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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Wrap-up on the Mollard Affair… Do You See What I See?

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They’ve finally posted snaps of the installation banquet here… with none of them focusing on the crowd. Note the paucity of outside bishops. For Mollard’s installation, only Bishop Nicholas Ozone of Brooklyn (Patriarchate of Antioch… a vicar, not a ruling bishop), Archbishop Yustinian Ovchinnikov (MP), Bishop George Schaefer of Mayfield (ROCOR… a vicar, not a ruling bishop), and Metropolitan Dmitri Shiolashvili of Batum and Lazeti (Georgian Orthodox Church) were present. They represented only three Local Churches… Antioch, Russia, and Georgia. Of these four hierachs from other Local Churches, only two, Bishop Nicholas (Antioch) and Bishop George (ROCOR) are in the banquet images. Archbishop Yustinian (MP) and Metropolitan Dmitri (Georgian Church) aren’t in the pictures… were they at the shindig?

There was no “camera pan” shot of the whole hall with all the guests seated at their respective tables. The Ukies had at least one picture of this sort on their website, but they had at least 400 people in their hall for their banquet. There were also no snaps of US Representative Christopher Smith (R-NJ) at the banquet; there were no photo-ops with Mollard or any other Holy Synod member. In addition, why were no “official” Democrats invited? It gives the impression that the Church approves of the agenda of the Republican Party, which it doesn’t. In any case, Mr Smith is an enemy of the Orthosphere… he supports papist proselytism in the rodina (he’s a fanatical papist). They had the gall to invite such filth to the installation. He supports the enemies of Christ’s Church in the homeland… he should NEVER have been invited. He’s also on the crank Helsinki Commission… who invited this zapadnik POS?

At Fathausen’s installation, there were Bishop Merkury Ivanov of the MP, Bishop Ilia of Philomelion (Church of Albania), and Archbishop Abel Popławski of Lublin and Chełm (Church of Poland). Besides that, Metropolitan Christopher Kovacevich (Serbian Orthodox Church), Archbishop Nicolae Condrea (Romanian Patriarchate), Bishop Thomas Joseph (Antiochian Patriarchate), and Bishop Jerome Shaw (ROCOR) were also present, making for seven outside bishops at the ceremony. In addition, the Russian Ambassador to the USA was at the affair, along with priests representing the GOAA, the Church of Czechia and Slovakia, and the UOC/MP. Thus, eight Local Churches were represented, five more than at Mollard’s fête (but only six sent bishops).

At Herman’s installation, amongst the concelebrating hierarchs were Bishop Savas Zembillas, Chancellor of the GOAA (EP), Bishop Georgios (Patriarchate of Alexandria), Bishop Demetri Khoury of Jableh (Antiochian Patriarchate), Archbishop Damaskinos of Jaffa (Patriarchate of Jerusalem); Metropolitan Filaret Vakhromeyev of Minsk and Slutsk (MP), Bishop Merkury Ivanov (MP), Archbishop Nicolae (Patriarchate of Romania), Metropolitan Sawa Hrycuniak of Warsaw and all Poland, Archbishop Abel Popławski of Lublin and Chełm (Church of Poland), Bishop Semjon Jakovljević (Church of Czechia and Slovakia), Metropolitan Daniel Nushiro (Autonomous Orthodox Church of Japan/MP), Archbishop Avgustin of Lvov and Galicia (UOC/MP). Thus, there were twelve outside bishops representing eight Local Churches. There was a First Hierarch of a Local Church present, along with two First Hierarchs of Autonomous Churches under the MP.

Do you see what I see? Did you notice the downward trend from Herman to Fatso to Mollard? If that doesn’t tell you something, you’re blind. By the way… Hilarion Kapral just visited Mollard in Syosset, accompanied by Seraphim Gan and Yustinian. Gan’s no surprise… he’s Lyonyo’s crosstown pal and crony. Hilarion still looks rocky… but do note that he didn’t show for Mollard’s installation (no doubt, Gan has a glib excuse ready… he’s that slippery sort). Also, note that Michael Dahulich has been named Secretary of the OCA Holy Synod… that’s a move they’ll live to regret. Dahulich is ambitious to a fault, a quasi-papist (got his PhD at a papist school), and he’s probably an EP mole… in short, he’s no one to trust… NEVER ever turn your back on him. He’s the sort that doesn’t look people straight in the eye… a matushka warned me of that, and I’ve sat next to Dahulich and I can testify that it’s true that he “looks past people” and that he’s a cold fish personally.

