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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Is Frankie Bag o’ Donuts Taking a Page from the Orthodox Book?

00 Putin and Pope Francisco. 26.11.13


Read this and this. The first is important… it means that the papists are thinking of overturning their hardline position in favour of the more compassionate stance of the Orthodox Church. This means that the konvertsy are completely off the beam. At present, they insist that the Church should jettison its age-old oikonomia and adopt papist-style arid juridical rigidity. Now, the joke’s on them… the papists want to abandon their failed policy and adopt our POV! It does show you the shallow ignorance of those sorts… they really think that the Church and the papists agree on moral issues. We do NOT… we’re in general agreement, but we disagree on many points. For instance, the Church allows artificial birth control, but the konvertsy piss on Christ and His Church by attacking oikonomia. What’ll they do when (not if) Frankie disavows Humanae Vitae… that’ll fry their ice but GOOD. As for the second link… it’s true that compassion trumps proselytism… what’ll the children do when our bishops tell them to grow up and act like real Christians and not like demented sectarians? Now… that bids fair to be INTERESTING…



Saturday, 12 July 2014

12 July 2014. My Comment in Another Forum on the Hobby Lobby Abomination


THIS is David Green’s attitude to the rights of others… only his count, dontcha know! “I’ve got mine and you have NO say at all!” Any questions?


Corporations aren’t people… ergo, they can’t have religious beliefs. Even the slow learners know that. Therefore, the decision is crank from the git-go. It’s a dodge by the owners to use religion as an excuse to impose their values on others. It’s clear… you may hold whatever belief that you wish, but you may not use the police power of the state to impose it on others. That goes for the Catholic Church, too… many of its employees aren’t Catholics, so, they can’t impose Catholic teachings on them via birth-control restrictions. By the way, I’m not a secularist, I’m an Orthodox Christian… we do allow artificial birth control via oikonomia.

The stipulation is clear… no one may use the law to push their religion or to coerce others to follow this-or-that tenet of their faith. That’s the long and the short of it.


Let’s give you a little detail that wasn’t in the original comment. The owner of Hobby Lobby, David Green, is a religious nutter (an anti-Christian Pentecostalist) who attributes his success to “my faith in God” (he’s one of the “elect” because he’s “successful”… that idea has bedevilled the Prods ever since the time of Calvin). He takes half of his pre-tax profits and uses it to finance crackbrained “Evangelical” projects such as the so-called “Liberty University” (it’s neither free nor a university in the best sense of the word). If you can avoid it, DON’T patronise Hobby Lobby. Burwell v. Hobby Lobby is bad law… it’s a new Plessy v. Ferguson… it deserves the same fate. It creates a “separate but (in)equal” situation… the rich can use “religious belief” as a cudgel to avoid whatever law they wish to. No real Christian supports this decision… reflect on that… Christ would NOT have used such a tactic, no siree!


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Poll Reveals that Almost No Russians Advocate a Total Abortion Ban



A Levada Centre poll revealed that a majority of Russians (59 percent) are opposed to the introduction of new restrictions on abortion, whereas 26 percent support such an initiative. In the June poll, 54 percent thought that abortion should be solely at the discretion of the woman involved. Another 32 percent would allow abortion only under certain circumstances. Only 4 percent of the respondents were for a complete ban on the procedure. Of those surveyed, 67 percent think that the government should stay out of the debate, leaving it up to the people. At the same time, one in five (21 percent) recognise the need for government action to restrict abortions, but 12 percent were undecided on this point. Most Russians (78 percent) would like to see the authorities implement educational programmes and develop social aid schemes in order to prevent abortions. Only 17 percent believe that the state should use criminal prosecution to combat abortion.

The poll also surveyed respondents’ views on other issues of family policy. The idea of an extra tax upon divorce went down to overwhelming defeat (70 percent opposed it, 21 percent supported it). Schemes to encourage at least three children (on average) per family won the support of 73 percent, whilst only 20 opposed it. On 29 May, experts of the Coordination Council of the RF Presidential Council for the Implementation of the National Strategy of Action for Children 2012-17 proposed measures for the prevention of abortion and the strengthening of the role of the Church and other religious organisations in family policy. The draft Concept of State Family Policy for 2025, states, in particular, the need for greater accountability for violations of the abortion law and the establishment of socio-psychological services aimed at the prevention of abortion and allowing women to bring their babies to term in all hospitals.

