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Saturday, 7 September 2013

7 September 2013. A Cabineteer Reports on “Why” Fatso was in Bethesda

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One of the Cabinet sent this:

The reason for this is that last month Tikhon wrote JP a letter confining him to Bethesda. JP can’t hang around ROCOR in DC anymore, as too many people left St Nick’s.

If so, this raises far more questions than it answers. Did Mollard do this at Hilarion Kapral‘s behest? If so, did Hilarion do such at the Centre’s request? What was Potapov’s role in all of this (JP was stealing the limelight at his parish, after all)? What does this do to the supposed plans for JP’s “monastery” in Maryland? Why were people leaving St Nick’s? If they were following JP, the latest move is asinine. However, it makes some sense if said flight was due to John Perich’s machinations. Did the Centre insist on this, independently of the ROCOR? Is this “exile” to be permanent, or, is it only temporary? Was this due to the OCA Holy Synod overruling Mollard? Did Mollard get “marching orders” in re JP during his recent junket to the Centre? Did Yustinian Ovchinnikov play a role, or, was he just a bystander? That’s not all… it’s only what I could come up with on a moment’s notice. It’s a gigantic shit sandwich… and no one wants to take a bite, but I think that all concerned will have more than their fill of it in the end.

Mollard’s proved himself to be dumber than  I thought he was. He threw JP into the “briar patch” (remember B’rer Rabbit?), into one of the looney bin konvertsy parishes that always supported Fatso. Mollard has to send JP out of the District (but not to California nor to the South, where Tikhon Fitzgerald would succor him and his supporters… JP was Fitzgerald’s protégé), and do so QUICKLY. He has to detach JP from his claque, and do so IMMEDIATELY. To put JP in a situation where he’s combined with his pal Ray Velencia (who still has influence with his nutter parishioners, despite his all-too-real suspension and earned disgrace) is devoid of any good-sense or street-smarts.

Mollard’s running worse than “true to form”… he’s acting as though JP’s in charge, not him. Is Mollard going to turn out to be a cowardly slug? We’ll have to see… it’s not over yet by a long shot. After all, the Centre is in charge ultimately… it’s why JP got le sabot in the first place. However, I don’t think that Mollard’s going to be out any time soon (the Centre doesn’t want to lose face). Keep this in mind, though… it’ll be due to the Great Game between the MP and the EP… it’s deadly serious, as we saw in the recent events in Estonia. For the moment, it suits the Centre for the OCA to be nominally “autocephalous”. When that’s no longer so, the OCA will be no more… and that’s that.



Friday, 6 September 2013

6 September 2013. Fatso’s Back in Bethesda! Does Mollard Know About This?

00 Oh no. 06.09.13


Got this from a loyal Cabineteer:

Seems [Paffhausen] is” back in the fold”, returning to an OCA venue for his talks. There’s going to be a “Friday Night study with Metropolitan Jonah” on 6 September at 19.30 EDT at St Mark’s in Bethesda MD.

Perspirin’ minds wanna know… is Sir Ray going to be there in clericals wearing a dog collar, too (Ray WAS suspended by the OCA Holy Synod, disgraced and still in bad odour, after all)? Let’s see… Fatso was his Godfather protector, wasn’t he? Fatty allowed Ray to sue people right and left (Fatty was his diocesan bishop, after all… if Ray sued people with impunity, it meant that Fatty approved of it (if only implicitly)). Is Fatty out of favour at Potapov’s establishment? Did Potapov drop Fatty because he became too much of a “hot potato?” Does Mollard APPROVE of Fatty stirring up his claque in the District? It’s not very bright, y’ know. Mollard should send Fatty somewhere quickly, if only to Jordanville as a simple monk. Mollard can’t afford to leave Fatty in the District… it’s unwise and looking for trouble. Mollard sure isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but this is STOOPID. It’s playing with matches and someone should get Mollard to STOP IT.

Things sure ain’t boring covering the Orthodox beat… I sure wish that they’d stop being so “interesting”, though… the Chinese were right…



Sunday, 22 July 2012

22 July 2012. This is the Kind of Thing that oca.org Needs to Post… But Lil’ Mizz Ginny’s Too Lazy and Lyonyo’s Too Secretive


One of the Cabinet sent this on:

Bishop Alexander Golitsyn, now in DC, wrote JP a letter stating that he’s confined to St Mark in Bethesda and may not serve as a bishop.

This is the kind of “housekeeping notice” that oca.org needs to post. It usually doesn’t do so, it only “reacts” if it’s posted elsewhere on the ‘net (as an acquaintance said to me personally, “You serve a purpose, and we need you”). This is why no-one anywhere trusts Lyonyo, Jillions, the Holy Synod, or any of the First Families. It’s not that they’ve been “lied to once too many times” (although there ARE elements of that present)… it’s that they’ve been “mushroomed” once too often. Oh… what does “being mushroomed” mean? It means, “being kept in the dark and fed on shit”. Need I say more?


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