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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Paschal Message of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev to the Archpastors, Pastors, Deacons, Monastics, and all the Faithful Children of the Patriarchate of Moscow and all the Russias (19 April 2014)

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Easter 2012 01


On this chosen and holy day, when the entire world, both visible and invisible (from Canon of Holy Pascha), praises the Author of Life and the Victor over Death, I warmly greet you all with the Paschal exclamation:

Christ is Risen!

Year in, year out, the good news of the Resurrection sounds triumphantly, prompting us to praise our God and Saviour, who vanquished death by death, making us partakers of the eternal life to come. As we celebrate this feast of feasts and celebration of celebrations, we remember in a special spiritual way the redemptive feat of the Saviour of the world, His sufferings on the cross, and Easter Sunday. Easter isn’t just some beautiful legend, it isn’t theoretical theology, nor is it a tribute to folk customs rooted in the distant past. It’s the very essence and core of Christianity. It’s a victory, granted to us by God.

Since the times of the Apostles to the present day, the Church preaches Christ’s Resurrection as the greatest miracle in the history of mankind. The Church teaches that this miracle isn’t only a fact attested by the Gospel, but… this is especially important… it’s a fundamental event for everyone who takes hold of Easter’s glad tidings. This holiday is particularly relevant to each of us; for in the Resurrection of Christ, the perfect Lord redeemed our fallen world… this is the greatest joy that a person can experience. No matter how difficult our life, whatever worldly adversities we face, whatever anguish we get from people, and the suffering we have from the imperfections of the world… all this is nothing compared to the spiritual joy that the hope of eternal salvation from God gives us.

According to the Apostle St Paul, who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to our mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in us (cf. Epistle of St Paul to the Romans 8.11). On the bright day of the Resurrection of Christ, the souls of millions of believers are filled with gratitude to our Creator, giving our earthly existence real meaning. Christ’s Pascha is a great celebration of life, a celebration of victory over death, carrying love, peace, and spiritual transformation. Every time that we celebrate Easter, it opens a new period of our lives, because the Risen Lord renews our human nature, strengthens us in trials, and gives us the fervour to perform good deeds.

The Easter tidings changed the subsequent course of world history; today, they lead us to moral transformation and spiritual renewal, which are essential to modern society. They remind all people about Christianity’s origins, as well about the future eternal kingdom, where God will be all in all (First Epistle of St Paul to the Corinthians 15.28). In these bright days of Easter celebration, we’re called to share our joy with our family and friends, to show them active love and mercy. This is a time-honoured tradition… if we do this, we bear witness to the legacy of Christ, and we show that we believe that the Lord is risen indeed.

Now, as always, the Church carries out its lifesaving mission with diligence and zeal, persistently proclaiming God’s truth, affirming the continuing importance of the Evangelical commandments, calling for peace and harmony, and serving the spiritual unity of the peoples under the pastoral care of the Moscow Patriarchate. Our special prayer today concerns the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, that peace may prevail in the hearts and minds of brothers and sisters by blood and by faith, to rebuild lost connections, and to reinvigorate much-needed coöperation. Proclaiming the love of God (cf. Epistle of St Paul to the Ephesians 3.19), Christianity unites people across national, cultural, and state boundaries; for the light of Christ enlightens all (cf. Gospel according to St John 1.9).

May the Risen Lord grant us all for the benefit of our souls to continue our earthly pilgrimage, bearing in mind our high calling of Christian responsibility and vocation to build strong belief and confidence in those about us, in sincere love and unwavering hope. May the joy of this holiday strengthen and inspire us to do good deeds, give us the courage and strength in the midst of the surging waves in the sea of life to keep balance and calm, to resist temptations and seductions, to overcome, according to St Sergei of Radonezh, the hateful strife of this world. May the life-giving light of the glory of Christ’s tomb be with us and illumine our hearts, extending to all near and far, to all who need our care and support.