3 July 2013



Editor’s Note:

You’d find the same situation here in diaspora Orthodoxy as you’d find in the Rodina. Very few (mostly fanatic “religious hobbyists”) are for a total ban on the procedure. Most would favour sensible restrictions on it… realising that’s the best deal that we can get in a pluralistic society. Indeed, we have no right to force our beliefs down someone else’s throat using the police power of the state… after all, we’re NOT papists, who DO believe that. Like it or not, the total abolitionist stance is crackbrained and doomed to failure. I stand for a true Pro-Life programme… generous aid to single mothers, the provision of contraceptives to all who wish them (the Church allows such… another area where we disagree with the papists), and an equitable tax system that makes all layers of society pay their fair share (unlike the present arrangement where the affluent effluent have a MUCH lower responsibility… the legacy of Slobberin’ Ronnie and George the Fool).

I WILL link hands with those who are so-called “Pro-Choice” if it means that the goal of a Fair and Equitable Society for All is advanced (a VERY Christ-like goal, if I may say so). I don’t have to agree with someone completely to see that they’re on the right road. Your real choice is between a Fair “One for All and All for One” Society and a Thieving “Me First” Society… there’s no other choice out there. If you support the so-called Free Market, you support an ideology that’s profoundly and essentially anti-Christian… after all, HH calls it a “fraud”… and Pope Francisco agrees with him. Ponder that, if you will…



Saturday, 13 October 2012

13 October 2012. Ancient Faith Radio Issues Rightwing Rant in Total Opposition to What the REAL Church Teaches

This is what the REAL Church teaches… it shows Josiah Trenham to not only being a rightwing nutter, he’s going against what the Real Church teaches on social justice, wealth, and the state. All Real Orthodox Christians have to oppose those like Trenham… we have an obligation to fight falsehood whenever it arises… even if it’s a clergyman or bishop who espouses it.


A friend sent me this “press release” from Ancient Faith Radio:

8 October 2012

Press Release


A Fight For Our Nation’s Soul: an interview Pastor Jim Garlow on Ancient Faith Radio

Ancient Faith Radio is pleased to announce a new and timely podcast episode of The Arena, by Josiah Trenham. In this important episode Father Josiah interviews Pastor Jim Garlow, megachurch pastor, scholar, and cultural commentator. Pastor Jim is one of America‘s leading clergymen, thoroughly immersed in the battle for religious freedom in our land. This hard-hitting interview, titled A Fight For Our Nation’s Soul: an interview Pastor Jim Garlow, addresses the serious threat to religious liberty and freedom of conscience facing American Christians at this moment in history, and provides guidance for concerned Christians about how they can stay true to their faith and help America through these perilous times.


Josiah Trenham spat on Our Lord Christ and His Holy Church by hobnobbing with such a theomachistic sectarian shitbird (we do NOT agree with “evangelical” minimalism), allowing him to spout his heretical maunderings, and to distribute such dribbling amongst Orthodox Christians. Should I mention that Mr Trenham also spits on the Church’s teaching concerning artificial birth control? Fr Vsevolod made it clear that the Church allows such… but Mr Trenham “knows better” and he supports the papist view that artificial contraception’s sinful. That’s a crock… we don’t agree with the papists on many questions… this is one of them. I wrote this earlier, and it applies here in spades (the Church CONDEMNS the moneygrubbing warmongerng ideology of Romney and Ryan):

St Paul said, “Radix malorum est cupiditas” (“Greed is the root of evil”), for Greed is the Mother of all the Vices… the Republican Party says, “Greed is good” (and Evangelicals such as Franklin Graham drool their slobbering approval of it and call it “godly” and “god-ordained”)… one of these things is not like the other…

In short, Josiah Trenham is a rebellious little twit spreading his own Gospel… he’s an American Avvakum Petrov, just as dangerous, just as fanatical. The sooner that we’re free of him and his ilk, the better it shall be for all of us. Bear in mind that the anti-life pro-Mammon platform of the Republican Party is objectively evil… and that anyone who supports it and claims to be Orthodox is a rather questionable sort, at best. Look at Mr Trenham… it led him to showcase a heretic and he agreed with him in public, no less. The sectarians are the enemies of Christ’s Church in more ways than one… it does tell you much about Mr Trenham and Ancient Faith Radio… they hate the Real Church. We should mark that down, and act upon it.

Woe to those who call good “evil” and evil “good”…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 13 October 2012

Albany NY 


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