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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

8 April 2014. AsiaNews Lies About Junta Actions in the Eastern Ukraine… USA Lies About Blackwater Mercs As Well

00 Putin and religious leaders. Russia. 21.03.14

THIS is Holy Rus. This is what the neocons hate… this is what AsiaNews hates… this is what the US State Department hates. We love and stand up for it! Any questions?


The papist mouthpiece AsiaNews lies yet again. It claimed that junta “special forces” cleared out all patriot elements in government buildings in the Eastern Ukraine. That isn’t so. The junta only cleared one building, in Kharkov, using Blackwater mercs disguised as MVDU spetsnaz. US government denials of involvement are lies, as its past actions (Mossadegh, Chile, Bay of Pigs, the Diem murder, Grenada, the Noriega takedown, Kosovo, and South Ossetia, to name only a few) show. Would you trust ANYTHING out of Nuland’s mouth after what she said about the EU? She holds all of us in as much contempt as she holds the EU (she has her fat salary, her house in the fancy District burbs, and her blat… she doesn’t give a good god-damn for anything or anyone else). The figure often bandied about in the Russian press is that 300 Blackwater mercs are in the Ukraine… that means that the junta only had enough “muscle” to clear one building. My belief is that the mercs are all diaspora Galician Uniate pigs… which means that Orthodox have to break all ties with them IMMEDIATELY. We must also break all ties with “Ukrainian Orthodox” groups that refuse to break ties with these opponents of Christ’s Church.

It’s time for the Church to make Potapov and Paffhausen “walk the line”… if Potapov refuses to publicly disavow all his earlier work for the Langley apparat (Radio Liberty IS part of that apparat) PUBLICLY, then, the Church should strip him publicly of his post as rector of the Washington DC parish. To keep him there under the present circumstances without a public retraction of his past actions and an apology to the Russian people and state is a tacit approval of American attacks on the Rodina and on Holy Rus. We should support our motherland in its time of need, not support those who suck up to its attackers, who purveyed (and still purvey) their filthy ideology and propaganda. As for Paffso, he’s a nobody. He cries “poverty”, yet, he got a fat inheritance. Note well that he REFUSES to attack his neocon pals. Therefore, the ROCOR should NEVER take such a POS quisling in, no way, no how.

Holy Rus is in the balance… all those who support the Republican Party support satanic neocons (that’s what respected and mainstream Russian Church media sources like Radonezh call them… they attack the “Evangelical” Prosperity Gospel on-air… good on them!). The neocons hate our Faith, hate our Narod, hate our Culture, and, most of all, hate our Great Russian Motherland. Get with the programme or get out, I say… and I’m NOT alone.


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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

MID Sez Ukraine’s Recruiting Foreign Mercs Attempt to Suppress Patriotic Resistance

00 US Soldier in Afghanistan. 4 April 2012

This is Kabul… THIS is what the USA wants to create in Kiev. Think on that… Victoria Nuland sticks in her thumb and pulls out her plums… “Oh, what a good girl am I… to hell with the Ukrainian people… I’ve got mine!” Evil walks the corridors of power in Washington… Satan laughs at his victory. Remember, the Axis of Evil is Washington-London-Brussels…   


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) commented on media reports claiming that the Ukrainian junta wants to recruit personnel from private foreign military companies “to maintain law and order” might suggest that they want to suppress patriotic protest and discontent. The MID said, “One can state that, in the absence of popular Ukrainian support, the Euromaidan junta has only one option if it wants to remain in power… to mobilise any support possible from foreign sponsors, including foreign mercenaries. Amongst the candidates for the role of gendarme is Greystone Limited, registered in Barbados, which is part of the Academi Corporation. It’s an analogue, or, probably, an affiliate of the Blackwater private army, whose ‘soldiers’ face charges of committing serious and regular human rights abuses in troubled regions. It looks as though this practise, if they really carry it out, goes against Ukrainian laws that ban foreign citizens from working with private security companies. Such initiatives prove that those who seized power in Kiev can’t guarantee minimal order or even their own security. The question arises, ‘What does this plan cost; where will the money come from?’ To what extent will they the shift the burden of paying for these expensive foreign specialists to ordinary Ukrainians who, besides swallowing a painful tax increase, including taxes on gas, as the precondition for securing IMF loans, will have to tighten their belts even more?”


Not to put too fine a face upon it, there’s no money to pay for pricey mercs. The only way that the junta can get Blackwater muscle is for Langley to front the funds. This is political dynamite. If anything were GUARANTEED to piss off patriotic elements, it’d be importing foreign mercs. Remember, King George III lost a lot of cred in the American colonies when he brought in Hessians… English soldiers were one thing… but foreigners? That, perhaps, gave the rebels enough of a leg up to allow them to win through in the end.

It shows the junta’s desperation. They have less and less connection with reality with every day. By the way, there are plenty of jobs as waiters and short-order cooks on Second Av…


31 March 2014

Voices from Russia World Service


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