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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

27 August 2013. Today’s the Day… Regular Posting of News Articles to Begin This Evening

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Old Woman And Computer Joke


Later today, I’ll be starting to catch up on the news missed in the last month. I’ll either have my desktop back, or, I’ll have a proper mouse for this machine (the so-called built-in “mousepad” on the unit is cranky and unresponsive… be warned, they’re on all new laptops). That’ll allow me to grab things off the web to pass on to youse guys. In one instance, it’s not what was reported, but what wasn’t reported! However, Nicky and I have to go out to check out the health of the “baby” (the desktop) and pick up a mouse for this unit. No doubt, we’ll take a nice short little motor as well. It IS summer, after all… and the real world DOES trump the cyberworld…


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I’ve Broken 100,000 “Hits” a Month for the First Time…

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I’m STILL the Alpha Cat on this block…


Today, I’ve broken 100,000 “hits” a month for the first time (100,276 hits as of 08.45 EDT 22 March 2011). That’s not “readers”… that’s not “page-views”… that’s simply the raw figure for logging on to this site. Let’s compare this to the last six months:

February 2011: 99,019
January 2011: 99,918
December 2010: 94,663
November 2010: 90,107
October 2010: 82,766
September 2010: 73,307

That’s to say, there’s been an increase of over one-third in hits per month on this site since September. Thank you for your confidence in me… and that includes those of my enemies who’re logging on… thanks to you, too. In a backhanded way, you’re giving me a compliment, so, I’ll take that, too. I’m not a fool… not everyone who logs onto this site is my friend or supports my point of view. However, a careful study of the Quantcast demographic figures shows that I’m drawing on a different audience segment than oca.org or ocanews.org is (let alone the more minor konvertsy sites). It’s more affluent, and less dominated by those with graduate degrees (that is, oca.org and ocanews.org are priest-ridden… with all that implies).

As for the priest on the Island who’s trying to put pressure on me to shut up… back off! If you continue, I’ll have no hesitation or compunction in naming you. That means no phone calls or e-mails from third parties, sir. I’ll speak plainly… priests are people, too. We shouldn’t put them on a pedestal… that’s bad for them, for that feeds the egos of the lower form of clergy. If you wish people to respect you… then, earn it, as the late Vladyki Nicholas did. If any priest skulks about or does anything questionable, and I can confirm it, I’ll shout it out! If I find that a priest is being persecuted by one of the First Families, well, I’ll be loud n’ proud about that, too. Fair is fair.

The Church isn’t just the priests and bishops… it’s all of us. Christ came for all of us, not only for the clergy. That’s why we have to oppose clerical cabals whenever and wherever they arise. If clergy do something crank or crook, I’ll not be silent “for the good of the Church”. That NEVER goes to the good of Christ and His Church… and it’s one of the biggest causes of atheism out there. If a clergyman stamps on someone… I’m going to speak up (such as Lebedeff’s rant against Kristi Koumentakos). If that means I lose an acquaintance, or if someone wants to cut me off, so be it. That’s the price of freedom.

The truth will set you free… have you noticed that all too many prefer silk-wrapped gilded chains? Ease and comfort… or freedom and responsibility… the choice is yours.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

22 March 2011

Albany NY

Monday, 9 November 2009

It’s Our Second Anniversary… Thanks to All of You!

Woody the Woodpecker

GUESS WHAT? I don’t deserve such good readers… you don’t know how much I owe to you. THANK YOU! SPASIBO!


On Saturday, 7 November, my blog celebrated the second anniversary of its launching. As it was the weekend, I was busy… I actually forgot that it had occurred. We’re now in the third year of presentation, and I’ve looked over some of the changes… for living things change… if they don’t, they die. For one, well-meaning and knowledgeable friends told me that to improve my writing abilities I should write every day… that is, I should put up an original post every weekday. This has sharpened my writing abilities considerably, for practise DOES make perfect. It has also decreased the number of posts, for an essay takes longer to compose than a translation.

Of course, another reason that the nature of the site has mutated is that there is, at present, “a clear and present danger”. All Russian Orthodox Christians should muster to the sound of the tocsin and do what they can to topple JP and Co (JP is a new Kirill Terlecky or False Dmitri (actually, he combines features from both, I think), and we must treat him accordingly). A new and better arrangement shall come of it… but, we have a painful and dicey period to endure first. The Lord is “trampling out the vintage which the grapes of wrath have stored” and that means that he is stomping on them with FULL VIGOUR. OUCH! That is the way of it, I am afraid. We refused the life-giving, but, astringent, path. Therefore, the Lord shall give us PRECISELY what we wanted… EXACTLY what we asked for… why is it that no-one likes THAT?


Let’s see what our third year together brings us! Bog blagoslovit! May God bless!

img_0001Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 9 November 2009

Albany NY

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