will try to assert that he’s drinking again, or, frame him with something sexual, or, try to somehow connect him with Greg Solak’s death in Alaska. Then, and only then, will he try to push JP off the cliff, too. IF he were to succeed in that, the only question is which disgraced bishop would he try to bring back as figurehead “metropolitan”… would it be Hermie? Nikolai? How ‘bout another time ‘round for Feodosy? I’m not saying this IS going to happen… it’s what Bobby, Silver, and Love BT want… God willing, they won’t get it.

Did you see Stokoe’s site? He’s not even addressing JP’s lunatic “encyclical” on homosexuality, nor is he commenting on the recent reports of JP egging on witch hunters on OCA Truth. Instead, he posted some dreck about three new auxiliary bishops in AOCANA. Don’t take my word for it:


He puts this rubbishy twaddle up in lieu of the real news. Who woulda thunk it? Well, stay tuned, same bat time, same bat station… this is far from the last episode.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 30 July 2011

Albany NY

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