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Monday, 20 April 2015

20 April 2015. I’m Past the 12,000 Mark in Posts… That’s 7 1/2 Years of Blogging, Kids

00oa Stalingrad Anniversary. 2013. 03.02.13


I’m past the 12,000 mark in posts. Whew… that took about 7 1/2 years of observing, writing, and reporting. Have I “grown”… of course, I have. Have I “learnt”… most certainly. Have I “fucked up”… more than once, and I probably shall again (but God willing, different bumbles, please). My “numbers” continue to climb, but that isn’t why I do this. I must speak for Truth and Justice… if I don’t, I don’t deserve an audience. I’ll stand up for anyone who’s getting the shaft… even if I don’t agree with them or like them (those of you who’ve been around with me for some time know that’s true).

Take my hand. The good Lord still gives me health and vigour. I’ll use it wisely. Keep it focused, kids…



Saturday, 22 November 2014

22 November 2014. Post “Number 11,000″… Thank You for Your Support!

00 Yuri Gagarin Birthday 2012


This is my 11,000th post… wow… I’m still around! Most of my opponents from the beginning are gone now… why they left, no one knows. Well, “the cheese stands alone!” Thanks to all of you for your support, kind words, and aid when I needed it. Made some mistakes… but learned from all of ’em… hell, I’m NOT perfect, and I’m NO plaster “saint”. However, as I always say, “Love built this house… love of Life, love of Truth, love of God, and love of my Fellow Man. May my right hand wither if I forget that”. THAT says it all…

Бог благословит! May God Bless!


Saturday, 16 August 2014

16 August 2014. WordPress STILL Playing Games With Us… It’s Causing Delays in My Posting… I Apologise

00 Sick Computer. 15.09.13


WordPress is still goofing with our heads with their new “beep beep boop” text editor. I kid you not… that’s the text that comes up when you hit the “edit this post” or “new post” button. For the time being, WordPress is offering a workaround, but they’re not offering it as a permanent dashboard option, which they should. It looks to this simple-minded soul that WordPress is making things easier for the majority who only use the “stripped-down” microblog-style editor. However, they already had this feature… there was no need to make it the default. This idiocy has forced me to waste mucho time on this issue… and I only have a limited amount of time.

WordPress was one of those rare things that actually worked as it should. It worked like they advertised it, in fact. Are they going to start charging us for “optional features?” This is Crapitalist Corporate America, after all! This supposedly was a year in the works. I don’t think so… I think that some managers traded e-mails for a year, and some poor sod developers had to come with something that some idiot with a Business Administration “degree” found “plausible”.

I hope that WordPress solves this… by giving us permanent access to the “classic” editor. Look at how Microsoft tried to skunk us all with the Microsoft 8 “metro” start button. Trust me, millions went back to the classic “start” when it became available. That is, this is another goofy idea pushed by some manager without any ties to the real world…


Thursday, 14 August 2014

14 August 2014. WordPress Rolled Out a “New n’ Improved” New Post Feature… Mucked Things Up Horrendously

01 sick computer


I loved WordPress as a blogging platform… it was simple, intuitive, and easy to access from the main pages of my various blogs. Well, they decided to “improve” things. They fucked things up royally instead. If you click on the “new post” or “edit this” on the public pages, you get a goofy image telling you, “beep beep boop”, it takes forever to load, and some of the features on the editor are missing. If that ain’t all, the “tag” function has gone to hell. You used to be able to type in three or four letters, and you’d get suggestions from your previous tags. That’s gone.

A big BRONX CHEER to whomever designed this “upgrade!” I do daresay that I’m not the only person pissed off at this…


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