We’re in for “interesting times”… God do help us…

BMD barbara-drezhloBarbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Albany NY


29 January 2013. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! Svetlana Vais Surfaces, Lies About Number of Outside Bishops at Mollard’s Shindig

01 liar liar pants on fire


That heavily-made-up doxie Svetlana Vais surfaced again, see this. It was posted on the Orthodox Forum by Nina Dimas, a reliable First Family apparatchik. Firstly, fifteen outside bishops may have been invited to Mollard‘s Dixie Fry, but only six showed up per oca.org. Since Ms Vais declined to identify the nine phantom bishops, one can only assume that they’re figments of her overheated imagination (her cheap rank perfume has more reality than they do). Of course, it was posted on Portal Credo, which has no cred whatsoever (it slobbers all over Uniates and schismatics; it pushes the Langley version of events). To those who may have come in late, Svetlana Vais is NOT an accredited Russian journalist… she’s a pal of Lyonyo’s who attends liturgy at the chapel at the Chancery. Lyonyo uses her to push his POV. In short, it’s absolute and utter bullshit of the lowest sort penned by an absolute and utter phoney.

By the way, there was an article from ITAR-TASS in Russian on Mollard’s installation here, posted on 28 January on the MP/USA website. It’s the source of Ms Vais’ crank “fifteen bishops” assertion. You see, fifteen bishops were present… nine OCA and six outside. She was obviously rushed by Lyonyo… so, she confused the details. That shows agitation on Lyonyo’s part, which means that he’s desperately trying to spin this event. That means that it’s a failure.

The Mollard installation finally made it to the Latest News on patriarchia.ru here. Of course, it came from the Blunder‘s greasy eunuchs in Bolshaya Ordynka, not from the main Patriarchal News Service, which means that it’s unreliable to the bone. There was nothing in the Latest Publications section on the installation, which means that the gramota handed to Mollard at the installation wasn’t considered newsworthy. Also note that the DECR blurb on Latest News was a day late, indicating a VERY low priority item. Obviously, it’s due to the cool Russian-American relations, as the Centre knows that Lyonyo and Jillions aren’t their friends (neither were Fatty or Dickie Wood, by the way). Don’t forget… Yustinian is in the USA because he fucked up in the St Matrona Society tits-up in Moldova… he’s a expert on Romania, for god’s sake.

Same ol’ same ol’ from Lyonyo and Co… that’s good news, kids. It means that he’s grasping at straws. However, as Mollard’s a smiling nudnik, Lyonyo’s got at least two years to bury all the bodies in Syosset… and, trust me, he’ll do that.


Monday, 28 January 2013

28 January 2013. Is He or Isn’t He? Is Mollard Going to Reinstate Moriak? Perspirin’ Minds Wanna Know!

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The buzz floating about says that Mollard‘s about to reinstate Moriak in the Midwest. I checked oca.org… of course, there’s nothing there. They updated their piss-poor post on Mollard’s installation… guess what? There were NO EP hierarchs or clergy noted as being present. NONE. That’s important… it confirms that the OCA‘s “autocephaly” is a sham, that it’s really nothing but a appendage of the MP in all but name. To return to Moriak… if he’s reinstated, it’ll shred his cred amongst everybody except the bratty konvertsy. NO ONE wants him back… just as NO ONE wants Maymon as Bishop of Eastern PA (to attempt to foist this konvertsy wannabe on the Valley is insane). Note well that NO images of the dinner were included. Interesting omission that… and what images that were posted were poorly edited and organised. It’s clear that incompetents put it together and didn’t take the proper time to do it right.

Mollard’s committing seppuku on the steps of St Nick’s… to reinstate Moriak is crazy and to try to foist Maymon on the po-nashemu crowd is even loonier. I knew that he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer… just watch, he’ll have Herman, Fatso, and Feodosy at the Memorial Day Pilgrimage serving with him. We’ll all have to see the reaction to that one. The death throes of the OCA are getting rather gruesome and pathetic… who’ll put an end to this charade? It’s neither edifying or uplifting… God do help us all.