I greet all of you on the feast of Holy Easter; I prayerfully wish you generous spiritual gifts, good health, and the grace of divine help in the victorious march of Christ. Amen.

Easter. Patr Kirill 15.04.12His Holiness Kirill Gundyaev

Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias

19 April 2014


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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

BBC Buys Into Junta Lies About Sashko Bily… WHY?

00 Karl Kraus saying. 26.03.14


Firstly, read this. That was fibs from stern to stern; now, pour yourself a drink, knock it back, and say, “To hell with the Beeb!” Sometimes, you have to read repulsive shit to stay informed… this is one such time. However, the important question is, “WHY is the Beeb acting as an apologist for the Timoshenko junta?” Firstly, its presenters and writers don’t have a scrap of character amongst them, they all know that if they don’t repeat the Party Line of the moment, their ass is grass. They’re relatively innocent, as things go. I believe that the Anglosphere governments are lining up behind the junta just as the EU’s getting cold feet. You see, the rest of the world has to bow down at the feet of the superior Anglo-Saxons and kiss their bare ass at every opportunity… otherwise, the Anglos get their nose out of joint. In this case, the neoliberals in the Anglosphere (both “Libertarian” and “Liberal”) are so stupid that they don’t realise that the rest of the world is attending to its interests, not to their dictates.

Indeed, it may signal the end of the 25-year run of American Exceptionalism on the world stage. Mind you, the USA will still be there, but it’d be cut down to size to what it was during the Cold War… one of the actors on the stage, a major one, but not the only major one. As for the lies published by the Beeb… well, they’ve deteriorated, that’s all that one can say of it. Don’t be too harsh… any of the Western media whores would’ve done likewise (or worse)… if it wasn’t the Beeb, it would’ve been Christiane Amanpour, Serge Schmemann, Ann Coulter, or Sophia Kishkovsky… they’re all cousins under the skin, aren’t they?

Pass the jug… the world hasn’t got any less crank in the last 24…


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US House Votes Ukraine Aid and Sanctions Against Russia… Boehner Lines Up Behind Svoboda Terrorists

00 Why Does the Congress Support Terrorism. 02.04.14

The US Congress supports terrorism in the Ukraine by Svoboda and Right Sector thugs. It should freeze all aid until the Ukraine fesses up on the whereabouts of Fr Dmitri Sidor… if he’s still alive, that is. This is slimy and repulsive, its hypocrisy and evil of the worst possible sort. I’ll betcha that Issa, Bilirakis, and Amash all voted for it… Orthodox people should take note…

One last thing… the Republicans had no money for extended UIBs… but they DID approve this without a murmur about where the money was coming from. Note it well… it means that the GOP is a set of moneygrubbing warmongers who intend to stamp their boot full-force into the faces of the poorest Americans to benefit their rich paymasters. They find that acceptable and moral… I find that DEMONIC…


On Tuesday, the US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favour of a bill to give the Ukraine 1 billion USD (35.5 billion Roubles. 1.1 billion CAD. 1.08 billion AUD. 726 million Euros. 600 million UK Pounds) in loan guarantees and authorise sanctions against Russian officials in response to their actions in the Crimea. The House passed the measure, 378 to 34, after the US Senate approved it earlier. The bill now awaits the signature of US President Barack Obama to become law. The legislation, which includes a 1 billion USD aid package for the Kiev junta, would give an extra 50 million USD (1.775 billion Roubles. CAD. 54 million AUD. 36.3 million Euros. 30 million UK Pounds) to help “promote democracy in the Ukraine” {that’s probably money for Blackwater mercs; the junta needs them to brutalise the people: editor}. Additionally, it authorizes 100 million USD (3.55 billion Roubles. CAD. 108 million AUD. 72.6 million Euros. 60 million UK Pounds) for enhanced security coöperation by the Ukraine with other states in Central and Eastern Europe {the junta will promptly steal most of that, just like the MREs offered for sale on the internet: editor}. Besides the financial assistance, the bill imposes sanctions, including visa bans and asset freezes, against Russian officials allegedly accused of undermining the Ukraine’s territorial integrity. The White House hailed the vote. Spokesman Jay Carney issued a statement saying the bill will help the Ukraine take the “essential steps to restore economic stability and return to growth and prosperity”.


