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Friday, 19 October 2012

19 October 2012. The Word Out There is That Mollard’s Going to DC to See JP Today


Heard the following titbit:

Talk on the street is that Tikhon Mollard is going with Fr David Garretson of South River on Friday to DC to meet with JP, to read him the riot act and tell him he’s ineligible to be nominated or be elected at the Parma Sobor. This isn’t confirmed, though.

If so, it’s proof that Lyonyo and Jillions are running scared. Firstly, not enough people have registered for the Sobor. Secondly, they’re shitting bricks over their pal Pihach in Canada and are trying to shield him from subpoena. Now, they’re frightened that the ethnic boycott of the Sobor could be lead to JP’s “re-election” (yes, the konvertsy are that dumb and ignorant). Before, I mentioned that if Lyonyo became uneasy enough, he’d cancel the Sobor. That could happen… it’s not probable yet, but it’s becoming more possible. The konvertsy believe their own lies, which makes it impossible to deal with them. The more intransigent they become, the more probable it is that the Alaska Natives and ethnics will simply give up on the OCA and quietly move to the New ROCOR, parish by parish, without any fanfare or fireworks. That is, the OCA will slowly melt away until only the konvertsy conventicles are left… and the number of “clergy” and “bishops” will mushroom, transforming it into an oddbod uncanonical vagante sect. You see, Lyonyo NEEDS a legit Sobor, but if the ethnics boycott it, well, an illegitimate Sobor would be worse than no Sobor at all.

“Interesting times”, no? Doubtlessly, you can see why the Chinese consider them a curse.



Monday, 30 April 2012

30 April 2012. A Whisper in the Loggia About STS…


I heard this interesting titbit from several sources:

Last week, Bishop Tikhon Mollard told the STS Board that he wants to step down as rector after the end of this school year. Apparently, he and Atty don’t get on well.

Of course, there’s nothing on oca.org… silly wabbit, were you expecting Lil’ Mizz Ginny to post REAL NEWS? It’s what out there… you pays your money and you takes your choice. Remember, it came out here, first…


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