By the way, there was NO posting on Mollard’s installation in the Latest News section of patriarchia.ru, nor was there any relevant material in the Latest Publications section (not even anything from the Blunder‘s eunuchs). Interfax had a minor post here… it repeated the highlights of the poor OCA Sunday post. There’s no buzz at the Centre about Mollard or Fatty… they’re inconsequential figures in a minor unimportant outpost of the Orthosphere…

BMD barbara-drezhloBarbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 28 January 2013

Albany NY

Sunday, 27 January 2013

27 January 2013. Ho Hum Department… OCA Official Website Does Incompetent Botch Job on Mollard Installation and So-Called “March for Life”

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Click here for oca.org’s “reportage” on the so-called March for Life. It’s done in an unprofessional and incompetent manner. Were there any other Orthodox clergy present besides the OCA members? The images did show a Coptic cleric, after all. Who was he? How many clergy were present? How many Orthodox archdioceses marched along with Mollard? How many marchers were in the group? Note well, most of the images were tightly-focused, to give the impression of a larger crowd. A local source told me that the crowd overall wasn’t as large as he expected… this occasion has been losing momentum over the years. He said, “It’s like a balloon with a slow leak… it’s just a little bit smaller every year”. It’s become entangled with the Republican Party… that keeps many away. Pro-Life isn’t merely opposition to abortion…

Click here for oca.org’s excuse of a post on Mollard’s installation. This didn’t report any news; it wasn’t journalism, it was cheerleading of the most sycophantic sort. Patriarchia.ru would’ve had the names of the bishops present at the Dixie Fry and what Local Churches they represented. Lyonyo had no names posted at all. Vlad Legoida wouldn’t have included the biographical data… there would’ve been a link to an online bio; it was wasteful non-reportage to fill up the page, that’s all. Furthermore, the images were of extremely-poor quality and there were too many of them posted, leading to a confusing and incoherent visual presentation. At most, there should’ve been twenty images, no more… that’s what an important event on patriarchia.ru gets. The piss-poor dark snaps reflected poorly on the OCA… it was hutsky-klutsky all the way. Yet, one could see that George Schaefer and Yustinian Ovchinnikov were there. The ROCOR sent a vicar bishop (not a ruling bishop)… the Centre sent it’s man in New York. Note well that the Blunder stayed away. By the way, there was no post on patriarchia.ru on this… just watch, it’ll be there tomorrow, posted by the Blunder’s greasy eunuchs in Bolshaya Ordynka. In the end, this was a botch from stem to stern… Vlad Legoida would’ve had a complete post up within hours of the event’s end. What a buncha maroons.

To cap off this sorry story, the Ukies had a sellout crowd of nearly 400 for their metropolitan’s installation dinner. The OCA installation dinner didn’t even get 150… and over half of them were freebies handed out to flesh out the crowd. Do note that no images of Mollard’s installation banquet were up on either oca.org or Facebook. This indicates APATHY of the most-serious sort. Not even the First Families wanted to come for this dinner (usually, they all flock to such shindigs… if for nothing else, to show their support of the new apparat). Furthermore, Eastern PA is just up the road a piece from the District, and the poor turnout means that many of his former parishioners didn’t want to come to this event, either. This doesn’t augur well for the OCA in general or for Tikhon Mollard in particular. He’s a smiling genial incompetent… he’ll keep the OCA charade going for at least another two years (whilst Lyonyo and Dahulich brawl in the background). Oh yes… do watch for the Storheim verdict in Canada… and Mollard’s reaction to it. That’ll be interesting, kids…

By the way… there’s still no news or buzz on Fatso’s reception into the ROCOR. The Centre’s completely silent… and that’s not good for Jimmy and Potapov, by the way. There’s an anti-American mood in Moscow right now, and the chances of a Far Right loon getting into the ROCOR with the Centre’s blessing doesn’t look good. If they were going to move, they’ve had over a month to do so… and the Monomuckos letter campaign won’t do a bit of good. This isn’t a popularity contest, after all (thank God)…


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