Jay Carney is a fatuous sack o’ shit. A billion bucks won’t put the Ukraine back on its feet… it won’t even make a beginning at it. The Ukrainian people starve… the oligarchs and political shitbirds party hearty. Reflect on this… the US Republican Party wants the same in the USA. If you vote for them, you’re a fool, and I say so openly and without guile.

[This section is in brackets so that more politically oriented sites can omit it. Orthodox people should note of those who support “conservatism”… these people are traitors to Christ’s Church and to Holy Rus. We all know who they are. Not only do “conservatives” attack the motherland, which is bad enough, they attack our Orthodox weltanshauung, they want to replace it with smarmy Protestant rubbish about “individualism” and heretical notions of “individual salvation”. If you note any “Orthodox” source that links to Rush Limbaugh and his ilk, who links to any American rightwing source… FIGHT THEM! Reflect on this… one finds more believers in communist ranks than one finds in the ranks of neoliberal consumerist Libertarians. Draw the proper conclusions.]


2 April 2014



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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ukrainian Neofascists Preparing Terrorist Cells… Junta Continues to Rattle Its Rusty Sabre… Russia to Build Bridge Across the Kerch Straits

00 Svoboda nazis. 22.03.14


On Tuesday, Aleksandr Danilyuk, the coördinator of the extremist Ukrainian movement Spilna Sprava (Common Cause) announced that it’d dismantle its tent city on the Maidan in Kiev; it’s going to start training guerrillas to fight Russian forces, saying, “In case of a war with the Russian Federation, the regular army isn’t efficient enough, which the Ukrainian armed forces command also admitted. The organisation should concentrate on preparations for and coördination of actions of special units capable of conducting warfare on enemy-occupied territory. Unfortunately, most of the Ukraine could potentially become such territory”. Spilna Sprava would keep only an information centre and a guerrilla mobilisation point at the Maidan. Spilna Sprava said also that it’d continue occupying the Central Elections Commission building to watch the presidential elections scheduled for 25 May.


Turchinov, the junta chieftain, declared mobilisation TWICE. In both cases, very few, if any, reservists reported for duty, and the junta lacked the police power to enforce its ukase. Do note well that this received no media attention in the West… nor has it slackened Western efforts to prop up their “sick man” client puppet junta (indeed, it may have intensified them). This means that the junta has no real military or police power to back its “authority”. Ergo, it’s preparing terrorist cells to strike at Russia and Russians after a foreseen (and foreordained) defeat. That is, the USA is helping to organise a new OUN and UPA… and we know what those terrorist bands did. The USA doesn’t have a “Global War Against Terror”… it has a “Global War Against Working People”, and this proves it. It means that Langley is preparing a Ukrainian al-Qaeda (Ulster’s sad history during the Troubles proved that one doesn’t need a large group to disrupt a society… all that kerfuffle was due to 500 hardcore IRA Provos backed by about ten times that number of supporters… Langley will find that number of traitors and murderers, to be sure)… does this mean that Orthodox people should leave the CIA’s service? I’d say yes…



On Tuesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) expressed concern over a clear attention deficit in the USA and the EU to ultranationalist elements in the executive bodies of the present Ukrainian junta. The MID said, “Members of the all-Ukrainian Union Svoboda hold some key positions in Kiev, including Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister. This blatant short-sightedness is difficult to explain; apparently, it’s connected with continuing keenness for geopolitical schemes with an anti-Russian tilt”.


Chernomorneftegaz (Black Sea Oil and Gas), nationalised by the Republic of the Crimea (RK), fully meets the Peninsula’s requirements for natural gas, RK Chairman of Government Sergei Aksyonov told a talk show broadcast live on Pervy Kanal (Channel One). In response to a question about the RK’s dependence on natural gas supplies from the Ukraine, Aksyonov said, “Annually, Chernomorneftegaz produces over 1.5 billion cubic metres of gas, with Crimea’s requirement amounting to about one billion cubic metres. There aren’t any doubts that we can prouduce gas on our own. As far as electricity is concerned, the people of Crimea paid for it in full, so, they have no debts to Ukrainian supplier companies. Accordingly, there aren’t any grounds for cutting off our electricity supply. We will regard all matters about a cutoff of power supply in such a case as sabotage”. He emphasised that the RK is creating backups, in particular, making 900 diesel generators available.


Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitri Peskov told the BBC that Ukrainian forces in the RK need to make a choice… they could join the Crimean forces, which would become part of the Russian army, or “be free to leave the peninsula”. He said that Russia wasn’t going to start military operations in the Eastern Ukraine. Peskov said that Russia wasn’t eyeing military operations in the Eastern Ukraine, but that Russia would do everything possible, using the entire range of legal instruments consistent with international laws, to protect and stretch out a helping hand to the Russians who live there. As for the death of a Ukrainian serviceman in Crimea on Tuesday, he said that RK forces faced provocations from those wishing to cause conflict. Reportedly, now, about 20,000 Ukrainian servicemen are in the Crimea.


On Tuesday, according to the MVD RK, sniper fire in Simferopol killed two people and wounded two others; specifically, an RK Opolchenie member and a Ukrainian serviceman died, whilst another Opolcheniets and another Ukrainian serviceman suffered wounds. An MVD RK media release pointed up, “According to preliminary reports, the shots were fired from one place in two directions. Someone fired from the window of a partly constructed building in the immediate vicinity of a military installation, at Opolchenie checking a report that armed people entered that building. The other shots were fired at a nearby Ukrainian military installation”. The MVD RK didn’t rule out that the incident was a preplanned provocation.


Late on Tuesday, at a concert on Moscow’s Red Square, President Vladimir Putin urged the people of the Crimea and Sevastopol to work jointly with Russia on pressing tasks, expressing confidence that they’d cope with them, as they were now reunited. He said, “We’ve done a lot together, but we have even more to do, we have a lot of tasks facing us, but I know, and I’m sure that we’d overcome will solve everything, as we’re together. Today is a joyful festive day; after a difficult and exhausting voyage, the Crimea and Sevastopol returned to their home port, to their native shores, to their port of registration… Russia. I thank those in the Crimea and Sevastopol for holding to a consistent and resolute position, for their clearly stated will to be together with Russia. We worried a lot about them; Russia answered them warmly, turned towards them, opening its heart and soul. The developments in the Ukraine seriously concern us, but I believe that the Ukraine will overcome all difficulties. We aren’t just neighbours, we’re closest family, and our future success depends on us… both on Russia and on the Ukraine”. Putin pointed up the courage of the people of Sevastopol and the Crimea, thanking them “for not betraying the memory of their ancestors, for maintain their love for our Russian motherland through the years, through decades”.


Vesti FM reported that Crimean cops nicked the sniper that killed two people and injured two more yesterday in Simferopol. The shooter was a 17-year-old from Lvov in the Western Ukraine, who was a member of the neofascist Right Sector.


00 Tyagnibok and Nuland. 22.03.14


Svoboda pigs assault the head of NTKU… THIS is what John McCain and Victoria Nuland slobber over (Quo vadis, Potapov?). THIS is why Orthodox people should resign Langley’s service…


A group of far-right radicals claiming to act on behalf of a “Freedom of Speech and Information Committee” violently assaulted the chairman of the Ukrainian National Television Company (NTKU) in his own office, forcing him to sign a letter of resignation for alleged pro-Russian propaganda. They shouted at Aleksandr Panteleymonov, the KTKU chairman, punched him in the face, and threatened him with more violence to make him step down amidst allegations of airing anti-Ukrainian content. Footage posted on the web showed a group from the neofascist Svoboda party pushing Panteleymonov and yelling at him, “Write your resignation! Sit down! I told you; sit down! You’re feasting in my Ukraine! Here’s a paper, pen, write the resignation now quickly, you animal…You Moskal (pejorative for Russian) garbage!”

The video showed one of the attackers shouting in the chairman’s face. Panteleymonov replied by saying, “I’m Ukrainian”, to which they responded with more abuse, “You’re Ukrainian? You’re shit! You campaigned for Moscow; you lied to Ukrainians for our money!” Svoboda spokesman Aleksandr Aronets admitted on his Facebook page that they forced the NTKU chief to resign and attached a picture of it as a proof. He also accused Panteleymonov of brainwashing Ukrainians with a sitcom about the Russian Army. Svoboda is the country’s fifth-largest political bloc; they were part of the Euromaidan riots, together with the equally-neofascist Right Sector.

In a separate development, the Ukrainian junta ordered media outlets to block Russian TV channels under the guise of “ensuring national security and sovereignty”. The OSCE branded this mover “repressive”, OSCE media freedom official Dunja Mijatović said, “I repeat my call to the authorities not to start such repressive measures. Banning programming without a legal basis is a form of censorship; one shouldn’t use national security concerns to ban media freedom”. According to the media, half of all providers have already followed through. The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine said on its website, “As of 11.00 GMT (03.00 PDT. 07.00 EDT. 15.00 MSK. 22.00 AEST), 11 March, 50 percent of providers across Ukraine disabled broadcasting of foreign channels” and the others are preparing to follow.


This is the real face of the junta. It’s not long for this world. Do note that Darlin’ Yuliya, the landshark of Ukrainian politics, is mostly MIA… this can mean two things. Firstly, she thinks that she can pick up the pieces if the junta collapses, if the Russians don’t take over too much of the real estate (she wouldn’t want to be President of a Galician rump state, nor would they want her). Secondly, she’s set it up so that she won’t receive blame for the junta’s crashes and terrorism, so that she could live out the rest of her life in (very) comfortable exile, as a heroine, not as a despised failure.

Zbig’s gamble has failed… but the game must play out to the end, and many will suffer and die. Zbig doesn’t give a shit… reflect on that. Neither does Nuland or Herbst… it won’t disturb their sleep one little bit (one wonders if the Orthodox who support the American madness are equally unruffled… I fear that they are).



The neofascist Svoboda faction came under a barrage of criticism from Ukrainian journalists and politicians outraged by the thrashing that Svoboda toughs gave to Aleksandr Panteleymonov, the chief of Ukraine’s state-run NTKU television company. Panteleymonov had to resign due to threats of violence from Svoboda terrorists, prompting journalists to call for a ban on Svoboda. Ukrainian journalists described the attack on Panteleymonov’s office, in which Svoboda bravos punched and yelled at him, forcing him to write a resignation letter, as “thuggery”. NTKU employees told reporters that after beating Panteleymonov, the “deputies” dragged him outside and into a car, adding that no one has seen him since. According to the footage, one of the attackers was Ukrainian Rada People’s Deputy Igor Miroshnichenko, who repeatedly pushed and humiliated Panteleymonov. Miroshnichenko denied beating Panteleymonov, saying that he only wanted to tell the man his opinion of him {but he did NOTHING to stop the beating, did he?: editor}. Reportedly, junta “Prime Minister” Arseny Yatsenyuk criticised the Svoboda hitmen {but he didn’t open a criminal case against them: editor}.


On Wednesday, in a comment posted on its official website, the MID said that Western actions during the Ukrainian crisis run counter to the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, saying, “The USA and EU actively encouraged the coup d’état in Kiev, acting against the political independence and sovereignty of the Ukraine in breach of their obligations under the Budapest Memorandum”. In the context of the situation in the Ukraine, some of Moscow’s partners didn’t fail to point out to Russia its obligations under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum. In response, the MID said, “In view of this, we’d like to remind them what these obligations are and who exactly is responsible for honouring them. In the Budapest Memorandum, Russia, the USA, and the UK committed to act as guarantors of the rights inherent to the Ukraine’s sovereignty. We’d like to ask, ‘How do the threats to impose sanctions on the Ukrainian authorities made repeatedly by the USA and EU during the riots in Kiev fit into these guarantees? What is it, if not economic coercion with respect to a sovereign state? For example, how should one regard the almost continual visitation by Western envoys on the Maidan?’ How should we qualify American and EU statements that they no longer regard the legally elected head of state as a legitimate partner, unlike the new leaders, appointed by Maidan activists in breach of all constitutional procedures?”


President Vladimir Putin said a proposed bridge over the Kerch Strait should carry motor vehicles and trains, telling government officials, “We need a bridge that can carry both motor vehicles and trains”.


This is a massive civil engineering project, but one well within Russian capabilities. After all, we’re talking about the nation that built the Trans-Sib and BAM main lines, the St Petersburg Dam, the Kronshtadt forts, and the Dnepr dam complexes, often under hostile environmental conditions. Note well that “Ukrainians” are unable to equal such… I rest my case. The Ukraine deserves to be back under Great Russia… to restore it to its proper glory. It’s time to rescue Little Russia from Galician “nationalism” and perfidy.



Russian Federal Migration Service chief Konstantin Romodanovsky said that the Russian Federation started to issue Russian passports in the Crimea, saying, “Work has begun. We’ve issued some passports today. We signed the international treaty yesterday. Its temporary application started yesterday, and, of course, all Crimean residents who apply to the Federal Migration Service will get passports, because, from yesterday, they’re Russian citizens. Certain exceptions exist, but it’s too early to talk about them. I think that the pace of issuing documents will grow each day as citizens apply”.

On Wednesday, Romodanovsky said that one can see symptoms of an intensifying humanitarian disaster more and more plainly in the Ukraine, so, the RF Federal Migration Service sent a petition to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees that mentions a sharp increase in the numbers of the Ukrainian citizens arriving in Russia. Romodanovsky said, “Humanitarian disasters have definite symptoms and they’re getting more and more obvious in this case, as the inflow of senior citizens and children grew twofold. We shared this information with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and our apprehensions are understandable. We’ve begun collaboration with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees; we hope that our joint efforts will help minimise the impact of the situation”.


Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council Secretary Andrei Paruby said that he ordered the Ukrainian MID to introduce visa regulations with Russia, following a council meeting. He also said that he gave instructions to the SBU, MVDU, and the Minoborony Ukrainy to carry out orders to put the forces on full combat readiness. At a briefing on Wednesday, Reuters and Interfax reported that he said, “We ordered the Minister of Foreign Affairs to introduce visa regulations with Russia. The [Ukrainian] MID should work out rules allowing entrance to the Ukraine to Russian citizens only if they have international passports. We gave the order to put this decision into effect as quickly as possible. We gave instructions to ensure the categorical fulfilment of earlier decisions of the SBU on the partial mobilisation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and putting them on full combat readiness. It was necessary to deploy tactical groups of the Ukraine’s Armed Forces in its border regions, for protecting its borders and territorial integrity. We’re developing a plan that’d enable us not only to withdraw servicemen, but also members of their families in the Crimea, so that they could be quickly and efficiently moved to the Ukraine”.


This is proof that the mobilisations failed and that no one showed up. No one trusts or respects the junta. The main mistake of the USA was relying upon the Timoshenko clique, the only possible faction MORE hated than Yanukovich was. This was sheer stupidity of the highest order… do reflect that all the Amerikantsy masterminds who came up with this flapdoodle had advanced degrees. Any baba could’ve told them that relying on the Timoshenko gang would lead to disaster, but they knew better! After all, Zbig said so! Will this debacle lead to his ouster as foreign policy guru? We’ll have to see…


19 March 2014

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